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How To Put A Song On Repeat On Spotify?

Having one song that you keep listening to is a lovely thing. For some, it’s their favorite song that they can never get enough of!

For others, it’s a music video or an album track that keeps playing in their ear every day. Either way, having a song that you enjoy repeatedly is a nice feeling.

But how to put a song on repeat on Spotify? It can seem like a daunting task at times!

Luckily, we have gathered all the information you need to do just that here! So let’s dive in and learn how to put a song on repeat on Spotify!

How to put a song on repeat on Spotify

To make things easy for you, we will go through everything step by step so you know exactly what to do. From choosing a playlist to editing the songs, this article has got you covered. After all, you want your song to stay on repeat as long as possible, right? 😉

Step No. 1 – Create a new playlist

First off, you will need to create a new playlist. To do this quickly and easily, use our quick link or scroll down to the second step.

Once done, close out of the app and move onto the next step…

Step No. 2 – Add the song to the newly created playlist

Now that you have created the initial playlist, it’s time to add your desired song into the mix.

Press and hold the repeat button on your keyboard

The next step is pressing the repeat button on your computer or smartphone. This will use up some more resources, but not too much since it’ll only happen once!

The press-and-hold method works for both voice and music (song) repeats. To add a song to repeat, simply press and hold the repeat button on your device before starting the song. Then release when you are done listening!

Note: If you want to remove the repeat feature, you can just click the settings cog icon in the top left of your screen then go into “Audio” then under “Repeat”, you can toggle this off.

Press and hold the repeat button on your mouse

Now that you have found your favorite song or songs, you will want to be able to access it at any time! Luckily, with our tips for how to put a song on repeat on Spotify, this is not only possible, but easy to do!

To begin, press and hold the repeat button on your mouse. The track will start repeating immediately!

This works best if you have music streaming software such as Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music. If you don’t have one of these, you can still use their website to add songs to listen to later!

Just make sure to check out our other article about how to find new music using YouTube. You can also read our article about how to organize songs in Spotify.

Press and hold the repeat button on your smartphone

The next step is to press and hold the repeat button on your phone. This will activate the track for repeating!

Now that you have done this, there are some settings that can be adjusted. You can choose whether to start the song back at the beginning or pick another part of the music as its starting point. You can also skip forward or backward by using the up and down arrow buttons to adjust the playback position.

If you want to stop the repetition, simply release the button and the track will exit repeat mode.

Select a repeat mode

There are two main ways to set a song as your album track or radio station music. You can choose either between having the song play for a set amount of time, or have it keep playing indefinitely.

With the first option, you will need to decide how long you want the song to play for before changing the setting. If you want the song to stick around longer, then you should pick this option first so that you do not have to quickly change the settings every few minutes!

The second option is better if you like the song but just cannot get enough of it. With this option, the song will always be playing and you do not have to worry about it stopping due to running out of battery or being disconnected.

Tell your friends

With all of these music streaming services, what is really important is how you use them! If you find an album or song you like, add it to play in playlist or queue. But if you just can’t get enough, then try putting that song on repeat.

That way, you will still be able to listen to it, but more times than not, it will segue into another song you might like even better!

By doing this, you will eventually find yourself creating your own mix-matching playlists which contain songs you would never have heard otherwise. And aside from improving your listening skills, you will also learn about new artists and genres!

If you are ever stuck as to what song to put on next, look up their other songs on YouTube, Vimeo, or any type of digital media they have available.

The internet is amazing

There are truly never-ending resources of information, tutorials, tips, and tricks for just about anything you want to do! It’s pretty incredible how quickly we have access to technology that only a few years ago were limited to geeks with expensive software or very experienced tech users.

With all this info at our fingertips, it makes sense then to share it with others. You now have an opportunity not only to help those who are already using music apps like Spotify, but also to start a new streamer off in the right direction.

Here I will go over some easy ways to put songs on repeat on Spotify so they automatically play for set lengths of time. This way your listeners can easily find and add your tracks to their playlist without having to manually edit each song.

You can make money from these articles (especially the last one!), your service could be popular enough to need revenue, or both! Either way, supporting these sites by advertising them or donating is efficient and effective.

You will start to hate yourself after this

For anyone who loves listening to music, it can get really annoying when you have to repeat or refresh an album over and over again. Or maybe you just don’t like one song on a particular album so you have to listen to that track over and over again.

Or perhaps you just want to hear a specific song once and then never need to hear it ever again!

All of these things are totally normal and there are ways to fix them in Spotify. In this article, we will be talking about how to put a song on infinite play for every artist in the app.

But before we dive into all of those tricks, let us talk about why doing such a thing is weird and if it is allowed.

Try different songs and repeat modes

One of your song playlists can easily get cluttered with all sorts of music, so it makes sense to have some strategies for how to remove old tracks.

The easiest way is to use smart playlist shortcuts like creating a new playlist or copying an existing one. If you’re using YouTube as your streaming service, you can also create play lists directly from there!

Another way to manage your track libraries is by using album art as a clue to determine what to delete. For example, if you are listening to an artist that has several albums in their collection, look up each individual album’s artwork online to see if any of those match up with something else.

If none do, then you know why they are no longer needed! You can safely drop them away because you will never listen to that album again. It is totally fine to lose music you already listened to unless you really wanted to keep it as a backup copy.

To actually remove an item, go into Your Music > Files and Devices and open My Computer. Then, navigate to where your CD/DVD drive or hard drive space is and choose File Explorer Options under Tools to show “Show hidden files and folders”.

Now that this is enabled, you will be able to see everything including free space, fonts used for documents, and more. Simply search through these areas to find the specific file you want to delete and hit Delete to pull the plug on it.


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