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How Long Can Tweets Be?

With the explosion of social media sites across the internet, your company’s Twitter account is one of the most important tools you have for engaging with potential clients, influencing people to go into business with you, and promoting your product or service.

Too many companies use Twitter as an empty platform to promote their products. They put up lots of pretty pictures and flashy statements but no content that actually benefits their followers!

Content isn’t just something that you “put out there,” it’s what people look at when they visit your profile. If someone wants to connect with you, they will look to read what you have to say rather than be distracted by fluff.

This article will talk about the limit of character length in a tweet, how long your tweets should be, and some tips for improving your tweeting style. It will also discuss why having short, focused messages is better than longer ones full of bullet points and links.

Stringing together several sentences under the guise of a longer message can backfire and hurt your image instead of helping it.

You can post longer videos

A new feature allows you to create much lengthier, even keynote-style tweets! This is great for sharing an in depth article or discussion, as well as giving a full tour of your product.

You have now seen the extended tweet format here on Twitter. It looks like the standard 140 character Tweet, but it has more than twice the space!

The limit for this style of tweeting currently is just under two minutes long. After that, the video will be terminated due to reaching the time limit.

However, there is a way to take advantage of the two minute limitation. By including the keyword ‘explicit’ before the title of the video, then setting the description to contain the word ‘spoilers’, you get around the two minute restriction.

You can post longer images

A tweet is limited to 140 characters, which makes it very short. But that’s not always ideal because sometimes you need more space to say something really well.

That’s where posting an image with a caption comes in handy. By limiting your text to the length of the picture, you have some room to add a few extra lines under the picture to emphasize what you want to get across.

Using pictures as ammunition for your tweets is totally fine! It’s not too long, so most people don’t mind reading them for sure. Plus, using pictures as links is a pretty clever way to use up those 140 character spots.

Combine posts into groups

A tweet is limited to 140 characters, but you can combine tweets into longer paragraphs or even sites via embeds. By using this feature, you get thicker layers of content under one umbrella!

This way your followers do not only read your message in length, they also see an extended description of you and what you link to.

You can use this tool for yourself as well by linking to another site within your profile or just to make your own account more interesting.

By adding links to your favorite blogs, magazines, websites, and/or products, you will gain exposure while those sources gain recognition for referring you.

Encourage followers to read all of your tweets

This is an easy way to see how long your account has been active- and how much time you have spent creating content for this account. By actively encouraging people to look at every bit of your feed, they will!

By having a large number of followers, people will be requesting updates from you constantly. It’s their job as readers to take what you give them seriously and do with it as they wish.

This can sometimes make it hard to prioritize other things in someone’s life, like when they work late hours or have obligations that take up most of their time.

But aside from being professional and respectful towards others, there’s another reason why you should ensure that everyone who follows you reads everything you put out.

You will gain some great insights into the kind of content and messages that resonated with your audience and made them come back.

This is important to note because your engagement rates will drop if your followers are not interacting with your posts. You want to know what works and what doesn’t so you can improve your messaging strategies.

And since we mentioned before that Twitter is a microblogging platform, you get the chance to keep sharing thoughts and ideas until one gets enough attention and clicks to become a longer article or video.

So instead of just leaving your followers waiting and wondering what you were going to say next, encourage them to read, watch, and listen to whatever you share.

Twitter will not allow you to post too many tweets per minute

If you try to tweet faster than its rate limit, your account will be locked!

Twitter has a speed limit of ten words per second (this is how fast you can type before it stops you) which is why some people say that they feel Twitter limits their creativity.

This restriction comes in place to prevent users from spamming, as well as creating fake accounts to gain popularity.

By design, the platform takes quite some time to load so if you want to take full advantage of all features you must wait for it to do so after you write or press send. This way you don’t overextend yourself!

However, there are ways to get around this limitation by using third-party apps or different platforms.

Consider using Twitter’t ‘tweet length’ feature


If you run out of space, there is an easy way to extend your tweet! You can simply add another word or two to make your message longer. This is called Tweeting On The Grid.

When doing this, however, make sure that what you were originally saying has been said already and that it makes sense to continue the conversation.

By adding extra content, you may feel like your message was cut off even more because now there are too many words in a small area. Your profile picture will be very cramped as well.

Twitter does not allow messages to be longer than just a certain number of characters. This limit varies by person but usually around 1,000.

Tweet consistently

Another tip is to make sure your tweets are consistent! If you tweet for one hour once a day, then do it at around the same time every day, people will know when to expect from you.

This way, they won’t be surprised if you don’t post for a few days because you were busy before or something happened.

Your followers can also easily spot abnormal posting habits, which may hurt your follower-to-friend ratio or even cause them to unfollow you.

By keeping it steady, though, you set up an expectation of what they can look forward to each day.

Gain followers, then talk about something they want to hear about


Starting your twitter journey with a free account is ideal because you get to see what it feels like before investing in paid services or equipment. However, making the transition from free to paid accounts can be tricky if you are not careful!

Free accounts have limited characters for tweets which makes it hard to spread our message and use all of our personal resources to promote ourselves.

That’s why it is important to gain some kind of traction quickly by engaging in conversations that are already popular.

By adding value to an existing conversation, you will open up new opportunities to grow your audience and their friendship circle.

One way to do this is to find out who else is talking about a specific topic and add yours as well. This will boost your follower count and recognition.


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