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How To Check Old Notifications On Iphone?

It seems like your phone is always beeping, buzzing, or flashing in some way. You can’t figure out what it is until you check your notifications.

It happens every time someone comments on a picture of you, posts something about you on social media, or sends you an email.

You have to manually go into each app and see if there are new messages, otherwise you could miss important information.

Fortunately, this article will teach you how to easily access all your old notification settings so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything!

Section: Access All Settings

In our ever-connected society, not only do we have more apps, we also have more ways to notify people about things. For example, did you know that you can create Instagram stories directly from Facebook?

This makes it easy to share pictures and videos without using another app. But before you start sharing all of those things, you should make sure you’re aware of the past due notices!

Notification management isn’t just for sending messages anymore. By quickly accessing your previous alerts, you won’t have to search through your accounts looking for why your phone was ringing the last few times.

Luckily, this article will show you how to do just that! Read on to find out how to access your iPhone’s old notification settings.

Press the menu button

The Menu button is your main tool for accessing most features on the iPhone. It brings up various settings or functions depending on what item you choose it as.

The Settings app contains many different categories, such as General Settings, Privacy, Accounts, System, etc. When in the general settings area, there is an option to View All Messages.

By default, this setting will only show the last 15 messages. You can increase the number here, but be careful that you do not go beyond how many messages you have!

If you would like to check all of your notifications past the fifteen-message limit, then you must first access the Gallery section of the Settings. Here, find the Messages tab and press down to “Show”.

Press the down arrow button

There is an important notification drop-down menu located at the top of your screen that contains all of your notifications.

The way to access this menu is by pressing the down arrow key next to the address bar. This will bring up the quick actions bar, which includes settings for each app you have installed or ones you opened recently.

You can also tap through these apps directly from here as well.

If there are no alerts in the queue, nothing will happen when you press this button. To clear out any old notifiations, go into Settings > Notification Center and choose “Clear All”.

Look at the notification list

It is very easy to check your old notifications. You can do this by looking at the notification list, which you can find in Settings -> Notification Center.

Here, you will see all of your past notifications. Simply tap one of them to open it and read through it. To quickly access your most recent messages, simply drag up or down on the screen to go between older and newer messages.

If there are any new ones, they will automatically fill out so that you can easily view them! This makes our job as administrators a lot easier, because we don’t have to hunt down who left what message.

And for users that may want to remove their user account, these settings also allow you to easily do so. All you need to do is navigate to Settings -> User then select “Unlock Account” under Password and then choose Delete User.

Press and hold the notification you want to see more details on

While holding down on a notification, you will be able to access some additional features. The first thing you can do is press and hold the button that says “Press for More”. This way, you can now have access to all of the settings for the notification!

You can also check if there are any alerts attached to the notification. If yes, then you will be notified and shown what action needs to be taken.

If there aren’t any alert messages, then you won’t get anything extra.

Press the clear button

Another way to check your notification settings is to press the clear button. This will remove all notifications from the app, as well as delete any saved data in the app. Make sure you have enough memory left for other apps!

If you want to keep this feature, then go into Settings > Notification Channels and tap on the channel that you do not wish to close. Then, press the toggle next to “Clear All” under “Off Time.”

You can also add new channels here by tapping Add Channel and searching through the list of applications to find one that has an update alert or reminder. Simply choose whether it should be cleared at a set time or never, and save!

Once you’ve done either of these two things, re-open the app and see if there are still notifications! If so, press down on the app icon until you get the option to access recent contacts, notes, etc.

Reboot your phone


It is important to remember that even after you delete an app, it does not necessarily mean that it completely disappears from your device. Sometimes there are still remnants of the app left behind.

This happens because apps can leave cached data or settings saved in the iOS system. This includes notifications that were displayed while the app was open as well as backups for some information stored by the app.

By performing a hard reset (also called a clean boot) on your iPhone, all of these things will be erased and everything will get re-instated.

To perform a hard reset: Press and hold the sleep/wake button at the top of your phone for at least 30 seconds (this will activate the shutdown process). Then, immediately press the buttons again and choose “Restore factory settings”.

Use a battery charger

The quickest way to check your old notifications is by using an additional battery charger. You can find many types of chargers for iPhones, all work in basically the same way- you use them to power down your device!

Some users recommend fully powering down your phone before checking to avoid losing any data or settings. Once it is completely powered off, simply connect the charger back up and enjoy looking at your past notifications!

Note that this cannot be done if someone else has access to your iPhone as they would need to remove the battery first.

Replace your battery

It is important to note that if you do not check these settings, then your phone will eventually run out of power. If this happens while you are using it, your old notifications may be gone forever!

Sadly, there is no way to access your old notification data unless you can connect to the internet or find a backup file for your device. But before trying those options, try replacing the battery first.

If you use Google as your main source of information, you can search how to replace your iPhone’s battery here. There are many different websites with helpful tips so make sure to look around.

Hopefully one of our suggestions helped you fix your old mobile phone! Good luck!

Published at: May 8, 2018

Disclaimer: All content in this article was written by The Writer’s Block team.

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