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The Science Of Patternmaking: How To Create Custom Clothing Designs

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Changing up your clothing routine is a fun way to refresh your body and self-image. Using new patterns and materials to experiment with will get you excited about fashion again!

More importantly, it can be very effective for self-confidence. By experimentering with the style and texture of your clothes, you can add a few more layers of stylishness to your everyday life.

Many people find that wearing more than just one type of clothing piece together is a way to keep from going out of style. By having multiple piece sets that are worth $20 or $30 each, you will be saving money without realizing it.

One of the most important parts of trying out this fashioning thing is staying consistent. If you have some pieces that are worn out, get new ones that are identical to the old ones and keep matching up those pairs.

Learn how to read a pattern

A pattern is a representation of what an item should look like when it is sewn. A pattern is created using a template that is called a pattern piece.

When you purchase a new item of clothing, there are several pieces of clothing literature called the standard size instructions. These standard size instructions contain detail about how to cut and shape the item, as well as how to position and attach the pieces.

The way the pieces are positioned and assembled can have a large effect on what design you get! For example, if someone were to buy two identical items, one being tight-fitting with long sleeves, the designer might put them next to each other so they could compare their looks.

There are five basic types of patterns: rectangular, shaped ruffles, baggie designs, floweredICTreeappendendendatetreesandquilted-upholsterypatterns.

Learn how to adjust a pattern

Once you have a design idea, it is important to test your idea in the shop. In the end, doing this can make or break your design!

There are several ways to decide how to pattern your clothing. Some ways are by taking a sample garment from around the warehouse, having another person help measure and cut the piece, and then working with those measurements and cuts to create your design.

The other way is by purchasing a piece of cloth from a fabric supplier and then checking that it matches your design concept. Still another method is by holding a trial run for new employees at the factory, which could be done with material!

If you choose the hard work route, you will need some materials to create your pattern! These include sewing machines, scissors, cutting tools, and dies/fabrics/flavors/materials needed.

Know the different patternmaking techniques

There are three main patternmaking techniques: piecing, pinning, and transfer. Each has its own benefits and restrictions.

Piecing is the process of joining two pieces of material together to create a new piece. This can be a thin layer of material or a piece of clothing.

Pinning is the method used for creating the patterns in a piece of clothing. This can be done by placing pieces of material together and letting them stick, or puting layers upon layers to get your desired look.

Transfer is the process of putting one design on to one surface and transferring the same design to another material.

Understand fabric properties

There are three main properties of most materials: how soft they are, how dense they are, and how thin they are. These properties determine the look and feel of a garment.

While these properties do not all mean the same thing in the design world, it is important to understand which ones they do because a good sense of patterning can give you a good idea of what material you would want in your new clothing design.

otypes is an example of a fashion brand that uses these variables to create very unique clothing designs. Their products might look very different when viewed from different angles, under lights, and from different sides, just because those things change what is on view.

Know garment design principles

There are some basic design principles that can be used to create new clothing designs. These principles include: color theory, grid system, and tale-telling.

Understand how each one works for you, and use them to create your own fashion trends!

Color theory governs how much of a color your piece of clothing will be. For example, a dark red piece of clothing may be considered black and gray mixed together is called. This is a good example because in this case, the colors compliment each other well and give the piece some depth.

The grid system determines what size pieces you can make out of this material. If you have an abundance of one type of material, you can use the other to make more pieces.

The tale-telling element is key in fashion design. When creating new looks, base them on something classic but put a little twist on it.

Become familiar with popular fashion trends

There are several major fashion trends that reign in the mainstream. The conservative-vibes-frugal-style is still very popular, for example.

There is also the health-and-beauty trend, the fun and funky street style trends, and the classic trends. Each of these has their own rules for design, so don’t go too crazy trying to design a trend that exists in more than one style.

However, there are some ways to become familiar with new trends so they can create new clothing designs for you!

New Trends: What They Are & How to Create Your Own

These growth processes can be found online or even in expensive catalogs, but we will talk about them here just like we did with the rest of the tips.

Practice making patterns for your own body shape

Before you start designing your clothing, you should make a pattern sample. This is called a practice pattern or sample pattern. You can make a different size or size range of patterns to test the fit and functionality of your new design.

Data shows that when you look for a product design for a long time, it’s more likely to be satisfied with your purchase decision. When you try out different designs and find one you like, purchase it!

When buying new fashion pieces, there are some things to watch out for. For example, looks are not the only thing that matter when choosing how to wear and display your fashion.

Some things such as material quality, maintainability, customer support, & cost-per-appeal are more important than others.

Learn ways to modify patterns for custom fit and style

There are many ways to design your own clothing, so long as you have a pattern to go by!

Many people pick up pattern design software which allows them to modify patterns. Some websites offer free trials, and others online forums also have dedicated software programs that can add details and patterns onto garments.

Of course, you can also just take scraps of material from different pieces of clothing and combine them to create your custom looks. You may even be able to get away without the help of a software program or website as long as you are careful about how you wear and fit your clothes.

Reading about fashion trends is a great way to learn new styles.


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