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Which Shotgun Choke Is Best For Hunting A Large, Slow Bird, Such As A Turkey?

The Choosing Which shotgun choke is the best for hunting a turkey is very dependent upon the size of the bird you are hunting.

The majority of shotguns have a standard European, Improved Means of Hunting a Turkey (IMHO), or conventional. The turkey is a medium-large bird, measuring approximately one-third to one-half again the length of a chicken.

The turkey has two main colorsation: white and black. A white turkey will be slightly larger than a black one. Although both look similar, some callers prefer one over the other.

If you are looking into buying a new gun, determining which shotgun choke is the best for which gun is the first step in choosing!guns. There are thousands of reviews to help you find the right ones for you!.

Improved Cylinder

The next type of choke you can use is the improved cylinder shape. This type of choke has a bulb-shaped section that extends deeper into the barrel, and a shallower, thinner section that is thinner at both ends.

The difference is that the thinner end of the improved cylinder shape is thicker, and longer, than the thickendof the other types.

This allows you to better fit your drool-inducing muzzle velocity to your target size. Many hunters prefer this style choke due to more accurate shooting results.

Extra Long Tube (ELT)

The extra length of the shotguntube allows you more space to move when applying a choke. This is important for getting a good hold on your bird!

When applying a choke, you must be very careful. Some birds will not like the tight fit that a shotgun tube provides and may fight or flee from it. Others may not like the longer distance that a choke offers and may opt for something with less pressure behind it.

The length of the shotguntube also affects which choke you use. Short tube shotguns offer less pressure behind the killshot and require more adjustment in order to achieve the desired pressure.

Triple Trap

So, if you are looking to hunt a large, slow bird such as a turkey, then you might want to try a triple trap choke. This is the best choke for turkey hunting because it is also the best for dove hunting!

A triple trap choke is an excellent choice for dove hunting because it can give you two ways with your shot: through the wing or through the neck.

With a wing-shaped wound, a dove will try to escape by flapping its wings. If done correctly, this shot will hit and kill it in one hit. With a neck-shaped wound, a dove will be forced down into the kill zone where it will be choked to death.


The next type of shotgun you may want to try is the skeet choke. This type of choke was developed for shooting birds in flight.

When shooting a skeet choke, the cartridge is partially blocked by the front end of the barrel as it rotates. This prevents air from being allowed to pass through the barrel during firing, which would hinder its ability to hold a solid shot and create an airified bird.

Skeet chokes are only available with a length of barrel that is at least 28 inches.

Light Modified

The light modified choke is most similar to a regular choke. This is the standard choke type that most shotguns have.

While not as deep as a modified, a standard choke will still hold its shape better than a choked barrel. This allows you more time to put your bird in the right position and hold it until you can get away!

There are two main reasons to use a modified barrel. The first is that using a deeper barrel will cost more money. The second is that using a less-standard-looking barrel can be an easy way to identify your shotgun.

Many turkey hunters wear shirt or vest linings that say which shotgun they own. When looking for new shotguns, you can easily say which one you wear with your new rig.


A modified choke is a different way to choke a gun. Theoretically, this can make a gun shoot slower, or cause an animal to be more stressed before it dies.

Theoretically not, but that’s what some gun experts say. Land owners say modified is best for letting their animals have a chance at survival after hunting. Hunters agree that it help bring down game faster, especially if they are hunting at night.

Modified chokes are easy to change out as most of them use simple slide releases or thumb slides. Most are labeled front-rear depending on which direction they affect the barrel speed.

Bullets with modified chokes tend to be heavier than standard ones.

Heavy Modified

The heaviest choke available for most shotguns is the heavy modified. This choke creates a fairly deep pattern, making it hard to place a perfect shot on the target every time.

When using a heavy modified choke in your shotgun, it is important to use the right amount of rounds for the desired field size. For example, a large bird hunting in somewhat open terrain would probably not be better off with a heavier modified than someone hunting close-in forested terrain.

In general, birds weighing between five and ten pounds can use the minimal thickness of the heavy modified choke. People smaller than this may need to upgrade their shotgun to one with a stronger choke to properly suit them.

Snake Charmer

The bird of prey is a popular hunting species due to its large size, rarity, and affordability. There are many different birds of pre-season and season birds, making it an exciting hunt.

Because of its rarity, you should only attempt a bird choke when you are physically capable of performing the shot and kill. A turkey is about the size of a softball, so a 28-inch (71-cm) bird would be enough food to make a decent sized meal.

However, a 14- to 16-pound (6 to 7 kg) turkey will require a differently designed choke. A slightly longer snake may be needed to entice the Turkey but not bite down on it. This is because the turkey would need time to squirm out from the choke.

This is important to know as some turkeys are put on special diets due to needing certain foods.


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