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Tyler Perry’s First “urban Circuit” Play I Know I’ve Been Changed Was An Instant Success.

Tyler Perry is one of the biggest names in show business today. His first hit film was back in 1986, when he was only 24-years-old. His second film was in 1993, and again he was only 24-years-old.

These two films were made for $500,000 combined, which is quite the cost! Today, his film earnings are around $20 million a year.

His stage performances have gained even more popularity in the past few years because of Netflix’s release of his first series: A Series of Unfortunate Events. The first season came out in December 2017, and January 2018 for the second season.

Both seasons were released as four-part blocks with two episodes per part! This made it very easy for people to watch all four episodes in one sitting.

Audience and critics reactions

In a time when most children’s entertainment is dark and depressing, Tyler Perry’s first “urban circuit play” was a breath of fresh air.

Perry chose to make I Know I’ve Been Changed an upbeat play about a young boy who loses his faith but finds love, and how he works through those changes.

His decision to use music as the central theme was met with praise from critics and the audience. Many praised the creative use of music as a character trait, making I Know I’ve Been Changed an extremely musical play.

Critical reaction was mixed, with some noting that the music did not always match the drama of the story. Some noted that it was too muchmusic for some audiences, making them skip parts of the play due to intensity. This was also a concern for younger audiences who may be more sensitive to this material due to their lack of emotion.

Reasons behind success

Urban circuits are a popular way to spend time nowadays. A large part of this culture is that people make time for themselves, and that they should know where to find things in the world.

By going on a limited-time play, World Tour Presents gives you the chance to create a meaningful play with your audience. By creating a limited-time play and releasing it on World Tour Presents, you have more opportunity to build an audience.

Your play can go viral if it resonates with your audience. The World Tour Presents team uses social media to connect with their audiences and update them about upcoming plays. They do this not just to continue building their brand recognition, but also so fans can find them.

Your cast can be diverse because of the limited-time play format. An audience may go on the shift could not afford tickets for a larger show may not have the same experience as those who purchase tickets for a regular show.

Perry’s background

Perry is an American director and television host. He first gained prominence as the host of a reality TV show called For Better or Worse, which centered around him dealing with his employees and neighbors in a difficult environment.

His other roles include appearing in several films, hosting various shows on television, and running a consultancy business.

His play was inspired by the life experiences of Perry himself, such as his time living in poverty and homelessness. This is shown through the darkly entertaining stories featured in the play.

The plot focuses on two characters: one who is struggling with their recent marriage break-up and one who is coming to terms with a major health issue that could end up ruining their life.

Both characters are thrust into situations where they must make decisions that affect them physically, emotionally, and financially.

Characteristics of the play

The play has three acts, and each act has a set amount of scenes. The first act has six scenes, the second has five, and the last has four.

In each scene, one character is faced with a difficulty or challenge. For instance, in the first scene, characters encounter poverty and hunger, which makes them feel alone and depressed.

Perry then uses this to create a sense of community and support. In the second scene, characters discover how food can be delicious and fun. This helps illustrate how food can be enjoyable while being poor or hungry.

The third and final section of the play focuses on how these individuals find support from one another and from within themselves.

Impact on culture

The play can be a refreshing break from the typical culture-clutching and education-energizing plays that still dominate the market.

This play can be used for any audience, regardless of their cultural background. It can be used as a refresher on what good community building efforts look like today and how they should look in the future.

The play can also help refresh our conceptions of what an “event” is, and how we move past “events” being something that are only about sales revenue and/or festivity.

This play can have a big effect on people who are looking for something to take their mind off things, or who are just plain tired of seeing the same thing every season.

Lessons from Perry’s success

While first time actors can sometimes make the leap to the big screen or stage, it can be difficult to stay true to your characters and/or yourself throughout the process.

For instance, a character may find peace in the story, but not without some change to that character. They may not have found their path in life before, and now they do.

They may have felt trapped in their previous lives, and this plays into how they cope in this new one. This is where actors must listen to their inner voice, pay attention to what feels right for them, and trust that everything will work out.

Future of the play

The success of this play does not mean that there will not be changes to the future of the urban circuit. In fact, many changes are in the works.

Some of these changes include: adding music, adding choreography, and introducing new audience members to the play through after-show activities and autograph signings.

Autism awareness is a growing movement that focuses on bringing attention to those with autism. By bringing autistics into the show and awareness, other people with autism can connect to it emotionally and socially.

Adding music allows for more transitions from one part of the play to another, which helps widen audience diversity. Adding dance or theater techniques adds more complexity to the piece, increasing exposure to new audiences.

Adding choreography helps keep attendees engaged as they watch the play and adds some variety to what they see.


Despite being a very unknown artist at the time, Tyler Perry made an impact with I Know I’ve Been Changed Was an Instant Success. His play sold out multiple runs and received positive feedback from critics, proving his talent and ability.

His follow up play, Was an Urban Circuit Play I Know We Went Beyond That was released in 2017 and received very positive reviews as well. It has already begun receiving rave reviews and is on its way to becoming a cult classic.

If you are interested in more theater or drama, this two-play circuit is a perfect way to start your collection.


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