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Why Cant I Comment On Facebook?

Believe it or not, you are probably reading this article right now because you cannot comment on a friend’s status update, photo, or question on Facebook. It’s kind of weird really, since commenting is one of the main ways to interact with social media sites like this!

Something else that may be surprising is that this happens mostly due to someone else. A person who doesn’t know you can easily look up your profile online, and find out all sorts of personal information. This sort of info includes things like job positions, kids, and even marital status!

It is important to note that letting other people know about these things is completely acceptable, but making judgments is not.

So if you come across something questionable, report it by clicking “Report” under the item you want to report. Then, review our list below for more tips on what to do next.

You may need to verify your identity

Another common reason why you can’t comment is because you don’t know who you are commenting as. This happens when someone else comments using your account or someone controls your account and cannot approve comments.

If this happens, you will get an error message telling you that you do not have permission to view the content you want to comment on and then it de-links the comment form so you will never reach it.

This can be tricky to figure out if you are in control of the account. One way to check this is by going onto another browser window and looking at what accounts you can typically access via If you can, then you are probably still able to use the site but just need to log into your own account to approve the comment.

Another way to test this is to look at the “Who Can Post On Your Wall” section under settings->privacy. Make sure that everyone has read permissions for your wall and that no one is restricted.

You may be blocked


Sometimes, you will run into an issue where you can’t comment or like anything on a page or group. This is usually done because someone else has complained about your comments before!

It’s important to note that this isn’t always due to people complaining directly about the content of your messages, but more so their off-topic rants or general negativity.

So why are they blocking you? Probably because you made an “offense” in some way by saying something negative about the place/group. Or maybe you said it too quickly without thinking first.

The person who owns the profile can also disable commenting for the account, which is another reason to check out if there is a pattern with comments.

There is no need to stay away from social media sites because you were blocked. Most times, you’ll find that you can still chat, tweet, and share things, just not comment.

You may be sued

If you are reading this, then chances are good that you have run into an issue where you can’t comment or like something on Facebook. It is very likely that you have been accused of defamation or harassment, which are severe allegations to make against someone else.

When you try to leave a comment or thumbs up, you receive an error message telling you that you are not authorized to do so. This happens consistently for many people, and it is getting worse every day.

The legal system in America is heavily biased towards corporations and big business. This is why we see constant lawsuits filed against companies like Starbucks, Target, and Amazon for things such as discrimination and libel.

It is possible that one of these large corporations will sue you for defamation or harassment if you keep complaining about their service.

There is no way of knowing whether or not making these complaints violates any laws, but using social media to spread false information could lead to a lawsuit at the very least.

You may be violating Facebook rules

Recent media reports suggest that you might have violated one of the most common violations on social networking sites like Facebook – being able to comment on a page or group.

If your comments are not about the product or service that page/group is promoting then you have entered into what is known as paid engagement.

This is when people create an account just for the purpose of commenting on pages and earning money through advertising.

Businesses use tools to monitor this type of activity and it can hurt their reputation if repeated comments get flagged.

It’s important to note that just because someone has commented before, it does not mean they are using fake accounts.

Some people will have done this in the past and given up due to bad experiences with ads or notifications.

There can also be legal reasons why someone would need to keep anonymity when leaving a comment. This article will go more in depth about these.

Facebook is a big website and has a lot of content

This site gets really busy at times, which makes it hard to focus in one place for long. People comment on posts all the time, making it difficult to see who or what comments are linked to directly.

It can also be tricky to find someone’s profile link because there is so much text and other clutter.

All this talking takes up your computer screen real estate, which may make it harder to get into another topic or area that person had mentioned before.

Facebook is trying to be more friendly with the government

Over the past few months, people have noticed something weird about their Facebook accounts. You can’t seem to comment or like anything on certain pages or groups.

It was first reported back in May when some users began noticing that they could no longer leave comments on Business Insider’s coverage of the Trump Administration.

Since then, other large websites have experienced this problem including Refinery29, The Washington Post, and Mic. Users are able to read posts, but not to comment or Like them.

This has been happening for over two months now, so it’s time to ask yourself what you can do to fix it. Luckily, there are several things you can do to get rid of this annoying bug.

I will also include some tips on how to avoid running into this issue in the first place! So let’s dive in.

Facebook is trying to be more friendly with advertisers

As we have seen, one of the ways that Facebook boosts its revenue stream is through advertising. They create advertisements for things like cars or phones, and then you as a user will see them in your newsfeed.

But there are some issues with this method. One big issue is that not only do they use it to advertise their products, but also themselves.

By including yourself in an advertisement, Zuckerberg and his team get paid even more money. It’s very profitable!

And while it may sound nice to help out your friends, no matter what level you are on the site, these ads can become extremely invasive.

They will push you products, promote brands, or give away free stuff – all of which make you feel uncomfortable at best and manipulated at worst.

This article will talk about another way to avoid advertising on facebook.

Facebook is trying to make its site more appealing to advertisers

A few months ago, another popular social media website made headlines for changing their design to include larger profile pictures, expanded profiles with bigger cover pages, and feature tabs that allow you to do things like check out your messages or watch videos.

This makes sense as an advertising platform because companies want your attention so they can market products to you.

But what about all of those comments? People love talking about movies and TV shows and they create lots of comments on sites like YouTube and Netflix.

Why would anyone not want to advertise on those sites then?

You could probably guess it – people don’t want to be advertised to while watching content! It feels too much like being marketed to when you’re just looking at something you admire or enjoy.

So why not have separate accounts for browsing through the web and listening to music, and devote one account to only posting advertisements? That’s exactly what Facebook tried to do back in 2015.


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