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How To Unfollow People On Facebook?

Unfollowing people on Facebook is a way to limit the amount of accounts you can view and interact with. You can do this on both your account and other accounts you follow.

Unfollowing your friends, family, or co-workers on Facebook will remove them from being able to see your posts, but they will still be able to see your profile and posts that you share.

You can unfollow business pages, celebrities, and other non-friend entities to reduce the amount of pages you can view in your feed. This is a good way to clean up your feed if you are getting too many ads or if it has become too busy.

You can unfollow anyone – friends, relatives, co-workers, acquaintances, strangers – it does not matter! Anyone who views your profile can make sure they do not see all of the posts in their feed by simply adjusting the settings.

Click “News Feed”


Next, click on the small down arrow next to “Search” and then click “News Feed.” This will take you to your main feed where you will see posts from friends, pages you like, and ads.

If you want to only see posts from your friends, switch to the Friends section under Groups. You can do this by clicking the drop-down menu next to the “News Feed” search bar and choosing “Friends.”

This is a good way to see just the posts from people you care about without having to unfriend anyone!

If you only want to see posts from certain people, such as just friends or just family, then change the “Sort By” option to either of those. This will filter out the rest of the people on your list.

Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the page

Next, click on Settings and Privacy. This can be found in the bottom left corner of the page. A new window will open with all of the settings for your account.

Under Account Settings, click on Manage Accounts. Another window will open where you can manage other accounts on Facebook. You can also add an account by clicking on Add Account in the top right corner of this window.

In this section, you can also manage who sees your content, including ads. You can do this by clicking on Edit and then changing who has access to your content. You can also disable personalized advertising in this section.

Clicking on Manage Apps will take you to another page where you can manage all of the apps that have access to your information on Facebook. You can disable any that you feel do not need this access.

Click “Unfollow”

Once in the account settings section, you can click the “Account Settings” button to the right of the “Edit Account” button. This will take you to your account settings page.

Once there, you will be able to access your privacy settings via the little gear icon in the top right corner. Upon clicking it, you will be directed to your privacy settings page.

Here, you can adjust who sees what on your profile by adjusting the privacy levels. You can also click on “Blocking” here to unfriend or block other people.

Once on the blocking screen, you can click the red “Unblock” button next to anyone’s name to take them off of your restricted list. Then, once again, you can choose to unfriend them by hitting the red “Unfriend” button.

A list will appear with all of the people you are following

Once in the menu, a list will appear with all of the people you are following. You can then choose to unfollow everyone, or just select a few to unfollow.

If you want to go back and check who you’re following, you can do so by going to Settings > Account Settings > Privacy > People You Follow.

Here, you can also unsubscribe from pages and groups, which will let you filter out more people on your follow list.

The last step is to tap Unfollow and confirm! You have successfully unfollowed some people on Facebook.

Hopefully this article has helped you learn how to easily unfollow people on Facebook! If you ever feel like you’re feeling too many posts, or feeling like your feed is filled with too many specific people, then try out this article.

Check off the names of those you want to stop following

Once you have completed the first step, you can now unfollow people. To do this, go to the Facebook menu and then to Settings and Account Settings.

Under Privacy, click Manage Account and then press Follower List. Here you will see a list of all the people that you follow and a button that says Unfollow.

Click on this button and a box will appear where you can select the people that you no longer want to follow and then click Unfollow. This is very important as it may take some time to do this!

If you are having trouble finding the follower list or are running into problems un-following people, try closing out of your Facebook app and then reopening it. This should refresh the settings page and possibly help with fixing any problems.

Click “Unfollow” again

Once you have navigated to your main Facebook page, you can unfollow people from the “following” section. This is located on the top right of the page, next to the search bar.

Simply click the “following” drop-down and select “See Follower List.” This will show you all of the people you are following, and who is following you. You can then unfollow someone by clicking on their profile and hitting the red “Unfollow” button.

If you want to make sure you are not being followed by anyone who is not a close friend or family member, hit the “Edit” button in the top right corner and select “Limited Profiles.

A confirmation box will appear; click “Confirm”

Once you have navigated to the Settings and Privacy page, the next step is to navigate to the Account settings section. Here you will find the options to unfollow people on Facebook.

Under “Manage your contacts,” you will see two options: “Manage your contacts,” which leads you to the “Add Friends” page, and “Unfollow people” which takes you to the “Unfollowing People” page.

On the “Unfollowing People” page, you will be prompted with a confirmation box. Click confirm and all connections between you and that person are severed. You will no longer appear as a follower on each other’s profiles!

It is important to note that once you unfollow someone, they will no longer have access to your profile information or any of your posts. However, they may still be able to see your name on their news feed due to mutual friends posting content.

Relive your blissful Facebook experience!

Once you have unfriended and/or unfollowed everyone, you can now make your Facebook account beautiful again. You can do this by reorganizing your friends list, hiding annoying parts of the app, and making new Facebook accounts if need be.

To organize your friends list, go to Settings > Friend List and then choose how you want to sort your friends. You can choose to sort by Work, College & Graduate School, Family, Friends, Neighbors, Pets, Organizations you are in, and Default Sort Order.

To hide annoying parts of the app, go to Settings > Account Settings > Platforms and Products and select what parts of the app you no longer want to see. You can hide things like Marketplace or Stories by going to the drop-down menu under Show Platforms and choosing Don’t Show Anyplatforms.


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