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How Many Characters Allowed In A Tweet?

Since its introduction to the social media world in early 2006, Twitter has become a huge part of many people’s everyday lives.

Whether you are a fan of celebrity Twitter accounts, lifestyle Twitter accounts, or Twitter for business, there is a place for this platform in your life. The average user checks their account several times per day, making it a very addictive habit.

With such strict character limits, how does a tweeter fit all they want to say into a short tweet? How do celebrities with the longer handles manage?

Thankfully, we have the answers to your questions! We will go over how many characters are allowed in a tweet, how to get around the character limit if you are trying to tweet something long, and some tips for those using Twitter for business.

Twitter and character limits

Since Twitter is a very popular social media platform, many people have built their careers around it. Many celebrities are very active on Twitter, with their own account, where they post photos and tweets of things they are up to.

Other famous people have staff members manage their accounts, where they post photos and information about them. This gives people a closer look at their life than just looking at their social media.

Twitter has also helped propel new politicians to fame and electoral success. Since you can only put so much information in a tweet, it forces the user to be concise with their messages.

This seems to have helped some of the older politicians improve their communication skills when delivering a message to voters.

However, since the length of a tweet has now changed, this may change how political figures use the platform moving forward.

How to create a tweet with limited characters

While most users use Twitter to update their followers on what they are doing, what they think, or what they find interesting, it is also a great platform to gain new followers and promote your products and/or services.

With a limited number of characters, you have to be strategic with how you promote your content. Using the right hashtags can get you more exposure, but only if people search those hashtags!

To create a tweet with limited characters, you will need to learn how to compress your content. The best way to do this is by learning the shortest possible words or phrases for what you want to say.

For example, instead of saying “I am going to the store” say “I’m @store”.

Use capital letters

Capital letters are more visible than lower case letters, so using them in your tweets makes your message clearer. This is especially useful when writing Twitter handles.

For example, if you were to write “follow @TwitterUserName”, the person reading it would not know whether they were to follow the user name or Twitter. By adding a capital T before the Twitter, it clarifies that it is the Twitter website.

Capital letters are also important when expressing emotions in a tweet. Using all lower case can seem dull or emotionless, so adding in some capital letters adds intensity.

However, do not overuse this tactic as it can seem overly dramatic or emotionally driven.

Use emojis

Though they have been around since 2001, emojis became a big part of communication in 2016. Everyone seemed to be using them, and for good reason.

They allow you to express yourself in a fun, colorful way. They can be used to compliment someone or something, or as a joke.

They are becoming so popular that major brands are including emojis in their marketing strategies. By using an emoji that matches your product or service, you are pulling people into your content by making it more interesting.

You can even make your own branded emoji using software that is available for free online. There are many ways to use emojis in your tweets, so try experimenting to see what gets the most attention!

If you have the limited number of characters in a tweet wrong, do not worry. There are several ways to optimize your tweets to reach and engage more people.

Break up your tweet

Even if you manage to fit your thought into only one character, your tweet will still look too long. That’s because tweets are limited to 140 characters – including spaces and Twitter handles.

So if you have a really long tweet, you can break it up into several shorter tweets. Or, you can use thec soft return button to add a line break.

This way your message gets across and your followers don’t have to scroll for miles to read it.

Some people get really creative with their line breaks, even using them in their tweets as poetic devices. If this is something you want to try, go for it! It may even attract more attention to your tweet.

Try not to go over the character limit, though. People will have to click on your link or read more in order to find out what you’re talking about. This might hurt your engagement and clicks.

Link your tweet to another site with more words

If you have a long, meaningful tweet that you want to share, but it would exceed the character limit, link the tweet to a website with more words.

Users can click on the link and it will take them to a page with the full text of your tweet. This way your message is still conveyed even if it is short.

This is a great way to promote other sites or blogs as well. You can do this manually or use a tool called Twitlonger.

Tweitlonger allows you to input your tweet and then links are added to a box where you can add the full text of your post. It then links back to your account and tweets out the full post.

You can also set it up so when you tweet something short, it goes to the full text on Twitlonger.

Consider using a microblogging platform instead

While Twitter has a strict character limit, other platforms do not. If you find that you are struggling to fit everything you want to say into a limited number of characters, switching to a platform that allows for more words can be a relief.

Many people use Twitter as a means of promoting their social media accounts but then direct users to other platforms like Instagram or Facebook to keep up with them.

If you have an account on one of these platforms and would like to continue communicating with your followers, creating a twitter account solely for the purpose of promotion is a good idea. This way, your followers will still get the content they are looking for from you, but they will also re-tweet and engage with your other accounts.

Alternatively, you can create an account on one of the other social media sites and switch out your profile picture and handle so that your tweets go out to both platforms.

Word count tools

Although the Twitter limit is limited to 140 characters, it’s possible to post much longer text via the app. You can do this by linking to a longer piece of text, such as a blog post or article.

However, this can be confusing for your followers. If they click the link in your tweet, they will be taken to a page that does not have any more information than what you already tweeted.

It may also look strange for people to read a very long tweet that redirects them to another page. This may cause them to lose interest and stop reading.

Alternatively, you can add extra words to make your point clearer. This can sometimes lead to overly long tweets that are hard to read because people must fit more words into the limited character count.

You can also choose to not use this feature at all, but instead keep it short and simple with just one link in the tweet.


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