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How To Remove Ads From Hulu?

Recent developments have made it possible for anyone to remove all of the advertisements from streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. There are several different ways to do this, some more practical than others. For us, we will focus on how to get rid of ads on Hulu!

If you are tired of spending your time watching commercials or videos that are sponsored by advertisers, then here is something special for you. We will be going through all of the steps needed to completely remove all advertising from Hulu!

Removing all advertisements from Hulu can help you save lots of time because you will not have to spend any wasted time watching commercials. You also will not need to use software to find and watch content because everything will be found online free of sponsors.

Hopefully you will now try removing most if not all of the advertisements in order to enjoy video content without being distracted.

Link your account with your other accounts

If you’re tired of looking at advertisements while streaming, then it is time to remove them! Luckily, this article will show you how to do just that.

First, you will need to link all of your social media accounts to your hulu user profile. This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any others.

Once everything is linked up, you can begin removing ads from Hulu!

Removing ads through apps is easy enough. You can go into each app, find the settings section, and look for an ad option or removal option. Some may have both but only one should be checked to work properly.

Change your password


If you are getting annoying ads while watching TV or movies, it is possible that someone has logged into your Hulu account using your email address as their own.

It is very common for people to re-brand their personal accounts by changing their username and/or password. This can include fake personas like “Amazon Prime user” or “Netflix user.”

By changing this information, users create new accounts with no connection to their original one. Because there is nothing linking these two accounts together, none of their data such as saved programs, settings, and videos exist in tandem.

So how do we remove all of this content? We cannot! It has been deleted and replaced with something else.

Fortunately, most web browsers make logging into an app simple. Just go to and click “Login” at the top right corner. Then, select the browser you use and log in that way.

This will take you back to the main login page where you can change your password and turn off access for anyone not listed as a friend or family member.

Change your payment information

There are two main ways to remove ads from Hulu, but unfortunately not all of them work for everyone!
The first one is by paying for an ad-free subscription through the streaming service. This can be done directly through their website or via another source such as Netflix or Amazon.

You will have to pay either monthly or yearly depending on what plan you currently have with Hulu. To get rid of most ads, there is a paid option that must be activated beforehand. Once this is done, you no longer have to pay for additional features or services that may come with the free level account.

This removes the advertisements while still allowing you access to some features. It is best to go into Settings before creating a new account so that you do not waste money on anything else.

Purchase a premium subscription

If you are tired of all of the ads that appear in the app, there is an easy solution! The best way to remove all advertisements from the app is to purchase a premium subscription.

A premium subscription gives you access to all of the features in the app without the intrusive advertising. You will be able to stream content online without distractions.

Most hulu free accounts have limited features that may not include some important ones such as having an account outside of just your computer or phone. Some may also only allow one device to connect at a time which can be frustrating for people who want to watch on their phone while they’re traveling for example.

There is a paid plan though that removes all of these limitations and even has unlimited streaming via mobile devices and computers! No matter what kind of use you have for the app, it is cost effective because you pay per month instead of per year like with a free trial.

Disable ad-blocking software

While it is tempting to use your browser’s built-in tools to block all of the advertisements you see, doing so can cause bigger issues.

Some free third party apps and services actively test your browsing habits by looking at which sites you visit frequently and then serving up ads for those sites from elsewhere. By using such browsers’ anti-ad blocking features, you are revealing more information about your online activity that could be used against you or others in future.

Use ad-blocking software

One of the best ways to remove advertisements from Hulu is using an excellent browser extension or feature. There are many great free extensions you can use that have a limited number of ads as your budget, so you can still enjoy streaming videos without being bombarded with advertising.

Some examples of this are Adblock Plus, Noscript, and Privacy Badger! These are all powerful add-ons that work well together and can easily be switched up how you want to manage them.

You could just choose to enable only certain types of sites to run advertisement codes, or disable it completely for some or all websites. This way, you can still access most normal web content, but no annoying commercials.

There are also paid versions of these extensions that offer more features than the free ones.

Re-enable ad-blocking software

There are two ways to remove all of the ads from Hulu, and both require you re-enable your ad-blocker first!

The first way is to simply turn off the “ad blocker” feature in your web browser (like Chrome or Safari) so that it no longer blocks advertisements. Then, use an alternative streaming service like Netflix, or create a new user account for Hulu to stream without commercials.

The second option is to use third party apps to access Hulu content. Some good alternatives are Roku TV, AppleTV Channels, and YouTube via mobile device or computer.

These apps do not block advertisements, nor do they offer free accounts. However, what they can do is add additional features, such as letting you download episodes and movies for later viewing. And some let you keep watching videos even when you have run out of data due to having a limited monthly plan.

Heck, one of them even lets you make purchases within the app using their services! It’s definitely worth looking into before deciding if adding this service to your normal routine is worth it.

Re-configure your ad-blocking software

If you are tired of all of the ads that appear on Hulu, there is an easy way to remove them!

Most people know how to use ad blocking extensions for websites, but few realize that some sites like Hulu can be blocked by third party apps or services.

By adding advertisements as a source in your ad blocking app, you can easily remove all of the advertising content from Hulu.

This article will tell you how to do this for both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.


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