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How To Turn On Battery Percentage On Iphone Xr?

The battery percentage indicator has been a standard feature on most smart phones for years. Recently, with the influx of new Iphone models, the ability to see your battery level has been removed.

This has caused some controversy as many people feel it is a necessary feature. While it is not totally necessary, it is helpful to know how much battery you have left!

You can disable the full screen display feature that requires the battery percentage, but then you would just see a black screen which is not too helpful. Luckily, there is a way to turn on the battery percentage indicator on your Iphone Xr!

This article will explain how to turn on the battery percentage on your Iphone Xr and any other compatible Iphone models.

Select Wallpaper

A fun way to see your battery status is to select a colorful or whimsical wallpaper for your phone. The system works by scanning the screen for a lit screen and calculating how much power it would take to display the image on the screen.

When the phone is fully charged, the image is displayed in full color. As the battery discharges, the picture fades and becomes less distinct. When the battery is low, just the white is displayed, creating a ghostly effect.

This feature can be turned on in Settings>Display & Brightness>Battery Use>Select Wallpaper. There you can choose either a saved photo or one from an external source to use as your new wallpaper.

If you do not like this feature, you can disable it without losing the ability to see your battery status. This way, you can decide whether or not you want this feature based on your personal preference.

Find a black or dark background

If you want to turn on battery percentage on iPhone XR, you have to first find a dark background. This is because the battery icon is white, and a fully charged battery would be 100% white.

The more white space there is, the more of a chance there is to see the full charge. By having a black or dark background, you are eliminating all other colors except for black, making the full charge more apparent.

Some users have reported having trouble seeing the percentage if there is a bright background on the phone. This may require some trial and error to find the best setting for you!

Some cases may also block the visibility of the battery icon.

Select Battery Percentage

Now, you can choose to display the battery percentage right on the home screen. This option can be enabled and disabled at any time.

To enable this, go to Settings > Battery & Storage. Then, tap Show Battery Percentage and switch the feature on. You can also choose which section of the phone to place the battery percentage in by tapping Left Side, Center, or Right Side.

It will then ask you to respring or restart your phone so the change can be made. Once that is done, you will have the battery percentage displayed on your home screen!

This is a great way to keep track of how much battery life you have left while checking notifications at the same time.

Slide the toggle on

To turn on battery percentage, you need to slide the battery percentage toggle to the right. This can be found in Settings-Battery-Show Battery Percentage.

This is also where you can turn off the display time, so that it only shows the battery level. This is useful if you are trying to conserve battery.

Switching these settings off will not change how much battery you have, it will just make it harder to know how much battery you have left!

Battery percentages are a helpful feature that many users prefer to have enabled. It gives you a better sense of how much juice you have left, rather than just having a 0-100 number range.

Reboot your phone


If your phone is acting up and the battery is draining faster than normal, try rebooting your phone. This can be done via two ways: by holding down the power button and sliding to turn off the phone, or by pressing the power button again to turn it back on.

Both of these will take a few minutes depending on how long it takes to sync and update. Depending on what version of Android you have, you may need to do a full reboot or just restart the device.

Either way, this fixes a lot of issues so it is worth trying out! If your phone is having trouble maintaining the battery life and you have tried all of these tips, then maybe take your phone into your carrier or Apple Store for another look.

Go to Settings > Display & Light > Battery Percentage > Show Percentage On Battery > Always

Now, you will always see the battery percentage on your iPhone Xr. You will have to charge it more frequently, however, as you will be watching the battery drop every time you look at your phone.

This is a nice feature to have enabled if you are someone who constantly checks the battery. It will help you estimate how long your phone will last until it dies!

You can also keep it off if you would like, but like with all things, try it out for a few days to see if you like it. You can always switch it back to hidden later!

Battery percentages can be fun to have on your phone, but they are not very important unless you are very aware of how long your phone lasts.

Change your background to a darker color

A fun way to save some battery life is by changing your phone’s background color to a dark color. The darker the background color, the less it has to process to show it, which puts your phone in sleep mode faster.

This is because it does not have to concentrate on displaying the contrast between the screen and the background color. When this is done, your phone can stay in sleep mode longer since it does not have to wake up to display something on a white or bright background.

With the newest versions of iOS, you can have a black background and still see all of your apps and information displayed clearly on it.

Reboot your phone once more

If you have already tried the previous steps, then try rebooting your phone once more. This can be done by holding down the power button and then dragging the bar to turn off the phone.

Then, press the power button again to turn it back on. This will clear any temporary glitches in the software or settings that may be causing the problem.

Many users have reported that this fixed the problem for them, so if you have not tried this yet, give it a go!

If all of these steps did not work, then you may want to contact Apple or take your phone to an Apple retailer for help. They will likely do a quick check up on your phone and possibly fix it for you.

You could also try contacting Verizon or your carrier and having them do a network reset on your phone. This will clear up any software issues and bring it back to its original setting.


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