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The Secrets Of Fashion Merchandising: How To Create Eye-Catching Displays

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Displays are a great way to promote your brand and products. Whether it is online or in-store, display options are always expanding.

Whether it is for online shopping sites like Shopify or Amazon, or in-store fashion show displays, having a space to advertise your products is a great way to get exposure.

With the rise of digital marketing, more and more people are using their cell phones as their primary source of information. This makes it easier to advertise on apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.

However, even though most people use their phones as their primary source of information, not many people pay attention to them while they are shopping.


When designing your displays, make sure all of your pieces are organized and clearly shown. You want people to be able to see all aspects of the clothing-from top to bottom.

This includes showing the inner parts of your designs, like torsos or shoes. All elements must be showcased!

Using mannequins with multiple features- such as a base model with interchangeable features or different clothes- is a great way to showcase your merchandise.

Using props such as baskets, hangers, or bags to showcase other items is also a good way to organize your products. By having things such as earrings or other accessories organized in baskets or on hangers, it shows the versatility of the product.

Using colors to organize your displays is also helpful. Using color coded mannequins, or displaying different colors of clothing in groups by color is helpful for seeing all of the details and variety.

Contrasting colors

As mentioned before, black is a timeless color that looks elegant on everyone. Using black as a main color or with other shades of black creates a sleek look.

Using neutral colors like brown, tan, and black is also a nice way to showcase your products. When adding in products like bags or shoes, mix in some white ones to add some brightness.

Mixing bright reds or pinks with blacks always create interesting combinations. Whitening products like sheets or towels paired with darker clothing items looks nice as well.

Using different textures is also a way to set your displays apart. Using soft materials like fur against harder materials like leather or vinyl makes for an interesting contrast.

Using patterns

A quick way to add some fashion flair to your displays is by using patterns. You can use them as part of your display design, on the clothes you hang on the display, or on accessories.

For example, if you are designing a display for clothes with prints or fabrics with patterns, then design your display so that the shape or layout matches the pattern. Or add pieces that are clear or have a neutral color so that the clothes look more beautiful.

Using clear containers or bags also looks great on displays. Using different shapes and colors creates a more interesting look. Using thin wire or string to hang items also adds some style to the display.

Lighting is important

As mentioned before, color plays a large role in displaying fashion collections. Along with choosing the correct colors for each collection, lighting plays a role in creating the looks.

How light touches your designs is what creates the looks. How light touches your designs determines whether it looks romantic, edgy, or classic.

Using dark lighting will create a more romantic look, while using bright lights will look more contemporary or edgy. Using soft lights will create a soft and smooth look, and sharp lighting will look more classic.

Using different lighting techniques can add depth to your displays and your overall collection look. Try experimenting with different types of lighting to see what looks best!

Using low lighting to enhance the looks of your displays is a secret well-seasoned merchandisers use.

Know your customer

As mentioned earlier, fashion displays are not just for fashion houses. Anyone can create a display that looks professional and works to sell their products!

By knowing your customer, you can choose the best styles to feature and how to organize them. If your customers are mostly casual or trend-oriented, then put together colorful, fun displays that draw attention.

If your customers are more conservative or high-end buyers, then showcase some of the best quality pieces and use rich colors that match them.

How to Make a Fashion Display | Fashion is an integral part of most cultures, so putting together a display that draws attention to your shop or store is important.

Use markers to highlight certain items

As mentioned before, fashion merchandising involves not only displaying the clothing, but also showcasing the accessories and other items.

Markers can be used to draw attention to certain pieces or collections. For example, you can draw a circle around the item and then draw a line down to the price tag to indicate its value.

This works well if you have a collection of items that are similar in style or quality. By drawing attention to one item, it looks more expensive or higher quality than the others.

When using markers to highlight items, try using different colors for different styles or colors of ink for different items. This way, it looks more natural and does not look like it was done on purpose.

Keep it fresh

As mentioned earlier, changing out your display or adding new pieces periodically will keep your display interesting. Companies pay high-priced designers thousands of dollars to create their latest collection and put them in the fashion spotlight- you just have to bring your own spotlight!

By continually adding new pieces or replacing old pieces you are keeping your display fresh and inviting to onlookers. More onlookers means more business for you!

Alternatively, switch up the way you arrange your displays. Try using different types of hanging fixtures, like rails or string lights, or try layering items instead of having a tall one. These ways to rearrange your display will keep it looking new and exciting.

To keep your displays looking fresh and fun, try rotating items every one to two weeks. Or swap out just a few items to keep it looking fresh.

Reposition items with good sales potential

As mentioned before, having your items displayed is half the battle. The other half is creating displays that are eye-catching and convey your brand message.

If you have a lot of products available, try rearranging them so people can try them on or purchase them. This way, you will get more sales than just having the items on display.

For example, if you are a clothing retailer, take some of your fashion pieces and hang them up with matching shoes underneath. Or take some of your bags and display matching clothes underneath. This way, people can try them on or purchase them which increases sales.


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