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Why Snapchat Deleted My Account?

Recently, many popular social media apps have been dropping major features in favor of their own in-app currency system. Most recently, Snapchat dropped its famous story feature in favor of private and group chats with unique filters.

Prior to this, Instagram dropped its chronological order in favor of a new filter system and WhatsApp recently introduced payments for users to send each other money. All of these apps have one thing in common: they want you to use their services more often.

With the introduction of stories, Snapchat now has a constant flow of content for you to watch instead of just one at a time. With private and group chats, there is now more opportunity to communicate with your friends.

By introducing new filters and taking away the ability to re-do photos or videos, users will have more motivation to stay on the app and not save their content. With payments for services like WhatsApp, users will feel more engaged and connected as they use the app more frequently.

I recently tried to log back into my account

After months of not using your Snapchat account, you can attempt to log back into your account. You can do this by going to the Settings section and then Account.

Under Account, you will see the option to create an account, change your account information, or delete your account.

If you choose to create an account, you have to use a new phone number and email address as well as new Snapcodes. This makes it more difficult for you to re-connect with friends that may have separated from you.

I tried logging back into my account by entering my old email and phone number, but it said that it was already taken so I assume someone has it now. I then tried creating a new one but it said my email was already taken so that was not successful either.

I had to go through with the process of deleting my account which took about 30 minutes.

They told me that my email and password did not work

One of the most common reasons that accounts are deleted is because users give the app incorrect information.

In this case, Snapchat tells you your email and password do not work, but in reality, they just remove your account because of this.

Unfortunately, there is no way to verify that unless you know for a fact that your information was correct.

If you did not create your account via a mobile device and did not use a mobile provider phone number, then it is unlikely that this is the reason you could not access your account.

However, if you did use a non-mobile device or a different carrier phone number to create your account then it is possible that this was the issue.

I cannot tell you whether or not this was the issue for you specifically, but I can tell you that it is one of the most common reasons accounts are deleted without notification.

I was very confused because I was sure that I typed in the correct information

Unfortunately, many users have reported that Snapchat has deleted their accounts for no apparent reason. Many of these cases involve users reporting that their account was hacked and they had to re-add all of their friends and start from scratch.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that this is not going to happen to you. The best thing you can do is be aware of how to protect your account.

One thing that can cause your account to be deleted is if someone reports you for spamming them. If enough people report you, then Snapchat will investigate and possibly take action against you.

Another thing that could cause your account to be deleted is if you enter the wrong email address when creating your account. Unfortunately, this is something that you cannot detect until after the fact.

After several attempts, I gave up and made a new account with a new email address

After trying and failing to log back into your account, you can either create a new account or try to reset your password.

However, if Snapchat believes that your account may have been compromised, they will delete the account entirely. This is why so many people reported their accounts being deleted after the celebrity hack.

If you create a new account, it will not link to your old email address, so you will lose any connections you had made. If you reset your password via the email address you used for Snapchat, it may not work because it checks whether or not it is legitimate.

I personally decided to make a new account because I did not have any other accounts linked to mine and I did not want to lose all of my friends.

A few days later, I decided to try one last time to recover my original account


Following the steps outlined in the previous article, I tried to log into my original account via SMS verification. I entered my phone number and received a six-digit code to enter.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of the process. Snapchat asks you to upload a photo of your face to confirm it is you, and this would not work for me.

I could not take a photo of myself as myself, so I had to find an alternative. Luckily, I had an iPhone at the time so I could use the camera on that device and take a valid photo for Snapchat’s verification process.

After doing so, I waited several hours and had no response. Once again, Snapchat had apparently permanently deleted my account due to inactivity.

When I tried to log back in with my original information, it then said that my username was taken by someone else

While many people may be concerned about their accounts being deleted for suspicious activity, it appears that you can also have your account deleted simply because someone else took your username.

It seems as though Snapchat does not have a verification process for users to prove that they are the true owner of a specific username.

This makes it very easy for someone else to take your username and delete your account, or use your username to create their own account.

While it is possible to re-create an account with the same username, it would be very upsetting to spend time building up your followers only to lose them due to someone taking your username and creating their own account.

It is important to keep this information private so that no one takes your account or disrupts yours by taking over your username.

Confused yet again, I gave up and moved on to making another account using a different email address this time

By this time, I had realized that it was not possible to log into your account using a different account. You could not create an account using a different email address, which seemed very strange.

I decided to just make another account using a different email address since it was clear that I could not log into my original one. It was frustrating and confusing, but I did not want to risk losing my original account forever.

I went through the process quickly and easily and had another working account within minutes. This time I chose a close friend who would not maliciously take down my account, and gave them the opportunity to have an account as well if they wanted.

It seemed like the only way to truly take down someone’s Snapchat is by having them give you their password, which is obviously very dangerous. Having two accounts is also allowed by Snapchat, so this was no problem.

About a week or so later, one of my friends told me about how they saw some of my old pictures from when we were traveling together on her news feed after she logged into her new Snapchat account

Apparently, even though you are no longer able to view your old pictures on the app after you delete your account, other people can still see them if they create an account and search for you.

I was shocked to hear this and it made me a little bit upset that even though I deleted my account, people could still see some of my pictures.

I know that it is not really Snapchat’s fault that people can still see your old content, but it makes me feel a little bit less secure about using the app. I don’t know if there is a way to completely remove all of your content from the app, but it would be nice if there was a way to do that.

Although I do not use the app anymore, I would still like to have complete control over what content I post and how other people can view it.


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