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The Science Of Personal Style: How To Develop Your Unique Aesthetic

Personal style is the way you dress, groom, and express yourself through fashion. A person’s personal style is unique to them and creates their own fashion genre. What makes it so interesting and fun to explore is that there are no rules!

Designers create looks for runway shows with specific clothes and colors for collections. These collections are not meant to be combined or re-done in different ways, which is what makes personal style so special. You can mix and match everything you like and love!

Having a strong personal style helps with confidence, productivity, and overall happiness. There are many ways to learn how to develop your own aesthetic so you can start expressing yourself through fashion.

Consider your personality

Personal style is how you express yourself through what you wear. What looks good on you depends on your personality, who you are, and what you do with your time.

For example, if you are an outgoing person, then your personal style may include brighter colors, more expressive patterns, and clothes that are more comfortable.

If you are a quiet person, then your personal style may include darker colors and hidden details that convey your interior world. How you dress may also be more neutral or plain.

Whoever you are, if you like wearing tight leather pants and a tank top, then that is your right to dress in that way! It is your personal style expressing itself.

To develop your personal style, think about what kinds of things make you feel good and confident and express who you are as a person.

Define your taste

Once you’ve sorted through your influences, it’s time to develop your own taste. How do you combine all the things you like into a cohesive personal style?

It takes some patience, but you’ll find that your style is the culmination of many elements. You choose what colors you like, what shapes and styles appeal to you, what fabrics feel good to you, and what messages you want to convey with your fashion.

Some people like very expensive clothing, others prefer affordable finds, and most people fall somewhere in between. There is no wrong taste in fashion – only what feels right to you!

Now that you have developed an awareness of fashion and have sorted through your personal influences, it’s time to bring them together. The next step is creating your unique aesthetic.

Look at colors that compliment your skin tone

Developing your own personal style is about more than just picking out clothes. It is about exploring and discovering your own preferences.

What colors suit your skin tone? What shapes and forms suit your shape? What textures suit your skin texture? These are questions to ask yourself when exploring your personal style.

Some tips for finding your personal style include looking into fashion magazines, listening to what trends are being presented and talked about, and paying attention to what you like and dislike in clothes.

Clothes that do not fit well or are not of a suitable style or color do not fit into your personal style. If you find that you do not like some trends, then stay outside of them!

Stay true to yourself while still looking up to others in the fashion world.

Know what works for your body shape

Next, you should focus on finding pieces that work for your body shape. Whether that be shorts, skirts, pants, or trousers, you should find the styles you like and get them in all the textures and shades.

Those who have a hard time finding clothes would recommend buying from stores that have quick shipping like Asos or buying from sites that have returns policies in case something does not fit.

Asos has a very wide range of sizes and shapes so if you find something you like, buy it! You could also shop at more expensive brands where they tend to have better quality material which lasts longer.

Shoes are a great accessory to personal style. Find ones that fit well and are comfortable! Looking good starts with having good shoes. Shop at sites with good return policies just in case they do not fit.

Invest in high-quality pieces

As mentioned before, staying in budget is a great way to stay inspired. Shopping in sales and discount sites and stores is a way to find high-quality pieces at a lower price.

High-quality fashion is not necessarily the most expensive. For example, a pair of jeans that cost $200 may be made of superior quality fabric than a pair that cost $80, but are very thin and may not last as long.

Finding pieces that last is another way to find high-quality fashion in low prices. Buying solid color t-shirts that are soft and fit well is one good example. You can buy them on sale or off sales racks, or get them for free using coupons!

Buying leather shoes may be more costly, but they last much longer if you take good care of them.

Keep it simple

As mentioned before, too many pieces in your outfit can be distracting and disorganized. People can see too many colors, textures, or shapes and think there’s too much going on.

Simpler looks are more elegant and sophisticated. Plus, when you mix fewer elements together, it is easier to coordinate them. For instance, a smooth leather jacket with a simple t-shirt and pair of jeans looks great.

You can add some texture or color to the jacket or use a leather belt to add some flair. Using black leather in these cases also adds some contrast to the look.

The same goes for makeup! Less is more in this case. Using just primer, concealer, foundation, bronzer/contour powder, blush, and eyeliner and mascara are enough to make you look beautiful! Adding lots of other features like eye shadow or different shades of makeup may take away from the overall look.

Try new things without ruining current outfits

Developing your personal style involves experimenting with different clothes, looks, and textures. You can do this by going to stores and trying on new pieces, buying new pieces, or mixing and matching existing pieces.

As you add new pieces or experiment with new looks, be careful not to ruin your current looks. Create a top look and bottom look for each category of clothing- dress, skirt, pants, etc. Make sure all of your tops fit well together and have similar textures and colors so they combine smoothly.

Mixing high and low priced items often creates more creative looks as well. Using cheaper items like plastic shoes or bags adds a piece to a more formal outfit to add some personality. Buying higher quality items may cost more, but they may also last longer without ripping or getting dirty easily.

Receive feedback from friends and family

Receiving feedback on your personal style is a great way to grow your sense of style.

Friends and family members may know you well, but they may not have as much experience in fashion as you do. You may know more about what looks good on you and what does not!

As mentioned before, fashion is a very communal industry. Designers, bloggers, and street style stars all contribute to the growing awareness of style. If you are close with someone in the industry, ask them for tips or take them shopping with you.

Receiving feedback from friends and family members is a good way to start. They know you well enough to tell you if something looks good or not on you! If they like giving advice, then they might start asking for yours.

Also, remember that personal style is not universal. Your brother might like tight fit shirts, but that does not mean that he likes the same styles as you do! Let him give him his own feedback.


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