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Why Can’t I Type On Among Us?

Typing is an integral part of our daily lives. You probably learned how to do it as a child, when you were in elementary school. Some kids still prefer using touch keyboards instead of the traditional QWERTY design, but most people have transitioned into the more common style.

Now that we’re adults, however, things get a little bit harder. Technology has advanced so fast that there are now many different types of touch-screen laptops and mobile phones!

And while some of these devices offer easy typing by letting you swipe across the screen, others use a handwriting recognition software or voice command system. Both of those can be frustrating to use because they don’t always work properly and sometimes make mistakes.

I’ve seen lots of videos and articles about this, but none seem to focus on why people CAN’T type on among us. So let’s fix that here today!

In this article, we will talk about:

* The reasons people cannot easily type on a smartphone or laptop
* How to learn basic text editing with your phone or computer
* What apps can help you achieve this goal

So what are these reasons? And how hard is it really to learn how to type on a smartphone or computer?

Let’s dive in and find out!
Update: This article was written back at the end of May 2018. Since then, several new technology companies have come up with ways to add a feature called autotype.

They are too close to each other

Typing on a smartphone is very difficult if you cannot type quickly or do not know how to position your hand for the best typing experience. You have to get up from your seat to press down the next key, which can be frustrating as well as dangerous if you need to make a call or take urgent action while using the phone!

The way to fix this problem is by buying an external keyboard that connects via USB or Bluetooth. These keyboards can easily be placed in different positions so you do not have to worry about losing space due to them.

External keyboards also give you more room to navigate through apps so it does not feel like you have to zoom out every time to use one effectively.

They are too far apart

The other major factor that contributes to uncomfortable typing is how close you are to your computer keyboard. Most of us have a comfortable level of distance we need between our hands when we type, but there’s no reason yours has to be that same unless you like it!

There are many ways to improve the quality of your touch-typing by changing the distance of your index fingers from the home row or adding more space between your thumbs and forefingers.

By doing this, you’ll find yourself using your outside fingers less frequently, which helps reduce unnecessary movement and keeps your hands more steady! And if your hands do start to shake, you can simply shift your hand position and/or add some cushioning under the keys to keep them pressed down easier.

You may also want to try practicing with only one hand at first to see whether that makes a difference for you.

They do not look at each other

Typing while looking down or up at your computer screen is very common, but it can be frustrating for someone who wants to type quickly because you have to invest in new equipment that does not exist yet!

The way people type has changed dramatically over the past few decades. People no longer learn how to touch-type, instead learning key strokes and switching between regular typing and texting as technology allows.

There are several reasons why this is not helpful to you if you want to improve your speed. First, there’s the simple fact that you cannot type as fast as someone who knows how to type directly from the source material. Second, muscle memory works, so even if you learned long ago, still investing in new software will help you gain more efficiently.

Most professional typists now use special keyboards with additional features like shortcut buttons or text expansion. These add some degree of efficiency to your workflow by cutting down on time spent creating content and finding shortcuts in pre-existing materials. Some even track what you write so they can rewrite it for better flow or create their own via auto-complete functions.

These tools may seem expensive at first, but many offer free accounts that allow you to try before buying, which is always good practice. There are also lots of online communities where you can find help changing settings, downloading files, and answering questions about using the app effectively.

They do not look at the screen

The most common reason why people cannot seem to type quickly is because they are looking down at their device or up at the ceiling. Your thumbs need to be able to move fast for this to occur, and keeping your eyes focused on something other than the computer can become very distracting.

This also happens when someone is trying to take a few seconds to think about what word to write before writing it.

They do not use proper typing techniques

Typing is an integral part of our daily lives. Whether you are a professional writer, student studying to be one, or just someone who loves to type, there is always going to be something for you to learn about it.

One of the most fundamental parts of typewriters was how to position your fingers on the keyboard. Proper placement allows you to type more quickly and efficiently.

Many people still rely on this old school way of doing things even though technology has advanced dramatically. Others seem to make sure their hands never touch the board!

By mixing up both styles, you will probably find yourself struggling to keep up with among uss. So what can you do to improve? Here are some tips that may help.

They are not familiar with each other

As friendships grow, things sometimes shift. You may start talking about different topics or you may find that you have more in common than before.
As your friendship grows, so does the level of intimacy. If you notice that his or her conversations become mostly positive or focused on you, it may be time to consider whether they deserve their place on The List.

They may feel too comfortable for others to know about you both. This can also happen as people share less information as their relationship progresses.

It is totally normal to feel uncomfortable at this stage! It takes time to realize how much integrity you want to maintain in your relationships.

They are not familiar with the app


The reason why you can’t type on YouTube, Slack, or anywhere else among us is because they are not familiar with it. You cannot use your computer as input for our apps unless we add an interface to connect to them.

We at Kin have been thinking about this problem for some time. It’s something that has bothered us since day one when we first started building technology products. If you’re using our product and there was another way to use it, what would make it more appealing?

Why don’t people like email? Because most of us still enjoy using plain old text messages instead of creating an account with someone else’s service.

They are not using the app correctly

The apps that require you to type or write an article as a way to earn rewards or gifts for opening them up is not doing so properly.

Most of these applications ask you to choose from the types of articles they want to publish (news, sports, etc.) before giving you the opportunity to create your own content.

But how does it make money for the application?

It turns out that most of these sites have research and development departments that work hard to ensure their company makes enough money to survive by creating all of their own content.

They survey people about topics so that they can produce advertisements and marketing materials around those products. Or they find pictures and music to include in their posts that will appeal to their audience more.


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