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The Art Of Capsule Wardrobes: How To Simplify Your Style

Capsule wardrobes are a way to simplify your wardrobe and keep it organized. By creating seasonal groups of clothes, you will find more value in each piece as you mix and match them.

Creating capsules is a fun way to organize your wardrobe. You can do this once a year around season changes, or anytime you feel your wardrobe collection is getting too big.

With the ever-growing trend culture, it is easy to get caught up in wanting all the new clothes. This makes it harder to have a small, simple collection of clothes that last.

By having capsules with different colors and seasons, it makes it easier to organize and find pieces in your closet. Having less pieces means less organizational work!

This article will talk about the ways to create perfect capsule wardrobes and help you get rid of the closet clutter.

Think about your workplace

If your work requires you to dress in a certain manner, this is an excellent time to do some capsule wardrobe experimenting.

If you are required to wear a uniform, try finding ones that match colors from your everyday wardrobe. This way, you can still enjoy the simplicity of having few pieces, but still have the freedom of variety within those pieces.

By having to dress professionally for work, you are providing yourself with a huge incentive to clean out your closet and have less clothing. Many people find that having fewer professional clothing staples makes switching out the rest of their wardrobe easier as well.

Whether it be hospital scrubs or a suit, having one piece that is hard to part with because it is required by work can help add more pieces to your capsule.

Limit items by size

Another way to simplify your wardrobe is by limiting the number of sizes items come in. For example, only have the largest or smallest size of an item, to avoid having too many.

By having fewer sizes, you have to be more selective in your shopping. When you add a new item to your wardrobe, you have to ask yourself if it is a fit or fit and feel for you or not?

If not, then go to the next size up and see if it does! This way, you are not wasting money on items that do not fit or suit your style.

When doing this, it is helpful to organize your clothes by size and color so it is easy to find what you are looking for. Organizing your clothes also helps with organizing your closet space.

Limit items by season

Another way to simplify your wardrobe is to limit the number of clothing items you have per season. If you have zero tolerance for cold weather, then do not keep items for winter storage- toss them instead!

It is best to save summer items for next summer, or donate those items that are no longer loved. By doing this, you will not have to worry about having too many pieces that are no longer usable.

By having fewer seasonal clothes, it will be easier to organize and coordinate outfits. You will also be more mindful of the clothing items you have as you use them up at a more consistent rate.

Clothing addicts often have a hard time letting go of pieces due to the emotional value or cost of the item. Doing this type of cleaning will help with the process of simplifying your wardrobe.

Create a theme or motif

Now that you have picked out your favorite pieces, it is time to put them together. The art of capsule wardrobes uses a method of simplifying your wardrobe by creating themes or motifs.

By having a few colors or shades or themes, like pink, red, and nude, you can mix and match everything easily. You do not need any other clothes unless you run out of space!

With the different colors as themes, you can create different outfits easily. For instance, the pink dresses can all be worn with the same pair of shoes and a matching bag. The red dresses can all be worn with the same pair of shoes and a matching bag as well. The nude dress can be paired with under-dress liners or jackets to make more outfits.

Store clothes carefully

Once you’ve sorted, it’s time to organize. If you have plenty of room in your closet, great! If not, find other storage solutions for items you don’t use often.

If you have too many clothes and don’t wear most of them, consider giving them to someone who will wear them or donate them. That way, you’ll have more space and won’t have to worry about organizing your clothes incorrectly.

It can be tricky deciding which clothes to keep and which to let go of, but try your best to remember why you bought or wore each item in the first place.

If you no longer feel confident or comfortable in an item, then it’s time to let it go. Keep this in mind while organizing your clothes.

Have a trusted friend help you with the process

During the session, your friend will list all of your clothing items and then help you choose which items to keep and which to let go of.

He or she will also help you choose which pieces you need for each season and which pieces can be mixed and matched with others. They will organize your wardrobe by color and style as well.

By having a friend participate in the creation of your capsule wardrobe, they can add some personal touch to the process. Your friend may know some of your favorite outfits or what styles you like, so they can include some extra pieces that you love and need.

Photograph your clothes

The next step is to actually put your clothes away. Rather than folding or hanging everything in your closet, put away a few pieces at a time, starting with the least used.

As you put things away, organize them by color and style so that it’s easy to find what you need when you need it. Once all of your clothes are in storage, take a picture of them so that you can remember what’s there.

This is particularly helpful if you tend to shop frequently and have a hard time letting go of items – you’ll always know exactly what’s in your wardrobe, and how many of each item there are.

You can also do this with accessories such as jewelry, shoes, bags, hats, and coats to help sort them out.

Keep guidelines for adding and removing items

Once you have culled your wardrobe, it is important to keep your new, simplified wardrobe updated. Once a season has passed, any clothing that has been replaced should be donated, as the fashion will not be relevant next season.

You can either do this once a year or keep a running list of items that are added to your wardrobe and ones that are removed. By doing the latter, you can also have the opportunity to add new pieces that are in season.

By having this continuous cycle of adding and removing pieces, you will always have fresh outfits and styles to play around with!

Whether it be once a year or once season, having some guidelines on how to remove pieces from your capsule wardrobe will help you maintain a clean, simple look.


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