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The Power Of Ethical Fashion Brands: How To Shop With Purpose

Fashion is a powerful force in society. We as humans invest a significant amount of money and emotional energy into the fashion world.

It is no secret that the fashion industry is driven by money. Companies need to make a profit, and designers need to be paid for their work.

Furthermore, fast fashion brands have demonstrated that consumers demand low-cost fashionable goods, and that demand must be met.

This demand has led to unethical practices in the fashion industry that have had significant impacts on workers and the environment. These issues will be discussed later in this article.

However, there are ethical fashion brands out there that are worth looking into. Some of them are even rapidly rising brands that are getting deserved attention.

This article will discuss some of these ethical fashion brands and how you can shop with purpose by supporting them.

Looking for symbols of ethical brand values

As more and more people become aware of the importance of ethical fashion, the market is growing for brands that advertise their values.

Many brands now have pages dedicated to their ethical policies where you can learn more about their practices. Some include My Ethical Style, Good On You, and The Morally Market Place.

Some brands even have charts detailing what ethics they emphasize in their production practices. My Ethical Style has a Production Ethics Chart that lists some of the problems a brand may avoid by adopting their policies and provides links to further information.

Shopping with ethical fashion brands is one of the easiest ways to reduce your personal carbon footprint due to fashion. By supporting brands that care about more than just profit, you are helping make a difference.

Reading product descriptions

While shopping in-store and online, it is important to pay attention to the product descriptions. Most brands include how to wear the garment, special features of the piece, care instructions, and size listings in the description.

Knowing how to wear the piece is important as that may influence your purchase. For example, if you are looking for a sweater that is warm, then you would want to avoid ones with thin material or exposed sides.

Special features can also make or break a piece. If you are looking for a classic leather jacket and find one at an affordable price, then it may not have some safety features like zippers or protective padding.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS ARE VERY IMPORTANT! Knowing how to care for your items is very crucial in keeping them durable and lasting.

Learning about the manufacturer

As mentioned before, one of the best ways to invest in fashion is by investing in the materials fashion itself is made out of.

The way we dress is influenced by many factors, and one of the most influential is the industry that produces our clothing. How are our clothes made? Who makes them?

Are they made ethically? At What cost? Are workers paid a fair wage for their labor? Does the company take into consideration environmental concerns when producing their products?

These are all questions you should be asking about any brand, but especially mainstream ones that are likely sourced from less reputable manufacturers.

By being more aware of where your clothes come from, you can also support and promote better brands and better manufacturing practices.

Supporting small businesses

Supporting small businesses is a great way to shop with purpose. Small businesses are companies with a limited number of employees, most often run by a single person.

They can be tough to find, but we think it’s worth the search! Many small business designers sell their pieces exclusively on their website or at select boutiques, which adds to the exclusivity.

You can support small businesses in several ways. You can purchase items from them directly, buy from resellers who may not be affiliated with the brand but sell their products at a discount, or buy them from online market places like Amazon where there are no restrictions on who sells what.

Learning what type of animal leather is used in your clothing

While vegan fashionistas eschew all animal products, including leather, most people who are conscious about what they wear acknowledge that leather is a material that can be used in quality items.

However, as with other fashion materials, cheap, synthetic leather can be used in low-quality items. This is why it is important to know what type of animal skin leather your clothing is made of.

Real leather comes from cows, and some high-quality suede is made of goat skin. These two types of animal skins are easily found at shops that sell high-quality fashion items, and buying from these sellers will help support the ethical fashion movement.

Other types of synthetic leathers are not truly “fake” as some may think, but are instead derived from other plant-based materials.

Avoiding brands that use cruel practices

As mentioned before, staying away from brands that promote unethical practices is a big part of ethical fashion.

By not buying products from these brands, you are voting with your money that you do not agree with their practices.

Companies receive messages loud and clear when people stop buying their products due to moral reasons. If enough people stop buying because of poor ethics, then they will likely change their practices.

By supporting ethical brands, you are also supporting smaller businesses which helps the economy grow. This is a great way to shop with purpose as well!

Shopping with purpose can be fun if done correctly. Try looking up local sellers or small businesses that sell ethical products and buy from them instead! Or, if you know of an ethical brand that is not from your area, buy from them to support them and the cause they stand for.

Sharing with your friends how to shop ethically

As more and more people become aware of the importance of ethical fashion, the need for awareness grows.

As with any lifestyle change, it is best to connect with others who have similar goals. By meeting other ethical fashion enthusiasts and sharing your knowledge, you both increase your own awareness and knowledge of others.

Online communities such as the Ethical Fashion Forum are an excellent way to connect like-minded individuals. You can also check out our #ethicalfashion tag for posts about brands that we admire and support!

By spreading the word about ethical fashion, you are helping to save lives. Many textile workers in developing countries suffer from chronic respiratory diseases due to poor workplace conditions. By purchasing garments from factories that improve these conditions, you are saving workers’ lives down the road.

Trying vegan fashion brands

Aside from exclusively vegan fashion brands, there are also brands that market themselves as ethical. These brands have a mission to promote better human and environmental relations through their products.

Some ethical fashion brands promote equality and anti-racism efforts through advertising and models used for their campaigns and products. Others donate part of their profits to charities or offer paid volunteer opportunities.

If you are looking to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, check out these five ethical fashion brands that we love!

1. The Apothecary Shop

This brand is dedicated to creating empowering messages on t-shirts through graphics and words. Their products feature inspirational quotes, ties into social issues, or shares personal stories. All of their shirts cost $25 or less, supporting affordability in the fight for equality.


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