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How To Use Clipboard On Iphone

Using the iPhone’s clipboard is an easy way to save time in digital editing or creating. The iOS clip board has two main uses: you can use it as access to your computer files, and you can grab content from anywhere else and insert into your own documents or presentations.

Create a new shortcut

The next way to use the clipboard is by creating a new keyboard short cut. To do this, head into Settings > General > Keyboard and then click on Shortcuts. Here you can create a new custom shortcut by clicking “+” at the top of the screen.

Choose whether it will be text or voice-only content and what app you want to paste from. You can also choose if it will be pasting as plaintext or rich media (like HTML). After that, you can hit add to test your shortcut!

This method does not require any software, nor does it cost anything for Apple to make these shortcuts work.

Use a transfer tool

One of your smartphone tools that is frequently forgotten about is the clipboard. The clipboard is an internal memory space where you can store small pieces of information for later use.

You can do several things with this information, including copying something (like a web page link or picture) and then pasting it somewhere else. You can also add notes to what you are copying, and even control how much content you paste in another place.

The easiest way to access the iPhone’s clip­pboar​d is via habi­tat – tap Edit, Tap Compose, and choose Paste as the action. Then, find the item you want to copy and tap into its area to grab it.

Now that you have the item copied onto the phone’s cli­pba​​r, you can now re-paste it anywhere you want! Keep in mind that depending on where you are re-inserting it, some appli­caitions may not accept plain ol’ paste. For instance, if you are using Microsoft Word as your word processing app, it might not let you drag and drop the item there. You will need to go into settings and make sure it has permission to insert whatever it is you are trying to put into it.

Use paste to paste

There is an easy way to use the clipboard on your iPhone. By default, when you copy something from one app or website to another, it will save that content in the iOS clipboard.

You can then access this content at any time by tapping the button next to the address bar which says “Paste.” A separate window will open up where you can choose what app to paste into.

This makes copying things very fast and efficient as you do not have to go back and find the item again! Many people know how to use the clip board on their phone, but few know how to actually USE IT.

Use clips to paste

Pasting content using the iPhone’s clipboard is one of its most underused features. You can use the device’s copy button to add content to the clipboard, but it would be much more practical if you could create your own buttons that include all of the necessary information for pasting something into another app or onto an email.

You can do this by creating a new folder called “Pasteables.” Then, in the apps where you want to insert the copied material, go to the menu at the top left and choose Tools -> Paste as…. Create your own favorite item here!

This article will show you how to customize the cut-off time for your paste before it goes away forever. Also, we will look at some easy ways to access and edit the phone’s clipboard.

Use the command + c

Press the Command button (the one with the circle symbol) up next to the phone’s front facing camera. Then, tap “Open Camera.” A small box will appear over any app that is open so you can pick which app goes into full screen.

From there, you can copy anything from anywhere! Paste it in another app, onto an image or video, or onto your computer via USB.

This way, you don’t have to find your notebook, remember where you saved what you wanted to save, and hope someone has their own device they could use to access those things.

You can also do this while listening to music or watching a movie! Simply choose a song, person, or thing as a clip and then paste it somewhere else.

Use the command + v


The other way to use the clipboard is by accessing the Settings app, clicking General, then click Manage Paste. Here you can paste whatever content you want to add or take away from the pasted item!

This is very helpful if you are trying to copy something like a link or picture and need to do it quickly. You can also create a new document or spreadsheet with just one quick tap of your pointer button (the mouse cursor that moves around the screen). All of these things have their own separate clips which you can access through this tool!

General settings let you manage Messages, Phone calls, and Apps

There is an option here for iCloud so you can easily sync all of your devices using the same computer or phone. This makes it easy to switch between them without having to re-create everything.

Use the app Paste

Apps such as Cut, Copy, and Paste are your best friends when it comes to pasting content. They typically have a dedicated paste button that allows you to easily pull up the clipboard and insert what you want to put in there!

Some of these apps also offer additional features, like letting you create new documents or formatting something from before. Some even have special modes where you can paste pictures and files!

There are many free apps out there with this feature, so try them all out and see which one works for you.

Use the app Paste Clips

Pastel has designed their apps to be very intuitive and easy to use, which is one of the main reasons they have been so popular. With PasteClip you get all of the features of pasting directly from source into the destination (clip board, note, email) for free!

PasteClip works by scanning your clipboard for rich content or components. Once it finds what it looks for, it creates an insert item in the pre-selected service (email, notes, etc.). You can then edit the component and add it where needed!

This feature is great if you are copying something like a photo that you would like to save and organize later. Or maybe you want to quickly send someone else’s article as a link or note. The possibilities are endless!

You can try out this feature by yourself by downloading the free version here.


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