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Why Doesn’t Dr. Logan Feel The Bed Bug Feeding On Him?

A strange phenomenon has been observed in recent years: the resurgence of bed bugs. Once thought to be a thing of the past, these pesky insects are making a comeback in hospitals, hotels, and homes across the world.

How does one know if they’ve encountered a bed bug? You’ll know you’ve run into a bed bug if you find blood stains on your sheets or skin irritation after sleeping in your bed.

Unfortunately, this is only true confirmation. Since bed bugs are extremely thin and can hide in tiny crevices, it is very hard to completely get rid of them. Many people spend lots of money on exterminators who cannot guarantee that they have gotten rid of all of the bugs.

Although they are not necessarily life-threatening, they can certainly cause significant psychological distress. Knowing what to look for can help identify a potential infestation.

They do not leave visible bites

As mentioned before, bed bugs do not leave visible bites. Since Dr. Logan did not notice any bites, he was not aware of an infestation.

Had he been more aware, he would have checked his mattress and surrounding area for the insects. Once found, they can be treated quickly and effectively.

The longer these creepy creatures go unnoticed, the greater the chance they will spread and become harder to treat. By the time someone notices they’re being bitten, it’s often too late.

In this video, you see Dr. Logan pulling the bug off of him, but he does not feel it due to their lack of teeth.

Not all people react the same to bed bug bites

As Dr. Logan demonstrated, some people may experience no reaction to bed bug bites. Others may develop small red bumps that disappear after a few days.

However, in rare cases, bed bug bites can result in serious skin inflammation or skin lesions that require medical attention.
As the number of reports of bed bugs increases, so does the risk of developing an allergic reaction to the bite.

Aside from being vigilant about spotting and avoiding bed bugs, what can you do to protect yourself? One solution is to use insecticide on your belongings.
You may also consider having your home treated by an insect control professional, as well as having new protective measures put in place by them.

Bed bugs are not dangerous to humans

As bed bugs have become more common in the past few years, many people are still unaware of just how little a bed bug has to do with you to ruin your sleep.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for those who suffer from chronic pain. Many people with chronic pain suffer more as a result of poor sleep.

In fact, poor sleep is one of the main culprits in chronic pain. This makes getting sufficient sleep even more important.

But how can you sleep well if there’s a possibility of bed bugs in your house? You can’t! This is why it’s so important to find ways to prevent bed bugs in the first place.

It seems that Dr. Logan does not feel any symptoms due to his exposure to the small number of bedbugs he encountered.

There are some home remedies

One of the most common bed bug remedies is to use a carpet shampoo to wash your clothes and bedding. Many people report success with this, although it may take several washes to fully eradicate the bugs.

Another popular method is to use heat to kill the bugs. Many people report putting their belongings in the dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes as a means of eradication.

Unfortunately, both of these methods rely on the user being able to thoroughly clean their belongings. Because bed bugs can live for up to a year without feeding, one tiny bug could survive the wash or heat treatment!

The University of California Riverside conducted research on 100 samples of used clothing and found that 83% of them had live bedbugs in them, and 96% of the samples had traces of faeces that are characteristic of bedbugs.

Eliminate their shelter and food source

Once you have determined that you have a bed bug problem, your next step is to eliminate their shelter and food source.

You will need to carefully inspect your belongings and surrounding areas to find out where they are hiding. Look for crevices, tiny holes, and suspicious brown or red stains.

They like to hide in places such as electrical outlets, under wallpaper or floorboards, in books, among laundry or linen piles, and inside couches and other furniture.

Remove all bags and belongings from storage bins and vacuums the interior thoroughly. Check the exterior for any signs of bed bugs and wash it if necessary. Do the same with any linens or clothing that have not been washed already.

Sweep and vacuum the area regularly to prevent any new bed bugs from coming in.

Use a professional exterminator

Although studies show that 95% of people will experience bed bugs at some point in their lives, many people are still unaware of how to identify a bed bug infestation and when to call an exterminator.

Exterminators say their phones ring most with bed bug calls in the morning. This is because most people do not see the insect in its entirety, so they wait until the day to call.

extermination companies say that the most common mistake people make when identifying a bed bug is thinking that any sort of red mark or irritation is a result of a bed bug.
As explained before, other insects can cause similar symptoms, which can be confusing. Exterminators also say that moving quickly to call an exterminator can be costly, as it could be a different insect.


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