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Facebook Wont Let Me Comment

As seen with many of their recent changes, social media sites are constantly evolving to be more interactive.

One such site is now refusing comments completely. Only hours after announcing they would be shutting down in April, Facebook has decided not to allow users to comment anywhere.

This comes just over one year since Donald Trump was elected president and three years since his inauguration!

Not only does this seem like an ominous sign for our country’s health, it also raises questions about whether or not he will remain as President beyond next November. (Hint: definitely) It also proves that no matter how powerful you may feel due to your status, nothing is truly secure here anymore.

It’s time to start preparing for a very insecure future.

They are having a bad day

Over the past few days, Facebook has been acting unusually for it self. You may have noticed that you cannot add comments to any article or discussion. This seems pretty normal until you try to comment and be greeted with an error message telling you that you do not have permission to comment!

I understand why this would happen but what is strange is there was no warning before hand. It just suddenly stopped working without anyone changing anything anywhere.

This includes talking about articles in other forums or groups as well as commenting directly on someone’s profile page. Only thing I can think of is maybe they are trying to clean up the site by getting rid of fake accounts?

Hopefully nothing too serious but still annoying if you want to leave a comment.

They are being difficult

This week I noticed that my account was having some issues. When I would try to comment or like something, it would give an error saying that I do not have permission to view this item.

I have tried changing my permissions several times but it still gives me the same message. It even happened with posts that I commented on!

It is very annoying because I wanted to leave comments and talk about things. What is wrong? Is someone trying to sabotage my account or what?”

I searched for answers and nothing really helped so I decided to try another way to fix this problem.

I made sure my profile was private and then I posted a link of My Life Online and The Psychology Of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in order to get some feedback.

After reading those articles, I realized that maybe there is something off about my account and people were commenting before I could take action. So I waited until everything was okay and then re-enabled all features.

This process took hours since I had to wait for everything to be approved and restored.

They are being a nuisance

As seen in the earlier paragraphs, deleting my account is not the only way that Facebook can tell you to go. Another one of their tricks is limiting your comment privileges. This is done by restricting when and how often you can comment on posts.

If you receive this notification it’s because someone has posted something you commented on or made mention of in an older comment. If you feel like you are no longer allowed to comment then press “x” to leave the group or post and try later!

I know these tips helped me out so I wanted to pass them along for you.

They are being a spammer

This week, I could not login to my account due to an error when I tried to view my comments. It said that ‘Facebook won’t let us display these comments because you or someone else has reported it as abusive or spam’.

I have never been accused of abuse or spam in all the years I have had this profile and so it was quite strange for me to get such a warning. After some investigation, I found out what was going on- one person posted something very rude about my personal life!

It seems that this individual did not like how I changed my job status or how I described my new position. So they made a comment stating bad things about me and my career (which we can totally understand).

After reading their comment, I felt extremely uncomfortable and hurt. My feelings were clearly seen which is why they received no response from me aside form me trying to deactivate their account which they luckily prevented.

They are being rude

This week, I noticed that my account was marked as “limited” due to what Zuckerberg calls “spam comment policies.”

I checked out why mine was set this way and it turned out that someone had posted about an article that talked negatively about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

The blogger mentioned how people use social media sites to promote their product or business and that posting about your own company is not only annoying but also spammy. Therefore, they said, it is illegal to do so under some terms of service.

This person even went as far to say that Mark Zuckerberg is a liar and called him out for making false promises to users.

They ended by telling everyone else to stop using Facebook because it will soon be shut down completely.

This got me thinking- why would anyone want to advertise on such a site? Why would anyone contribute content to something that does not allow you to give your opinion freely?

It seems like these companies grow very close with just the few people who work at them, and mass hysteria can occur when there is a bad day at work.

Mostly people get fired or threatened into staying silent in order to keep working. It is important to remember that we are all entitled to our opinions and if you feel like sharing one, go ahead!

Hopefully, people will realize that this site is not worth investing time in and will find another place to share thoughts.

They are being an internet expert


It seems that all of the sudden, I am not able to comment or like anything on facebook. I have been having this problem for over two weeks now and it has gotten worse instead of better.

I searched online about how to be allowed to comment and like things again and there was nothing really helpful. Some said it had something to do with me changing my privacy settings so they suggested switching off comments and/or likes but that did not work.

Another person said it could be because I reported someone’s page for spam which may have hurt their chances of getting back onto fb.

They are being a lawyer

This is one of the trickier things that can happen when you try to comment on someone’s facebook feed. Sometimes, even with “You aren’t allowed to say…” or “This content has been restricted as …” it seems like there is something off limits and you cannot say it.

That is not always the case though and sometimes people just don’t want comments from you. It could be because they are in an argument with someone else and they feel hurt by what they read so they blocked you, or maybe they just didn’t like your tone.

Whatever the reason may be, there isn’t much you can do about it unless you have access to their account. You can ask them if you can re-post something they already posted, but other than that I wouldn’t get too upset.

It is their site and they can set up who can comment anywhere on it and at any time.

They are being a psychiatrist

As we have seen, one of the things that makes social media sites like Twitter and Facebook special is their ability to create an interactive community. People use these services to connect with others, learning about different lifestyles and viewpoints.

By giving you access to all of this information, they become your doctor — kind of. You see, when you add someone as a friend or follower, you’re investing in their mental health by creating a relationship.

It’s also important to remember that while social networking sites can be entertaining, what people say and do online does not always correspond with who they really are offline.

There’s no way of knowing if anyone has ever hurt them or if they’re currently hurting somebody else. Online relationships can easily turn into something much more than that, though, so it’s important to be aware of this before investing time and energy into someone.


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