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Morph 2 Pictures Together App

There are many apps that take two or more pictures of you and combine them into one, creating a new picture. These apps have different names depending on what kind of images they use to create their finished product, but all seem to use an algorithm to do this.

Some apps include your face in the middle of the photo set off by empty spaces around you, while others feature something like a backdrop or setting.

The best part about these mixed media photography apps is that you can easily edit the photos after creation! You can add textures, shades, and features to make them look even better. Some let you do it in-app, some via the mobile browser version, and some require you to own the device or use their app!

Find the matching pairs

Finding picture-pair matches is pretty easy with the new Morph 2 apps! Simply pick your favorite pictures, either from the app or online, add them to the Morph 2 app, and you’re all set!

The app will take the two images and find the third image that it can be morphed into. For example, if you have a landscape photo, a closeup photo and an animal photo, the app would choose one of these three as the morph target.

It then creates another image, combining both original photos together, in this case creating a wide angle landscape shot. You can now use this newly created image for your profile picture or upload it somewhere else!

This article will talk more about how to create your own profiles using the free version of the app, and also some potential issues you may run into while trying to use the paid app.

Which image makes you think of a particular animal?

There are many ways to combine two images into one new image. One way is using an element that has already been defined as an individual picture, like an eye or a nose. You can then use these parts as templates and merge them together to make a whole new image.

For example, if we wanted to create an owl image, we could take our eyes template and merge it with another image to make an ear pointer. Or if we wanted to have an otter face, we would use its whisker markings as our nose template!

There are so many possibilities in digital art. If you are looking to pick up tricks for Photoshop or other editing software, there are plenty of free resources available online. Websites such as Pixlr-Collage allow you to do some basic merging and changing of colors too.

Which image makes you think of a place?

Many people use pictures as metaphors for explaining things or making a point. A common metaphor used in advertising is the “product placement” technique, where a picture of a product represents something else. For example, a picture of an apple often serves to illustrate a word like nutritious or healthful.

With that style of marketing, though, the audience usually knows what will be depicted in the picture before it is mentioned. In this case, the audience is looking at the picture of the apple already and thinking about how good it might taste or how much nutrition it has.

That isn’t always the case with product placements. What if there was no apple in the picture? Would anyone know what to say about that apple then? Probably not!

So, how can we apply that theory to creating your own images? Let’s try some! We’ll take two non-apple pictures that both relate to the word beautiful and see what we can make out of them.

The difference between the images

In this article, we will be looking at one of the most popularly used picture morphing apps: Picturemorph!

Picturemorph lets you morph two pictures together or blend them into each other. You can also mix and match different image types such as color photos to create new hybrids.

This app is great for creating funny pictures or interesting photoshopped images. There are many ways to use this app in creative fun ways.

There are even online tools where you can upload your own pics and let the app work its magic! Keep reading to see some examples of how you can use this app to create hilarious pictures or learn some cool tips.

The matching pairs

Matching pair number one: dog and bone

Dog bone is just another term for canine tooth. These can be flat, rounded, or both depending on how much sheering stress they encounter while chewing.

If you happen to find yourself in a situation where your dog has eaten up all of their teeth, it’s very important to begin looking for replacements immediately!

Luckily, there are many good dental products on the market that cost around $20-30 per piece. Many people have success using rubber bands as a natural match for the gap left by her lost tooth.

You may also want to look into getting some kind of padding or bandage to cover the area until her new tooth comes in. This will prevent soreness and possible infection.

Matching pair number two: cat face + tail

Cat faces are simply when someone adds whiskers to make it seem like a cat. Some artists add this by taking pieces of tissue and sticking them onto the face, but either way, it looks cool.

Tails are also lengthened out to create an illusion of a longer cat. Technically, these aren’t referred to as “cat faces,” but we will talk about those later!

This article will focus on creating a cat mouth from different parts of animals.

Think about which animal the second image is of

The first step in creating your new picture is to think about what animal the second image is of!

The easiest way to do this is by thinking about an existing picture that contains the same element as the second image you want to morph into. For example, if the second image is of a dog then a good source can be another picture of a dog.

Once you have found a match you will want to pick out the features of that object and use them as templates for how yours looks. Pick two ears, three tails, four paws and so on.

Now take all these features and combine them together to make one large feature such as a tail or paw.

Think about which place the second image is of

There are many apps that let you combine two photos or pictures to make a new one, but very few do it well.

Most simply choose an empty area in your picture as the basis for the new photo, then add onto it, moving the edge slightly to match up with the original piece. This way, no part of the new photograph looks out of place!

Some go into more detail by choosing a specific size box or frame for the new photograph, then adding their item inside this space. Others use lines or shapes in the background as a template for where the new photograph will fit in.

The difference between the images

In this article, we will be looking at one of my favorite free morphing apps that can do some incredible things! I have already covered these applications in depth here and here, but now it is time to take it up a notch by creating more complex pictures or even transforming an entire image.

This app allows you to mix and match two (or more) photos together into one new photo. It also has several feature settings that allow you to control how mixed-together your newly created picture becomes.

The best part about this app is that anything other than human faces are completely usable as sources for photomixing.


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