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Tapping Into The Gig Economy: A Guide For Business Owners

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The term gig economy refers to a group of jobs that are done for pay but aren’t always professionally supervised. These jobs include small tasks like delivering groceries or retail orders, writing customer reviews, and managing virtual stores.

Most people in the gig economy are not employed and do not receive a salary for their work. Instead, they receive payment for their labor in the form of credits or rewards from their customers or clients.

In the context of a business, the term gig economy can refer to those who are not officially employed, like online sellers who offer goods and services but don’t have a fixed location or strict hours. These people typically DO receive a paycheck but it is excluded from the term gig economy because it does not have a standard size pay structure.

It does not matter whether you call them employees, volunteers, or simply people doing things for tithe sake. It is all about establishing boundaries and recognizing those who contribute to your organization.

Encourage a flexible work environment

The gig economy has made a huge impact on the workplace environment. Companies are focusing their efforts to encourage employees to stay updated on their projects via app and email updates, encouraging creativity and flexibility in the work environment.

If your company does not yet feature a gig community, it is still worth encouraging a flexible work environment. By providing devices and software for employees to their own personal workspace, offering desktop monitors and software applications, and allowing individuals to collaborate via software apps like Google Drive or an established app like Slack, you are creating a favorable environment for innovation and flexibility in the workplace.

Including catchy incentives that reward stays up to date on assignments and rewards for creativity in the gig ecosystem will help encourage creativity and incentive individuals to up set creative goals.

Create a platform for freelancers

The gig economy has become a major part of business models for companies. Most of these companies see freelancing as a way to diversify their reposnion and increase their revenue sources.

Mostly have found that having a platform for freelancers helps expand their customer base and partners, as they can recruit quality freelancers more easily. Websites like UpWork and GigAmp let you create such a platform for your company.

The growing need for quick-respawn talent is also driving growth in the gig economy. New graduates are finding work in offices with minimal training or experience, as employers see quality content and skill represented on the web services.

Hire freelance workers

The gig economy has become a major part of the modern workplace. Most large employers have use it as a way to reduce overhead and increase flexibility in responding to demand, and independent workers have confirmed its trustworthiness as a source of professional work.

If you are not already working as a freelance worker, you can start by hiring college students or low-skilled workers at your company. Once you gain some experience, invest in hiring professionals with more experience and create a system for paying them based on completed work.

Many people find that they enjoy the work they do for their own personal account and earn more from then compared to what they would with another company. You can also start looking for clients immediately after finishing your last job.

Provide customer service 24/7 using chatbots

The gig economy has made it easier for people to serve customers without being a waiter, bus driver, or any other traditional employment model. This is the future of work, as companies move away from stable, paid staff to virtually unlimited customer service help.

While this will change the way customers interact with your business, it also presents a challenge for businesses that do not have advanced artificial intelligence (AI) or chat bot technology.

In the right situation, customer service bots can be very helpful. For example, if a customer has a question and doesn’t want to be bothered with an answer that will give them an estimate on how long they will need their order and what items they’ll receive!

However, there are some things that must be listened to by bots and companies. The most prominent thing that goes unnoticed is human emotion.

Utilize social media to market your business

Using social media to market your business is a fun way to work your network and reach new audiences. Volendear is using Twitter and Instagram to introduce ourselves as a company and our services.

To date, we have over 1,000 followers on both Twitter and Instagram, making our profiles well-known within our small but enthusiastic community. By utilizing our regular updates and promotions, we are able to grow our following without too much effort or cost.

As the leader of my guild, I promote my guild’s services through my guild posts and regular activity updates. I have noticed a steady rise in followers over the course of months and months as people discover my posts and send me messages asking for tips.

By continually promoting your business through social media posts, you will be able to grow your audience and gain more members that are interested in what you have to offer.

Become an affiliate vendor using affiliate marketing

The gig economy has made it easy for people to find work that is not attached to a specific person. Thousands of people are cashing in on this by becoming an affiliate vendor using affiliate marketing.

Mostly they are selling services and/or products but unlike traditional employees, these individuals do not have a set schedule and are usually paid on an hourly basis.

As an affiliate vendor you will get paid when a customer purchase from your website or when they complete an assignment with your services. It can be very lucrative as you do not have to spend time running the business yourself.

There are many ways to become an affiliate vendor using the internet because there are many businesses that use this medium to advertise their services. Most of them link their site to their account so you can start earning immediately.

Maximize your website’s potential with SEO and content creation

The term web 2.0 refers to a variety of online professions that utilize mobile devices as their main computer, instead of a laptop or desktop. These new technologies are growing in popularity, making it more difficult for small businesses to gain recognition in these large digital markets.

The short-term gains for business are significant: earning potential that is virtually non-existent for most business owners. However, for those looking to supplement a steady stream of income, having an active website can be valuable.

As the gig economy grows and spreads, the question becomes what effects it will have on existing businesses and who will join it.

Take advantage of payment processing services for freelancers

The gig economy has changed the way businesses hire out their services. Now, thanks to mobile devices and the internet, anyone can be a freelancer.

There are a variety of payment processing services that offer their clients the option of paying via credit card, PayPal, or even app store payment methods. Many users find this convenient as it is easy to set up and use, and the freelancer can add payment information to their account easily.

Many users say they enjoy the convenience of using these apps, but they do have some negative aspects too. Some users have reported chargebacks with these charges due to poor security settings.


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