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What Should You Do If A Fire Breaks Out In The Front Of Your Boat?

When a fire breaks out in your boat, the first step is to determine if it is an uncontained or contained fire. If it is, then you should leave the boat at its current location until emergency services arrive. If it is a trapped fire, then you should move your boat away from the water to prevent more combustion and spread.

If both of these conditions are present, then you should move your boat away from the water to prevent more combustion and spread. Luckily, most boats do not appear overly hot in comparison to the rest of the world. However, there are times when other boats may notice a boat burning in the ocean and alarmingly quick response times may be required.

This article will discuss some scenarios where a vessel in distress may need help and how others have reacted to them. Whether you are involved with rescue or just pass on the knowledge, this article will help.

Drop the anchor

If a fire breaks out in the front of your boat, you should stop paddling and dropping the anchor before the fire is fully ignited. This gives you time to put out the fire or escape from it.

If you have an escape plan, use it! If not, get into your life jackets and lay down with them if necessary. Get into position to jump out if necessary and/or use an emergency paddle if needed.

The chances are high that you will be burned if you start paddling after the fire is started, so save yourself some pain and embarrassment by laying down or using an escape plan before the water gets too rough.

Having a fire can happen even before a boat fires off a large hull-hit, making this tip more important than usual.

Pull into the dock immediately

If a boat is struck by fire, you should pull into the dock as soon as possible. This allows for a chance to flee the area and escape the flames.

Once in the dock, you can swim away if needed. If you can get up out of the boat easily, this may be a good sign. If there is trouble involved, such as smoke coming from a hole in the boat, then it is better to stay away until help arrives.

When helping in an fire, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. You should be aware of your surroundings and have emergency supplies on hand for both yourself and others who may need them.

Another thing to watch for is whether water has gotten into the boat. If so, this may be a sign that water damage has occurred.

Get all flammable materials away from the fire

If a fire breaks out in your boat, you should get as much flammable material nearby as possible. All boats are different, but most have a double kayak or double sculling shell with plenty of covered storage spaces.

These spaces include under-the-top storage, under-the-bottom storage, and under-the-foam storage. Each of these areas can be protected with closed cell foam or dry bags.

If you lose your cover, you can use some of these measures to protect yourself from the heat and flames. For example, use heavy blankets or sleeping bags to cover up while sleeping or hiding during the day.

You also should keep an eye out for smoke and hear tell if there is a loud noise or smell.

Use a fire extinguisher if you have one

If a fire breaks out in your boat, use a fire extinguisher if you have one. There are two main reasons to use a fire extinguisher if a fire breaks out in your boat.

The first is to get the water out of your boat as quickly as possible. The second is to get lost children and adults out of the burning boat as soon as possible.

If children are trapped inside the boat, getting them out as soon as possible can save their lives. If an adult is in the boat, getting them out can prevent them from being burned or hurt while fighting the fire.

Call 911 and report the fire

Even if your boat does not appear to be damaged in any way, it is important to report the fire and ask for help. Even though you may be the one to put out the flames, chances are someone else will too given the chance.

If you do not call 911, your chances of receiving serious or even life-threatening medical treatment are decreased significantly. A professional response can save your life or someone else’s.

Additionally, if a fire breaks out in your boat, you will need to lock it away in order for professionals to arrive. It is against law for anyone to enter a burning building and try to put out the blaze themselves.

After calling authorities and asking for help, you should make sure that your boat is secure before leaving it up.

Keep your crew safe

If a fire breaks out in your boat, you should do the following:

– Stay clear of the smoke and flame to avoid being burned yourself.

– If in a deckhouse, keep your crewmates at an adequate distance to prevent them from being burned.

– If in a stateroom, keep your family members at an adequate distance to prevent them from being burned.

Bolts can easily be replaced, so if yours are damaged, you can still enjoy your boat. Try going to the local fishing or boating store and see if they have any left! They may have used them before, so it is easy to get replacement parts.

If you have critical systems like electricity and ventilation, stay away from them until they are functioning properly.

Do not attempt to fight the fire yourself

If a fire breaks out in the front of your boat, do not attempt to fight it yourself. Instead, call a boat owner or paddler and ask them to come and help.

Many experienced boaters will be able to save your boat if they are called upon. If you do not have a paddler or boat owner on board, call the local fire department to see if they can help.

If they can’t come to your aid, there are several boats you can call for help. The Coast Guard may be able to rescue your boat if it is pinned under heavy water or hull damage.

Many people use satellite phones to contact the community shoulds if an incident occurs ashore. If not ashore, look up local boaters and ask them for assistance.


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