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Topgolf Fort Worth, 2201 E 4th St., Fort Worth, Tx, 76102

Topgolf is a fun way to learn about the game of golf. By playing a few rounds with a professional at a topgolf facility, you can get an introduction to the game and how it goes together.

You can also sign up as a pro and come to your local club to teach you the game! There are many topgolf locations in cities around the country, so look into your neighborhood for yours.

There are two types of play at topgolf: practice and compete. Practice is all about getting ready for the next round of golf or getting ready for some down time after this one. Compete involves playing some new courses or old favorites with different players.

Getting ready for practice is key! Try using some of these tips out and see what they can help you get ready for the next day’s play.


Topgolf Fort Worth, 2201 E 4th St, Fort Worth, Tx, 76102 is located inside the mall location. It is a small facility with only a small patio area for outdoor activity.

Location can be an issue if you need room for a group or want to keep the children out. Because it is in a shopping center, there are cars in the parking lot and on the street. If you need security, this place can be problematic!

However, if you are only going to be outdoors for short periods of time, no worries! The weather here is great year-round! You will have your own private space where members can play their games and meet others in private.

You will also find people of all ages and levels of skill at this venue. Topgolf claims that their game is competitive but easy to pick up and play at.


At just under $20 for a standard length meal, topgolf is one of the more affordable dining experiences in Fort Worth. While this may seem expensive, it includes a large selection of specialty foods and drinks as well as non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

The location is also very convenient as it is only a short walk to several restaurants and bars as well as topgolf’s own casual eatery, The Loft. It also makes for an excellent pre-dinner drink or cocktail option!

Specialty foods are usually served in sets or batches, so if you are looking to try something new, make sure you don’t forget what you ordered last time! Most restaurants will take credit and debit cards at the venue which is great for payment options.


Topgolf Fort Worth has varying hours, so make sure you know them. They range from open late to beginning at sunrise!

You must call in advance to have the clubhouse opened late or on holidays. This is for members only, so they can come and use the facilities before closing time, which is generally around 3:00 p.m.

The clubhouse is always open to the public, no need to call in advance. Most people wake up around 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. to use the facilities before the masses start arriving at 8:00 a.m.

Being such a popular golf destination, many topgolf players don’t want to be away from the golfing all day long, so they make arrangements to keep the clubhouse open late! This helps attract new members and keep those that are already coming for private play active for an additional period of time.

Food and drinks

If you’re looking to enjoy some fun in the sun, Topgolf Fort Worth has you covered. There is a full-service restaurant and bar on site, called Topgolf Fort Worth Station.

You can go there for drinks or food to go. Both are very good! The food is savory and tasty, and the drinks are top-notch!

If you are looking for something cute to wear while eating, Topgolf Fort Worth has several clothes-on-food experiences. You can pick one of three different casual clothing styles: dress, workout wear, or sports wear.

Topgolf also has a Spa where you can drop your feet into a pedicure or receive some other relaxing foot treatment.

Book a party

If you’re planning a large party, or want to invite a small group, book a party at Topgolf Fort Worth. It is super easy to do and you can have up to four guests per session!

Your guest can choose between the Topgolf parties: Open Bar,alinado de cerveza (non-alcoholic beverage), andto cenés (table food).

Topgolf Fort Worth offers two different alinados: The daily drink alinado and the more kid-friendly beverage alinado. Both include free play for children under 18.

If you are looking for an affordable way to host a party, look no further! Party hosting is done via computer or phone app.

What to wear

There are two main reasons to wear a dress at Topgolf. One is to look nice and the other is to be more relaxed in it.

The nice part is that the dress gives you some nice backside coverage. It also feels soft and elegant against your skin. And since it is a A-line, it offers some great fitting moments.

The other reason to wear a dress at Topgolf is for social media #abuzzes. At Topgolf, you will find many people in fancy dresses looking very stylish while playing golf. You can add some extra pizzazz to your wardrobe by wearing some jewelry and/or a high-rise belt to keep it in place.

Tips & tricks

If you’re having trouble hitting some of the more difficult targets, try changing your feet to soft, cushioning ones. This will help you relax and reduce pain while playing the game.

If you are short on time, try making your target harder or easier with your strokes. The longer your legs and hands are, the easier the game is to manage.

If you are a faster player, play slower! If you are a slower player, play faster!

The points system is based off your speed, not your score. This makes it more equal for everyone, since each player gets an equal amount of points.

Played at a comfortable pace, this game can be played for about an hour without too much effort.

Practice time at home

You can do this at home! All you need is a computer, phone, and/or tablet device. You can also get your practice time online via the company’s website or through their mobile app.

There are many ways to work on your own. You can do homework or other studies on your own, go through materials for an upcoming class or course, or even take classes on your own.

The key is to make it a habit to work on your own and to give yourself grace when doing so. Take short breaks and don’t overwork yourself- you have the right mindset to do this in small steps!

By working on your own at home, you will be more efficient in getting quality work done. Plus, it will help you decompress later in life while being able to do something more low-key.


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