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You Can’t Use Reactions Right Now?

This week, we’re going to talk about something that has been hotly debated among users for some time now- can you use reactions in Snapchat? Well, I have good news! And unfortunately bad news. The bad news is that you cannot use reactions just yet. But hopefully things will be changing very soon!

The reason why you can’t use reactions at this moment is because of what we like to call the “Snapchat algorithm.” Tech giants are constantly developing algorithms that determine how content should be displayed to users, as well as determining if there’s enough evidence to prove that an advertisement or feature is true.

With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram all having their own internal algortithms, they’ve got it down pretty well. However, with SnapChat, there isn’t really one.

So while you might still see lots of people using reactions outside of the app, your chances of finding one are getting slimmer by the day.

You aren’t using enough lotion

The other major change that we are talking about in this article is called reactions. With reactions, you get to pick an expression for someone else’s comment or reaction and then you can quickly type your own reply!

This feature was first introduced back in September 2016 as a private beta. Since then it has been slowly rolling out to more users. At the time of this writing, almost half of all users have access to the feature.

Why is this so cool? Well, one of the reasons is because you get to respond with something clever after someone makes a mean joke. For example, if someone says something like “Your cat looks fat” you could easily reply “I agree!” Or perhaps they commented on your funny picture of yourself with your dog and said “woofs” – you could instantly say “Aww, he thinks I love him.”

By adding some spice into the conversation, you not only feel better about yourself but you also make people around you feel good. This will boost your self-confidence and help you achieve your goals.

You need to use a cream with thicker consistency

This can be done by either using your natural oils as a primer, or using moisturizer as a primer. Both of these work well to keep your skin soft and relaxed!

Natural oils are very important for our health and beauty including the skin. We have used them for years to improve the look and feel of our skin. As we grow older, some of us begin to lose our natural oil production and that is okay!

Using small amounts of olive or coconut oil as a sun protection factor (SPF) primer will help retain this essential lipophilic compound.

You need to try different angles


We are always looking for new ways to connect with our peers, but sometimes those methods become too popular and people start using them more frequently.

Using reactions in Instagram is great, but you can’t use them unless you have enough followers. The same thing goes for liking or commenting under an article.

If you look at the top accounts, you will see that they only feature content that elicits strong emotions. Sometimes this includes funny pictures or stories, but mostly it is dramatic or inspirational material.

This isn’t necessarily bad, but it may not be what you want your account to represent. If you would like to increase engagement, put some effort into posting about things that don’t receive many comments.

You could talk about how beautiful the sunset was, or how much your dog loves you. People love feeling appreciated so offer your condolences if someone lost a loved one, share an interesting story, or ask somebody questions.

There are no wrong subjects nor should there be fake smiles when doing something serious.

Try using your finger tips instead of your palms

This is another way to use reactions on videos you are watching. If you have ever seen someone touch their nose while laughing, this has been used as an effect before.

By touching one side of your face with your index or middle finger, the ear can detect it more easily, which makes them laugh harder.

You can also do this with your mouth by touching either top or bottom teeth with your fingers for a similar result.

This trick works because when we are amused, our bodies respond by relaxing some muscles and contracting others. By touching different parts of your body, you can add in some additional effects.

Try using a lighter touch


There is an overuse of reactions in Facebook posts at this moment. People seem to use them more frequently, and some even say that they make you feel uncomfortable when you look at their profile.

This isn’t necessarily true, but it can be for certain people. When someone else does not agree with your worldview, or what you believe to be right, their face can become very tight which can make you feel bad.

It may also make you feel bad if their expression looks angry or hurt. This could be because you caused this reaction by saying something that was disagreeable to them, or because they felt offended by something you said.

There are ways to use reactions better though– just try being less passionate about things. If someone says something that makes you feel negative, take a few minutes to calm down before responding.

If you have to respond quickly, write a comment without using any reactions. Then switch off all of the quick response features (that is, cover up the comments box) and see what responses you get.

Is it dry? Do you need more oil?

The other thing that can trip up some users is using the feature at the wrong time or with the wrong content. If your reactions are going too fast, if there are too many bubbles, or if the colors look weird or off, then you may want to consider lowering the settings of this tool.

You can also check out our article about how to use Snapchat for better guidance. There, we discussed why having fewer re-snaps will help you in the app’s design section!

And don’t forget to never, ever take pictures of yourself! We always suggest holding something neutral (like your phone) while taking self photos, instead of showing your beautiful face.

You need to use a lighter shade of foundation

A new feature that has been drawing attention lately is called reactions. Users can take a picture or video of something they like and then, using an app with chat features, you get to see if anyone else loves it too!

You get to add comments under the post saying why you love the image or video and also get to give the creator praise for their work.

You need to use a lighter shade of cream or lotion

The next time you are trying to find something funny or interesting on Facebook, there is an element of the platform that has gone missing- reactions!

You see, back in 2016 when React was first launched, it did not include this feature. Today, however, they have opened up this functionality for anyone to use.

You can now give someone else‘s status update a thumbs up (like) or thumbs down (dis like). This way, their friends can see how much you enjoyed what they posted or if you thought it was bad.

It is our hope that using these reaction features will help promote healthy conversation and community spirit on social media.


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