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The Power Of Minimalist Fashion: How To Embrace A Simplified Style

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Minimalist fashion is slowly becoming more and more popular as the days go by. Many people are lising up to the idea of having a less is more style and shedding some of the clutter in clothes.

What defines a minimalist fashion style? Characteristics include wearing simple shapes or lines, toning down colors, and using less fabrics. Being minimalist also means storing your clothes in simple containers, like plastic bins or crates.

It is great to see people embracing this lifestyle as it brings back the true spirit of fashion. Fashion is not about investing in many expensive pieces, it is about showcasing who you are as a person through what you wear.

Developing a minimalist fashion sense takes time, but will make your wardrobe feel lighter and more comfortable.

Limit your wardrobe

As mentioned before, having a small, curated wardrobe will help you to enjoy your clothes more and feel good about what you are wearing.

There are many reasons people have too many clothes. Sometimes it is the urge to shop, other times it is because it is easy to add new pieces than take them away.

Throwing out old clothing or giving them away is a hard task, but one that aids in having a minimalist wardrobe. It can be hard to let go, but remind yourself of how much better you will feel with less clothing on your body.

Having fewer pieces of clothing will boost your confidence in your appearance and help you to like what you wear. You will also save money on buying new clothing due to not having so many garments.

Limit your makeup

Another way to simplify your beauty routine is to limit the number of brands of makeup you use. For example, only use one brand for bronzer, one for blush, one for foundation, and one for eye makeup.

There are several brands of beauty products that are excellent quality. These include: Nyx, In Fit Glo, Black Radiance, and Rimmel. There are many ways to find these brands- Google is a free source!

By only using one brand per category of makeup, you will learn the nuances of that brand and how to achieve the looks you like with it. Plus, it will be easier to go back to a more natural look when you want to!

When trying to simplify your beauty routine, test out only using one brand per category for a few weeks to see how you like the looks and how easy it is to use.

Be consistent

It is important to be consistent in your fashion choices. Try to never swap out your favorite brands or shoes, unless you are buying a new pair.

You should also not change your style season to season- stick with what you love! With fashion being so fast-changing, this can be hard at times.

By being consistent with your looks, you will learn your style and what suits you best. You will also grow into yourself more and feel more comfortable in your clothes.

Create a theme

A way to start your minimalist fashion journey is to choose a theme for your wardrobe. Themes can be color theme, shape theme, material theme, or occasion theme.

For color themes, choose a few favorite colors that you love to wear and mix and match them. For instance, you may love red, so you may have lots of clothes in the red color range– from shirts to pants to jackets.

For shape themes, pick a few shapes or silhouettes that you like and enjoy wearing and buy lots of pieces that fit into those categories. For instance, you may love bell-sleeved shirts so you would acquire many of those for your clothing collection.

For material themes, find what materials are your favorites to wear and have the most pieces in that material. For example, leather is a popular material for clothing so having many leather pieces represents the theme well.

For occasion themes, have pieces that are suited for certain occasions. For example, have lots of winter-themed clothing for when it is wintertime or snowing outside.

Express yourself through fashion

One of the main reasons people love fashion is because it allows you to express yourself. You can create different moods and scenarios with your clothing.

If you are feeling happy, then dress in bright colors and feel confident about it! If you are feeling sad, invest in some dark colors that make you feel better.

Mix and match pieces to show your creativity and enthusiasm for fashion. Don’t worry about what others think; be yourself!

With the ever-changing trends, it is easy to get caught up in buying new pieces every season. Check yourself to see if you are investing in new clothes because you like them or because other people do.

Check out other people’s styles and see how they dress themselves in different pieces that match their personality.

Complicate your life

Minimalist fashion is not about hiding your body or shelling out money for expensive clothes. It is about finding happiness in simplicity and finding pleasure in choosing simple pieces that fit your lifestyle.

As mentioned before, having lots of clothes makes you feel obligated to wear them all and keeps you busy spending time sorting and choosing what to wear.

Minimalist dressers say this constant choice overload stresses you out and makes you spend more money on new clothing to match every outfit idea you have.

The number one rule of minimalist fashion is to have at least one piece of clothing that you love and feel good in. This way, you will be more inclined to wear it again and again, which brings us to our next point.

Repeat items are a big part of minimalist fashion. By having pieces that last, then repeating them in different looks keeps clutter down.

Simplify everything

As mentioned before, one of the main reasons people enjoy minimalist fashion is because it allows people to explore new looks and create their own style.

By experimenting with different pieces and colors, you can find which shades or pieces suit you best and what looks you like. You can switch up your style every day or even every wear depending on your spending budget!

With the constant influx of new brands and clothing lines, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Look up trends on social media and see what brands are being posted the most- chances are you will find some good quality pieces at a decent price.

Another tip is to look for brands that fit well and are durable. Buying cheap, thin clothing may help you keep up with the trends, but do they last? Invest in better materials that fit well to keep your look solid.

The power of simplicity is a powerful thing

Minimalist fashion is recognizing that you do not need many things to look great. It is understanding that you are beautiful just the way you are and embellishing that beauty with clothes. it

It is picking out pieces that suit your personality and mixing and matching to create new looks. it

It is knowing what looks good on you and buying pieces that do that. it

It is knowing when to let go of things and spending your money on things you like and will wear often. it

With the constant influx of new trends, it is easy to get caught up in buying new things just because. It is also easy to spend a lot of money on things you may not wear often, but are currently in style. Minimalist fashion encourages people to know their style and invest in pieces that match that style.


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