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We’re Having Trouble Processing Your Payment And We’d Like To Get It Sorted Out.

As the name suggests, trouble processing your payment website and app suggests a difficulty in processing your payment. However, there are many ways to help a payment company get their money’s sorted out.

Trouble processing can happen for a number of reasons. Most commonly, companies don’t have enough funds in their accounts to complete the purchase. Another common reason is that company doesn’t have the adequate information to process the purchase, which can lead to some issues down the road.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some ways to help a company with difficulties processing their purchase. As always, if you are having issues with your purchase, please contact them and see if they can help you out.

Provide as much detail as possible

In case you need to contact us for any reason, here are some contact information for us to help you get in touch.

We encourage all of our customers to contact us if they have any problems with our service or need help using it. We love helping our customers and will take steps to ensure that everyone is satisfied with their experience with us.

If you would like assistance from us, please email or call (800) 681-4929 (If your phone is installed with a GigaPDA, then the number can be called via an app on the device). We can walk you through how to send a message or request an assistive device.

We’ll contact you immediately with further instructions

If your order is not proceeding as planned, we’ll send you further instructions via email immediately. If we need to make a small change to the order to proceed, we’ll let you know via email.

If we need to make a larger change to the order, such as adding or dropping an item or a different order of items, we’ll let you know via email.

If we need to cancel an order, we’ll notify you via email and provide the cancellation method (if any) as soon as possible. If the reason for cancellation is our own error, then you’ll be refunded without difficulty.

Submit another payment using a different payment method

If your first attempt at processing a payment fails, there are several steps you can take to make sure your next attempt works.

Submit another payment using a different payment method. Many credit and debit cards will recognize the new payment method and allow you to proceed with the purchase. If not, contact the bank that you are connected to your account to see if they can change it.

Change your billing address in your banking app to which it is easier for them to communicate with you. This may help prevent some of these banks from reaching out, but all must agree to change addresses mutually.

Solve any issues with the issuer that may be preventing a resolution or taking care of before and after any big event such as graduation or wedding anniversary week.

Call us at the number on the card with your confirmation number ready

If you have a Card that has a confirmation number on it, make sure to call our helpline or bank’s card help line to confirm your card.

If the merchant accepted your payment method before the card was registered, then your bank may have sent you an updated confirmation email with a new Card Number and/orCard Expense Account Link. If not, call your bank to check.

If all of this fails and you still need help paying for things, then we recommend contacting us as we can help you better.

Come into our store with your confirmation number ready

If you sent your payment through our online account, then come into the store to pick up your order. We can hopefully help you get your order processed and shipped out as soon as we process your payment.

If you paid with a credit or debit card, then come into the store to pick up your order. We can still help you with this if we process your payment in a timely manner.

If you sent us an email, then come into the store to pick up your order.

How long will it take to process my transaction?

While banks and credit card companies strive to have your transaction processed in seconds, it can take a few minutes for them to settle your card.

This may be due to their higher processing fees, or if they were the first to process your transaction.

Either way, you’ll love the convenience!

How Much Will Your Transaction Cost?

Your total cost will depend on which credit card you have, which bank you use, and what type of payment method you use. Most of the time, it will be less than what you pay with at present-day stores and services.

What should I do if I receive a duplicate receipt?

If you receive a duplicate receipt, you should email our customer service team at to let them know. This will help them resolve your issue quickly.

Hopefully, your order was delivered to the right location and the correct person! If so, your order is probably being processed by someone who needs money more than you do.

If not, then we can cancel your order and re-take it again if we need more money. If we needed more money, we’d send it to you!

General tips: Be patient and understand how hard it is for customer service representatives to respond to requests. Try to be helpful when they are trying to help you!

Why are We Having Trouble Processing Your Payment and We’d Like To Get It Sorted Out.

What should I do if my payment is declined?

If your bank or credit card has trouble processing your payment, they should. If the store has a hold, they should let you know.

If you can’t pay, go to a nearby store and ask if they can drop your payment to a lower amount and still receive their goods. Many will be willing because you look nice!

If that doesn’t work, go to the nearest cash machine and try withdrawing the entire amount in cash, putting it through a Visa or Mastercard account if needed. Then send them what you have sent into an email or phone call and see if someone can help resolve it.


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