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Games Like Adopt Me On Roblox

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Adopt Me is a game on the online gaming platform, Roblox. Adopt Me is a sim-style game where you adopt virtual children and care for them. You can also design their houses and give them things to do like play games or hobbies.

The game attracts many players due to its creative and caring features. You can make friends through the virtual children you adopt and other players that enjoy designing and playing in your creations.

There are many different Adopt Me games since the original Adopt Me player can delete their game when they are done with it. This means there are always new places for you to explore and new children to adopt!

Players can find it hard to find good matches for marriage though, so there is a bit of controversy over that feature.

Pet Shop

If you love pets, then you will love the Pet Shop game. This game is all about taking care of pets as well as making money off of them. You can choose from a wide variety of pets to adopt, and you can even make your own!

The more you play this game, the more items and features you will unlock. These include additional houses for your pets, new pet toys and foods, and even a pet park!

This game lets you either earn money or use real-world money to buy new pets or upgrades. You can also sell your pets for cash at the Pet Shop!

This game is definitely for those who are very into playing with virtual animals and want to play a game that appeals to that interest.

School Life

There are a ton of games on Roblox that are based around the school life experience. These games usually fall into the genres of fantasy, horror, and crime. As mentioned before, you can create your own game, so there are many opportunities to make a game about school life.

Many of these games have you start out as a new student and you must complete tasks such as getting to know other students, improving your grades or grade point average (GPA), and/or avoiding getting murdered.

These games can be fun if you like the genre and enjoy spending time in the classroom environment. If you are not too fond of the school life genre or just do not have much time to play these games, then it is still pretty fun to make an account and take part in the gameplay.

There are many ways to interact with other players so you will never feel alone on these accounts.

My Summer Car

My Summer Car is an interesting game that puts you in the driver’s seat literally and figuratively. You are put into the role of a young man who needs to rebuild a car to impress a girl.

The game is set in Finland where you need to gather the parts needed to rebuild the car. You must find places that sell the parts and then purchase them with in-game money.

This game has over two million downloads and is still being updated with new features. It is clear that the developers care about their game and are continuing to put effort into it. This makes it more fun to play and keeps people coming back for more.

Something interesting about this game is that it was not originally made for children. In fact, it was made by an adult for adults! This makes it something different than most child-oriented games, although anyone can play it.

Happy Town

If you are looking for a more serious game like Adopt Me, then Happy Town is the game for you. This game is very similar to Adopt Me in that you have to take care of a virtual town.

Just like in Adopt Me, you must feed, clothe, and shelter the citizens of your town. The difference is that in this game, if you do not take care of these needs, the people will leave.

They will also complain if they are not taken care of properly. This adds a bit more difficulty to the gameplay as you have to really pay attention to the needs of the people.

The overall goal of this game is to achieve a high happiness level for all of the citizens. This makes the gameplay slightly longer than just surviving until dawn like in Adopt Me.

Animal Jam

Another really cool game like Adopt Me on Roblox is Animal Jam. This is a online game where you create an avatar and go to an environment where you can interact with other players and animals.

Like in Adopt Me, you have to buy the main item- in this case, an online reserve where you can adopt animals and raise them. Once again, this is not required to play the game!

The difference between the games is that in Animal Jam, you can buy certain items using real money. These items increase your animal keeping or crafting abilities. However, you can still enjoy the game without purchasing anything!

Both of these games are free to play and are very enjoyable if you like the animal theme. If you do not like animals, there are other games like Adopt Me on Roblox that offer different themes.


Neopets is a very popular game that many people have been playing for over a decade. It was launched back in 1999, and since then, many changes have occurred.

As you play the game, you earn Neopoints which is the game’s currency. You can spend this on foods for your Neopet, toys for them, and to go on vacations.

The best way to get ahead in the game is to exchange your Neopoints for diamonds. These are an upgrade of the normal Neopoint currency and cost around $5 USD. You can also purchase packages of them online.

By getting more diamonds, you can build up your bank account and then buy better items and food for your Neopet! It is a fun way to continue playing the game after investing so much time into it.



Yotopia is a game where you create your own village. You get to choose the buildings, villagers, and content of the village.

There are many fun features in Yotopia that make it a fun game to play. You can fish, gather resources, and build your own buildings which other players can visit.

You can also visit other peoples’ villages and explore their work. This can be fun because you get to see all the different styles of building and people can’t destroy that- which is a nice relief.

The hardest part about this game is getting visitors to your village. You have to do some outreach to get people to visit your village which can be difficult depending on what platform you play on.

Fuzion Frenzy

If you are looking for a game like Adopt Me on Roblox that is more old-school, then check out Fuzion Frenzy. This game is a blast from the past, as it was one of the first games to be released on the roblox platform.

The game has a very kid-friendly theme and design, which is perfect for Adopt Me as it is a child-themed game. You play as a humanoid character that travels across different worlds to fight against evil creatures and bosses.


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