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How To Logout Of Twitter?

As you probably know, Twitter is an incredibly popular social networking platform that has seen its share of controversy over the years. They are constantly having to deal with users harassing or attacking others, using vulgar language, and/or posting content that is in violation of their terms of service.

As such, it is very important for people who use Twitter to be aware of how to log out so nothing can be posted while they’re gone!

It seems like every week we read about another story of someone getting locked into a conversation they wanted to stop being part of, or seeing a tweet get sent accidentally due to a mistake made while logging out.

Look for the little gear icon or the small orange box

In addition to using the mobile apps, you can also use the web browser to log out of your account. You will first have to look for the little gear icon or the small orange box that says “Log Out”.

After clicking this, you will be taken to a screen asking you to choose from different services you want to disconnect such as Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube. Choose the one you desire and click “log out” then confirm by tapping okay.

You will now be asked if you are sure you would like to really disconnect all these accounts.

Look for a link that says log out or something similar

There are two ways to de-activate your account on Twitter. You can do it through the mobile app, or you can use the web browser interface to remove your credentials.

If you would like to remain logged into the site, but want to close your account, you can simply go into Settings and then click “Log Out”. However, this does not completely uninstall the software, only removes your user name and password.

You can still access your old tweets if you have saved them in a copy, or you can download an archive tool like Twitdown. Both of these will save all of your data.

Type your username or click on it to go to your account


Now that you have logged out, you can either leave the website completely or navigate away from the site by clicking anywhere else.

If you want to stay connected with other people on social media sites, you must re-log in next time!

Remember, you do not need to log back into your old account directly after logging out. You can create new accounts for yourself to use while still keeping your old information private.

This article will help you keep your online footprints minimal so that no one can easily connect you to your past self.

Click on the little gear icon or the small orange box to log out

There are two ways to log out of Twitter in addition to using the mobile apps or desktop software. The first is by going into your Settings, then Sign-In & Security, and under Devices from here you can choose to Delete my account or Unfollow me.

The second way to completely remove yourself from the platform is to click on the little gear icon or the small orange button which will take you to a settings page where you can opt to delete your account or un-follow people.

You are now logged out of Twitter

Now that you have successfully logged yourself out of your account, you can easily re-log in and create a new account with no trace left behind!

There is one more thing you should do before you leave this page. Because we merged all your data into our systems, make sure you remove any references to the old Twitter usernames or passwords from other sites.

This includes logging out of those accounts as well as deleting anything related to your former user names at both Facebook and Google+. This also means changing your password for any accounts where you used the same username as you did here.

Click on the little gear icon or the small orange box to log back in

The easiest way to completely remove your account is by using the Settings tab. Here, you can choose to “Forget” your account, which removes all access permanently, or simply click “Log Out.”

If you would like to keep your followers but not delete your account, you can also de-follow people. This removes their notification about your profile being viewed, but does not actually close the account.

Press the button that says Twitter on the top bar


The easiest way to log out of your account is by clicking the drop-down menu next to the profile picture in the upper left corner, then pressing “log out” at the bottom of the page.

If you need help beyond this, there are some additional steps we will go over later!

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The Settings tab allows you to edit your profile, create new accounts, switch between web browsers, and update your email address.

You can also choose whether to hide or show your phone number, add or remove apps as an app provider, and toggle Do Not Disturb mode.

Look for the little gear icon or the small orange box


The easiest way to log out is by clicking either the little gray down-balloon style arrow that says “Go deeper”, or the one with the silhouette of a person looking thoughtful next to the word “Explore”. Both will take you to an overview of all of your accounts, which includes logging out of Twitter!

If you click the former, it will direct you to another screen where you can choose to remove your Twitter account or not. If you do, it will ask you to confirm your wallet information so that we can secure any funds that are linked to this account.

The latter will let you close your account completely, but cannot be done from outside of the United States. You must go into Settings first and then Login directly before asking to Remove Account.


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