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Which Type Of Arrowhead Spears Fish And Secures Them Until Landed With An Attached Line?

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Dual barb arrowhead

Another type of arrowhead is the dual barb arrowhead. This type of arrowhead has two sharp barbs on it. The barbs are what catch the fish and hold it until it is landed.

The difference between a barb and a hook is that a barb does not have a round shape to it, like the hook does. A barb is more like a sharp point that sticks out.

These are typically used when fishing in waters where there is very little chance of catching anything else but fish. Since these arrows are used to only catch fish, they do not need a line attached to them.

These are very efficient at securing the fish, but sometimes get stuck in the water or get thrown off by other things in the water.

Single barb arrowhead

Another type of arrowhead is the single barb arrowhead. This style of point is designed to fish only one species of fish: sea creatures such as crabs and shrimp.

Because this arrowhead has only one sharp barb on the tip, it can only secure one kind of prey. Once pulled up, it will not be able to catch another creature in its place. It is designed specifically for these species of sea animals and no others.

Sea creatures have hard shells that require a specific type of weapon to penetrate and pull it up. The single barb arrowhead is designed specifically for this task!

This arrowhead style is not used to spear fish so much as it is used for special tasks such as fishing for sea creatures. Be sure to know the difference between the two or you may go hunting for the wrong kind of prey.

Spear head

A spear head is the part of the spear that attaches to the shaft. The head includes the tip of the spear, where the blade or sharp point is attached to the shaft.

The other part of the head is the mounting point for the line. How you set your line depends on your hunting style. You can have a single-shot head where your line goes through one mounting point, or you can have a double-shot head where your line goes through two mounting points. Some heads are even tri-Shot where there are three mounting points for the line.

The best heads are made of metal due to its durability. Depending on what type of marine life you are hunting and how deep the water is, determines what type of metal makes a good spear head.

Fork head

Another type of arrowhead style is the fork head. These resemble a fork or pitchfork head. They have sharp points on two sides of the head, and they are typically double-sided as well.

These are great for fishing in shallow waters as the points can dig into the sand or mud where fish often stay. The forks can also secure the fish by catching onto skin or fins.

These are not the best for securing fish as they do not have a secure place to attach a line. Because of this, they are not the most practical arrowhead style for fishing.

However, they are great for catching fish in certain situations! Try experimenting with these on your next fishing trip.

Double tine head

The double tine head is an arrowhead that resembles the shape of a fish. This design is popular because it secures the fish while you are swimming with it until you can land it and remove the hook.

The design has two tips, or tines, that stick out on either side of the fish body. The longer tine sticks out on the bottom of the fish, and the shorter tine sticks out on the top of the fish.

The longer tine on the bottom sticks out far enough to catch onto underwater grasses or shoreline vegetation, securing the fish while you swim. The shorter tine on top catches onto your clothing or skin, preventing it from being pulled away by current or sea creatures.

This arrowhead is not widely used, but those who do use it report having success with landing more fishes than normal.

Claw head

Claw head arrowheads are a style of attached arrowhead that secures fish until landed. Claw head arrowheads look like a normal attached arrowhead, with the exception of the back of the head where the barbs hook onto the line.

Claw head arrowheads have become very popular due to their secure attachment of the fish and ease of use. When fishing, if a fish takes the bait and pulls out all of the hook or line, it will still be attached by the claw head arrowhead.

Many people who have tried both claw heads and regular attached heads say that there is no difference in success rate or how many fish are landed. The only difference is how one looks when they are fishing.

Claw heads are more cost effective than individual attachments, making them more popular among fishersman.

Socket spear head

Socket spear heads are a common type of arrowhead. These feature a hole or socket in the base of the head where a wooden shaft is inserted.

Like barbed arrowheads, socket arrows have several uses. They can be used as hunting weapons, defense weapons, and even for fishing!

Because of the sturdy wooden shaft attached to the spear head, these can be used as cane-like devices to assist in walking or moving about hard terrain. When encountered with hostile creatures, they can be used as defensive weapons by jabbing at the creature.

The ability to fish with a socket spear head is one of the more interesting uses for this type of arrowhead. By attaching a string or rope to the end of the wooden shaft, you can use it to pull in fish closer. You will need to have some expertise in fishing to do this, however.

Blade spear head

Another type of arrowhead spear head is the blade head. These are very similar to the traditional hunting knife blades. They feature a sharp edge that runs along the length of the head, with a barb at the tip.

The difference between these and regular knife blades is the thickness of the head. Arrowheads are made with thicker heads to ensure they do not break when hitting fish or underwater terrain.

These types of spear heads are ideal for fish that have thick skin, such as carp or bullhead. When shot correctly, these fish will be landed on land in one piece!

Despite being similar in shape and function, these two types of heads offer very different performance in water. Blade heads are less reliable at securing fish due to potential loss of grip due to water pressure.


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