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How To Get To Clipboard On Iphone?

When you create or edit a document on your iPhone, there is an easy way to save it as either a web page, image, video, or clipboard content. Let’s go over some ways to get this done!

There are three main ways to access the iOS clipboard. The first two methods can be accessed directly from the Settings app under General > Accessory Tools.

The third method requires opening up the Safari browser and going to the website of your choice. Once there, simply copy the content and paste it into a message or note for later. This last one isn’t quite as seamless, but does give you more flexibility in what you can do with it.

We will now look at each of these settings individually along with how to use them effectively!

Getting Started

To begin using any of the three apps mentioned above, you must have an internet connection and open the appropriate app.

Tap the app bar again

Pressing the app bar once more will bring up your clipboard so you can copy a note or link, or paste something into another app like email or chat. This trick works in iOS 12 and above!

This is very helpful if you are trying to find a web page, movie, song, or other piece of content quickly. You can use the clip board to save time by copying what you need and pasting it where needed later.

There is no way to access the iPhone’s native cut/copy or drag-and-drop functions directly from within an app.

A menu will appear

The Paste option is normally accessed by holding down on an item from your clipboard for a few seconds until a dropdown appears with this option. You can access it here directly, or you can go through some settings first!

One of the things that can easily be done in iOS is copying content such as a web page address or a phone number and pasting it somewhere else. This can be done via either using the built-in browser (which we talked about earlier) or by creating a clip app.

There are several apps available that allow you to create clips, but my personal favorite is called Copy. It has many features including being able to add pictures, GIFs, and videos into your new clip quickly!

This article will talk more about how to get to the paste function within the iPhone, computer, and iPad. We will also look at some additional ways to copy content and save these pieces of content for later.

Tap Copy

The next way to access your clipboard is by tapping the new copy button that has made its appearance in iOS 12. You can now tap this button to either paste or write what you have copied before!

Pasting from the clipboard works just like pasting anywhere else, so do not worry about that. This article will focus more on how to use the copy feature as a writer’s tool.

The first thing you should do is make sure that nothing is written already and then simply type away! Your text will automatically go into the body of an email, memo, or any other document where it can be edited later.

This is very helpful if you are ever sent a link to a word document, for example, and you need to edit it. Rather than retyping everything, you can instead cut and paste what they gave you a link to!

Another reason to use the copy feature is when someone sends you a picture or video that you want to save but cannot figure out how to do so.

Tap and hold down on some text

If you want to copy an entire article, or a few lines from a web page, tap and hold down on some text first. This includes copying an email message, a Facebook comment, a tweet, or anything else!

The other option is to go into the Settings app, then System -> Pastes and Dumps. Here you can choose what content you would like to paste into another document, spreadsheet, or website.

A notification will appear

At this stage, you’ll notice that an additional feature has been added to your iPhone. This new feature is called ‘Copy’ or ‘Clipboard as we know it!’

The way it works is quite simple – when you find something interesting, read something fabulous or listen to something catchy, you can now use the iOS clipboard to save all of these for later.

This is very similar to how people use notebooks and diaries at home. You write down notes in your diary and then go back and refer to those notes whenever needed.

Your smartphone’s clipboard does the same thing except it is digital so there is no need to physically keep a notebook or book around!

There are many ways to access the iOS clipboard but the easiest place to start is by going into Settings > General > Accessibility and looking under More Options.

Tap Paste

Pasting content into an app like Messages, Slack, or WhatsApp is easier than tapping into the clipboard directly.

You can also drag files and apps onto the pasted material in these apps, which comes in handy when you want to paste something that contains both.

For example, if you copied your phone’s contact information into a note section of Whatsapp, you can now simply drop it there as a list.

Pasteboard is only accessible via Settings > General > Accessibility > On-Screen Keyboard. It can be triggered by pressing down on the touch keyboard or drawing horizontal lines with two fingers (up for longer ones).

Tap the app bar to exit

If you find that your users can’t access the clipboard, it could be because they clicked on an item in one of the apps like ‘Maps’ or ‘Phone’ and then opened another app while keeping the browser open.

When they go back into the browser, the app takes over so no longer have access to the clipboard. To fix this, simply close the app that has taken control of the browser (in this case, Safari) and then re-open the browser.

Enjoy your new copy paste skill!

Now that you have learned how to get rid of things in iOS, it’s time to learn how to use another cool feature: The clipboard.

The iPhone’s clipboard is an area where users can store information for later action. For example, if you are reading an article online and want to take some notes or make a comment, you can do so by using the phone as a makeshift notebook and clipboarding what you need to say.

You can also use the clipboard to send messages or documents to someone else, or save web pages for later access. This becomes very helpful when you don’t have a computer nearby but would like to take something with you.

There are several ways to access the smartphone’s clipboard, depending on which app or software you are using at the moment.


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