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The Art Of Dressing For Special Occasions: How To Look Your Best At Any Event

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Special events call for special dressings. Whether it is a job interview, a first date, your friend’s wedding, or a prestigious award ceremony, you will want to look your best.

Dressing for events is not just about putting on nice clothes. It is a process that involves several aspects: picking the right clothes for the event, choosing colors that suit you, matching items correctly, and knowing how to dress formal or informal.

Plan your outfit

Now that you have picked out your outfit, it is time to put it all together. Plan out what you are going to do with your looks- maybe two or three total.

For example, you can choose a soft, soft look, a vivid look, and a sharp look. Or you can choose a casual look, a dressy look, and a party look. Choose which ones fit the event and your personality!

Then take notes on how to layer your looks so that you can quickly switch between them. This way, you do not have to spend too much time switching your entire outfit around at the event. You are already prepared!

To tie in your looks, use similar colors or textures to show that you are using different looks within one of yours. For example, use soft fabrics in your soft look to show that you also have more formal layers underneath.

Choose your accessories

You are not supposed to wear jewelry to a wedding, so this is a good rule of thumb. If you are not sure, check with the bride or groom!

Many brides choose a special jewelry piece they love and wear it during the ceremony and reception, then remove it for photos. This way, they get to still show off their gorgeous piece and you can too!

For photos, where you do not need jewelry, try some bracelets or rings you love and have special meaning. You can also pull out your hair accessories for pictures- maybe a fancy clip or bow that stands out!

Try not to go over the top with the number of accessories- some of the best looking ones are simple and elegant.

Consider your color palette

Choosing the right color palette for your dress, shoes, and accessories is a key part of choosing a dress. Choosing a dress that matches your skin tone, or very close to it, is best.

If you are not a natural shade of cream or ivory, then choose a dress that is slightly darker or brighter. If you are tan, choose a darker shade of pink or red to match your skin tone. If you have dark skin, choose light colors such as white or light gray.

Having black as a part of your color palette is optional. It can be used as an accent such as having a black skirt with a white top or vice versa. Having black as an accent neutralizes the rest of the colors in your dress which helps contrast and complement the rest of the colors.

General tips: Avoid prints and patterns unless you are familiar with how to coordinate them.

Know what looks good on you

Having a well-organized wardrobe means having clothes that fit you well, match together, and are appropriate for many events.

Having a wide variety of colors also helps as you can pair certain colors together and get more use out of your clothes. For example, having a lot of black clothing will make it harder to pair other clothing items together.

Having clothes that fit you well means having the right number of length and size for your body type. Too-large or –small clothing looks awkward and does not look good on you!

Being able to mix and match your clothes is a useful trick to have. Being able to do this depends on having a good variety of the same color and material.

Try pulling out all your clothes and organizing them by color, size, and material to find any gaps in your wardrobe.

Keep it simple

Now that you have picked out your top, pants, shoes, and belt, it is time to add the accessories.

Accessories are a great way to add some flair to your look. You can do simple jewelry like rings, necklaces, and bracelets; or you can add shawls or hats as accessories.

Shawls are a great way to dress up a look. If you have a favorite shawl then pull it out and use it! If you do not have one, there are lots of affordable ones on sale right now so buy one!

Held up by just your shoulders, they show off your new top or dress and make you feel fancy.

Make it match

Matching your outfit to your occasion is a great way to start picking out your clothes. If you are going to a formal event, dress in all black or a rich color scheme is appropriate.

If you are going to a job interview, dress professionally in suit and tie or smart shirt and pants. If you are going out on the town, dress in fun, flashy clothing items.

Mixing these styles will also look great! For example, have a black suit with a bright red shirt underneath and some colorful shoes. Or wear a rich colored dress with black lace overlay and matching shoes.

Mixing these styles will make your look more unique!

Dressing in lighter colors also helps make you look more visible at events such as parades or festivals.

Try some new clothes

Even if you have the best of the best fashion designers creating new season clothes, you will always find many ways to add your own touch to them.

The best dressed people do not wear every designer, or even every brand. They mix and match pieces that they love and make them their own.

You can do this with your everyday clothes, or see what new trends are coming and pick some to try out. For example, if turtlenecks are coming back into style, grab yourself a nice one!

People often feel uncomfortable wearing new clothing unless they buy something expensive. The best way to feel comfortable in your new clothing is to know and understand your body shape and fit tips. Buying cheap clothing can help you invest in more of the quality material that keeps you warm and cozy.

Check the weather forecast

Even if the event takes place in an indoor space, it is still important to check the weather forecast.

Events are planned months in advance, and while we can hope for perfect weather, it is not always predictable. In fact, most of the time weather is unpredictable!

If the event is outdoors, then definitely bring a light rain jacket or poncho just in case it rains. If the event is indoors but there is a possibility of heavy heat, then bring a lightweight wrap or shawl to drape over your dress.

Mix-matters are very in fashion right now so if you are more concerned with staying warm than looking like a snowflake, then invest in some high-quality ones. Winter events typically call for these types of attire.

Also, if you have an old sweatshirt or one that is tight enough, keep it in your car just in case you get stuck in traffic and need to warm up.


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