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Why Can’t I See Some Peoples Comments On Facebook?

Recent updates to Facebook have caused some trouble for users. The company has been experimenting with hiding commentary from users, decreasing visibility of posts, and hiding the number of views a post receives.

These experiments have caused anger and confusion among users, as well as media attention. Facebook has said that this is due to an increase in automation that hides comments, which they are attempting to combat.

While it is understandable that Facebook would want to fight automated comments, it is causing major issues for everyday users. People are now having a harder time connecting and communicating due to the lessened visibility of comments.

Incorrect profile settings

A common reason people cannot see comments is because of incorrect profile settings. Most users have their profiles set to private, which means that only people they add as friends can see their profile information and posts.

If someone cannot comment on your posts, it is likely because they are not a friend on the platform and their settings do not allow them to see comments from people who are not friends.

This also applies to Facebook groups, where only members can comment on posts. If someone does not follow rules for being a member of the group, then they will not be able to comment.

Changing these settings will help create more visibility for your comments!

Another setting to check is privacy settings for stories. If these are set to private, then only friends will be able to see your stories.

Profile set to private


If a user sets their profile to private, then only people who know the user’s account can see their profile. This is done by default when a user creates an account, but it can be changed at any time.

Unfortunately, this feature prevents from interacting with your friends on Facebook. Because you are able to see their profiles, you will still be able to like and share their posts and vice versa. You just cannot see each other’s comments!

If you would like to enable public viewing of your profile, then just click on the arrow next to your name in the top right corner and select Change Privacy Settings. Select who you would like to allow to view your profile and/or who you would like to block from seeing it. It’s that easy!

If you have already set your profile to private and are having trouble getting it back to public, try contacting Facebook via phone or email.

They were using the Facebook Messenger app

More and more people are using the Facebook Messenger app instead of the Facebook comment system. This is because the Messenger app is compatible with many other mobile apps, like WhatsApp and Instagram.

Many people have the perception that comments on Facebook are ignored. This may be because people are switching to Messenger or to avoid unnecessary drama.

However, it is hard for businesses to attract customers if they do not have a presence on social media. So, it is important to have a comment section on your page for customers to contact you or ask questions.

You can make a separate page just for customer service inquiries that links to the same website as your personal profile. This way, people can contact you through different means than just Facebook.

Their account was deleted

If someone’s account is deleted, all of their comments are removed with them. Since their name is no longer linked to their account, other users cannot see their comments under theirs.

This can be very awkward if it was someone you knew personally. Someone you knew may have had to have their account deleted due to bad behavior on the platform.

It is very rare for this to happen, but it is a possibility. If someone does not seem like themselves on social media, then it might be a good idea to check if they still have an account or not.

They are a marketer and have been blocked by many of your friends

While this is not a very common reason, it is still a fact. If someone is constantly posting advertisements, marketing material, and engaging in advertisement promotion, your friends will start to block them.

People are very sensitive about their Facebook accounts these days, especially with all of the data scandals Facebook has faced.

If someone sees that you are friends with a promoter or advertiser, they may preemptively block them just because of that. Because of this, marketers have a hard time getting likes and followers for their pages.

The best way to avoid this is to be personal and intimate on your posts. Try to focus more on sharing good content with your friends instead of doing it for promotion purposes.

They are trolling you or your friends


If someone is being particularly nasty on your Facebook page, or in your friends list, they can be blocked. This means they cannot see your posts or comments, and you cannot see theirs.

If you have friends that are constantly bullying you or one another, perhaps it is time to clean up the friend list. It sounds harsh, but it will save you a lot of emotional stress and confusion.

If people are constantly trolling your page with negativity, then consider blocking them. It is a good way to manage your stress levels on Facebook.

Sometimes people may be posting on your profile wall, but not commenting on posts. If you think this might be the case, try to remember if they have made any comments in the past month or so, and whether or not they have liked any posts during that time. If they have not, then they may have been trying to post on your page without being seen.


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