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How To Make A Call On Whatsapp Without Contact?

This article will talk you through how to make a call on WhatsApp without having any contacts in your device. You can do this by creating a new account with WhatsApp, or by changing the phone number that is already linked to an existing account.

Whilst it may not be ideal to have no contact information at times, we have found a way to do this! It’s possible to create a second account on WhatsApp and use that to place calls.

We will go over all of the steps here so that you know just like our experts did.

Prepare your phone number

Before you make that important call, you will have to prepare your phone number! This includes adding the person you want to talk to onto WhatsApp, creating a new chat with them, and copying their contact info.

You can also choose to use an anonymous chat instead of normal one, but this will not give you the chance to add more detail about yourself or view their profile before chatting.

We recommend using the free version of WhatsApp for this so that there is no paid account needed! That way you do not need to worry about paying monthly fees either. You can easily access the app by downloading it from Google Play or Apple Store.

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Create a reminder for when you wish to call

Between all of these settings, there is one setting that can help you make calls without having any contact with who you want to speak to. This feature was first introduced in Android 8.0 (Oreo) and has been improved since then.

The setting allows you to create a reminder so that when someone sends you a message or chat invitation on WhatsApp, it also prompts you to initiate a call. You get an option to either accept or decline at this prompt.

This is very helpful if you need to avoid talking directly with people but still have phone conversations. Or if you do not feel like speaking with certain individuals, you can simply ignore their messages and talk with them later.

Tell all your friends that you wish to call on Whatsapp

If you want to make an actual phone call through WhatsApp, then there is something you need to do first! You have to tell every one of your contacts in the app that you no longer desire contact restrictions. This includes not being able to send pictures or videos, set timers, etc.

To do this, go into Settings > Messages and check the box next to “Allow calls”. Then, refresh the chat screen by touching it anywhere within the app and waiting for it to load. Once done, you can now start making calls just like normal!

There are some limitations to this feature though- you will still be restricted from making calls while others are unable to send messages or use features such as Snapchat. Only ones who have checked this setting will allow non-contact calling however, so make sure everyone knows what mode they are in before starting.

Call people on Whatsapp

This article will show you how to make a call on WhatsApp without ever contacting or chatting with who you want to talk to. It is perfect for someone that has left their phone at home, needs to contact somebody, or just wants to avoid annoying others by talking too much.

There are two ways to do this! You can either add an existing number as a chat friend or create a new group and invite everyone in it.

Tell people that you called

In case of an important call, it is better to tell the truth and not make things vague. If you need to confirm or cancel an appointment, workout session, movie date, etc., then tell the truth!

Tell your friends that you were actually able to talk to each other before and that you decided it was enough for this time around as well. You can also add some casualness by saying that you hoped they had fun while chatting and wishing them good luck in their lives.

That way, they will understand what happened and why you didn’t seem very interested in talking about something more meaningful.

Call again

Sometimes you will run into issues where your friend won’t accept your call or they are already in an existing conversation with someone else. This can be tricky since there is no way to directly message them anymore!

Luckily, there are some tricks that you can use to get back into contact with your friends. Some of these tips have been discussed before so I will go over them once more here.

You can always add their phone number as a contact. Or if you do not know it, you can look up who they chat with frequently to find it.

Another option is to search for their old profile picture or username to see if there is still one available. If yes, then you can add that instead.

If all those fail, try searching for their last name to see if anyone posted about going through this process before.

Do not answer

The next time you get a call or message on WhatsApp, do not accept it! This is probably one of the most annoying things you will ever do as a person with limited money resources.

It’s totally understandable if you feel like you have run out of ways to save some money, but there are several easy ways to make calls without using your phone number.

Luckily, we have rounded up some tips that can help you remain professional while also protecting yourself from expensive international calling fees.

Tell everyone you called

When someone does not respond within five minutes, it is time to tell them who you called!

If they ask why you didn’t talk to them before, simply say that you tried calling them but you couldn’t connect. Most people don’t check their phone very often so most likely no one will question this new information.


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