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How To Turn Off Voice On Samsung Tv?

If you are constantly getting voice calls, messages, or both while watching TV, it can get annoying quickly. It is very easy to fix this problem!

You just need to turn off voice for the device connected to your television. You will still be able to use text chat, video chats, and apps with only sound access, but there won’t be any voice communication features.

This article will show you how to do this for most popular smart TVs. There may be some variations depending on model, so make sure to check out each one individually.

Open the TV menu

In the settings section, you can find something called voice control. If this is enabled, you will be able to activate the feature by saying “Hey Google” or “Alexa” instead of using the touch interface or the remote control.

You can also disable voice recognition here as well! Just make sure you have saved before going into sleep mode or the screen will turn off automatically.

This can get pretty annoying if you are in a room with no Wi-Fi or your phone doesn’t work because you left it at home. Once again, there is a way to fix that!

Step three: Find the option to toggle the display back on

Most TVs these days will go into power saving modes when you close the lid or hit exit. This is very helpful, but sometimes people forget to re-activate the device so it goes into sleep mode permanently.

A lot of companies release firmware updates for their devices that include special features. One of those features may be called wake from sleep (WSS) which allows you to easily re-activate the device without having to say anything first.

Look up voice on your TV

If you are tired of listening to the same voicemails or conversations over and over, there is an easy way to turn off the speaker!

You can look online how to do this for almost any smart device. Some say it is in settings, some under preferences, and some said home screen. But we will go with our favorite since it is probably the most common one!

And I know what you are thinking – why not just use headphones? Well, that would require you to find them first! Ha ha!

There are many reasons why having a TV without earbuds may be annoying instead of helpful. For example, if you happen to like watching movies, you may want to check out some of those! Also, some people prefer the television as a display only so no headphone jack makes sense.

Press the power button for at least 5 seconds


After you press the volume up or down buttons, it will automatically switch back on! This is very annoying if you are listening to something or talking and want to turn off your TV.

Fortunately there is an easy fix for this. All you have to do is hold the power button for five seconds!

Press the power button once and then immediately release it.

Restart the TV

If you are still experiencing voice issues even after resetting your television, your next step is to restart it! You can do this by turning off the device. Most of the time, a simple press of the power button will do the trick.

After that, wait at least ten minutes (the TV needs to be able to re-calibrate all of its settings) before trying again. Sometimes, there may be a quick fix for this so try those first.

Reboot the TV


If you find that your phone is running out of power or voice recognition has stopped working, then it’s time to reboot! Simply turn off your television, wait 30 seconds, and then turn back on. Your phone will wake up in the same state as when you left it!

This works because when televisions go into sleep mode, they keep some parts active to make sure everything stays connected. By resetting the device, it re-establishes those connections, which can help fix the issue at hand!

If this doesn’t work, try using another source for audio such as headphones or an external speaker.

Call the manufacturer

If you are still experiencing voice problems after trying all of these fixes, your next step is to call the device maker. Most phone companies have a live chat or support option where you can get some help from trained technicians!

Some manufacturers also offer a quick tool called Device Diagnostics that helps identify the problem down to the model and even product line level. This way, they can tell if this is related to another feature or not so it can be excluded as a possible cause.

This article covers how to use Device Diagnostic for the most common smartphone brands: Apple, Google (Android), Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung.

Do not use your TV while it is on voice

Many new technology features for televisions require you to have someone else turn them on before they work, which can be tricky at times.

Some TVs have an option to let you turn on the device without having a person speak into the microphone, this way!

However, some manufacturers make you access the feature through their smartphone app instead of using the built-in user interface (UI).

This article will show you how to disable the TV’s voice activation in case one day it does that.

Switch to another source of entertainment

Having a busy life can sometimes make it difficult to find time to enjoy TV shows or movies, which is why having a device that has voice chat features built in is great.

Most smart TVs now have this feature where you can simply switch to the other channel to watch something else! This way you do not need to turn off your current show to watch someone else’s.

Some people may feel uncomfortable being on camera so this feature is a good solution for those individuals.


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