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Why Cant I Comment On Fb?

It seems like Facebook has hit its breaking point. Since May, users have been experiencing an ever-growing list of problems when trying to comment or write a status update on their profile. If you’ve noticed that your comments are suddenly not appearing, there’s no response from other users, or people are taking extended amounts of time to respond, then it may be time to give up.

It is totally normal for these types of issues to occur during this pandemic, but they can also arise due to something outside of the health department. For example, someone could disable cookies, which would prevent you from being able to log in and access the site, or your internet provider could be running out of bandwidth, limiting how much information you can send and receive.

This is very unfortunate because social media sites such as Facebook play a large role in our daily lives. Not only do we use them to keep in touch with friends and family, but we also use them to share important messages, get work done, organize events, promote ourselves, and more.

If you’re having trouble commenting, posting, or responding to content, it’s best to try re-running those tasks later. You can also head into settings and make sure “Enable Comments” is checked.

You may not see all comments at once

It’s totally normal to feel left out when you try to comment on something and it is completely full. This is especially true of social media sites like Facebook, where people have conversations across multiple posts and users.

When someone else has commented already, there may be nothing new for you to add. This can make you feel discouraged or even hurt that other people seem more important than you!

This can easily lead to giving up commenting entirely.

But here’s what you should do instead.

Don’t give up.

Instead, use the “hide” feature to avoid missing any comments. And if one particular comment really bothered you, you can always report it.

Facebook may limit comments on stories

Recent reports claim that Facebook is limiting or even banning users from leaving comments on certain posts. This has been reported on both major news sites as well as smaller websites with large fan bases.

Some sources say that this restriction is happening because of “lack of civility” in comments, while others believe that it is due to the site running out of disk space.

This would be very surprising for most people since these restrictions seem quite severe and could prevent readers from voicing their opinion.

There are some theories about what might be going on, but nothing has been confirmed yet. We will update this article if more information comes up so make sure you check back!

What is being discussed?

Many have noticed that they are no longer able to leave a comment on an article, topic, or conversation. Some say that it happens immediately after trying to add a comment, while others find that there is still enough room later on.

Some say that they get an error message saying that they ran out of disk space, but this doesn’t make sense since they never reached the limits. It is also important to note that all accounts seem to be working normally, just unable to leave a comment.

These issues only happen for specific types of content and messages, which makes it seem like there is something specific going on. But unfortunately, everything we know about this issue does not explain why it is happening.

Facebook may limit comments on videos


As more and more people use social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to share content every day, there are also increased opportunities for users to comment or give feedback about the posts they see.

For example, if you watch a video that features a product or service that is new or controversial, you can leave a comment telling the person producing the video what you think about it. Or maybe you will add their opinion to something already popular so that people will know both sides of the argument.

However, some problem arises when you try to do this. It seems as though you cannot!

You might be able to read a few comments left by other people but beyond that, you are stuck. There could be several reasons why you are not allowed to write a comment on a video anymore.

It is very difficult to find out which products and services face strong opposition or praise and therefore get lots of comments. This makes it hard to determine whether your comment will be seen or not.

Another reason could be that too many comments have been left and it becomes impossible to reach most people due to time constraints.

You may not be able to comment on every post

Another reason why you might find it hard to leave comments is because you just don’t seem to be wanted here. It can feel like people have become very attached to this off-topic content, and so they keep it to themselves instead of letting other people join in and discuss it with them.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Online communities are always changing and evolving, so there’s no need to feel excluded or left out if something new is being introduced.

It’s totally okay to enjoy an article for what it is and then move onto another one that more actively solicits discussion.

But sometimes, life gets busy and we lose track of all our commitments, including whatever community we used to visit regularly.

For example, back when Facebook was much less popular than it is today, many websites would go through a ‘comment crisis’ where they would run out of space due to all the activity. This happened particularly around holidays such as Christmas and New Year when lots of people share funny pictures and videos.

If you ever experience this problem at our website, do not worry! There is a solution. We regularly monitor our site for available commenting spaces and create new ones when needed, so you never have to worry about running out of room again.

Facebook may limit comments based on criteria such as your relationship to the person who posted the content


Recent reports suggest that you might be able to comment on someone’s status, photo or article, but not their cover image or profile picture. They could determine this by looking at your past interactions with them.

This seems kind of absurd when you think about it because a cover image is usually one big thing! It’s an integral part of a user’s profile which people look at to get some sort of idea of who they are as a person.

By limiting the amount of comments users can leave, FB is actually putting limitations on how much insight you have into a person. You won’t know what kind of person they really are- just their most recent self centered choice.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you’re in a very relational stage of your life where you want more proof that these individuals aren’t worth investing time in.

Facebook may limit comments that contain certain keywords

Many people have complained about this recently, so well go over some of the reasons why you can’t comment on Facebook.

Facebook may limit comments that are hateful or abusive

Many people complain about how difficult it is to comment on Facebook, but very few realize why. It’s not because you can’t! You just need to be aware of some limitations when posting comments.

There is an important reason why most people are unable to leave a comment on Facebook- something called “hate speech.” This is content that goes beyond what most would consider normal levels of criticism or vulgarity.

Content like this has no place on social media sites due to its potential to spread hate and incite violence. Hatred towards groups of people also violates Facebook’s community standards which prohibit expression that promotes discrimination or exclusion.

However, there is one type of statement that is exempt from this policy – statements made in response to another person’s comment.

This happens quite frequently on Facebook where someone will make a remark that many people feel strongly about, and then others will shoot their own opinion as a reply. In these cases, even though the initial commenter was expressing hatred, they are allowed to stay logged into the site while other commenters are blocked for having the courage to voice their opinions.

Facebook may limit comments that are spammy

Many people have noticed that it can be tough to leave a comment or even see comments on your friends’ posts. It is not necessarily because of low activity, but rather because of something else.

Facebook seems to be limiting certain types of comments. This includes comments that seem very targeted towards an advertisement or trying to persuade other users into buying a product.

This is their right to do so, but some might say it is annoying when you want to make a genuine comment.

There could also be cases where someone tries to use fake names or pictures to contribute to the conversation. All this makes it difficult for others to read part of the discussion or even add content to the conversation.


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