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Facebook Sms Code Not Sending

Recent reports are circulating that some people are experiencing issues receiving text messages from friends or family using the official Facebook Messenger app. If you are one of these individuals, this article will help you determine if your phone is at fault or not!

It’s important to note that although it seems like your phone is working properly, there could be an additional layer of software blocking the message sender. This would cause the issue even though you don’t have any technical problems.

If this sounds familiar, check out our tips for how to stop getting distracted by junk emails. You may need similar tricks in order to sort out why you aren’t receiving texts on FB messenger.

This article will go into more detail about what can be done, and whether you should contact someone else about it or not.

Make sure your phone number is correct

Another potential cause for not receiving messages with the FB Messenger app is that your phone number has changed. Since most people use their mobile phones to access social media, it makes sense that if you change your phone number, then you will need to re-download the app and update your contact information!

If this happens, then your old phone numbers are no longer valid so you won’t be able to receive messages. You would also lose connection to all of your past conversations in the app.

To make things even more difficult, once again, you wouldn’t know there was an issue unless someone else reports it to you. It could easily go unnoticed and waste your time trying to figure out why you can’t send or recieve messages.

Make sure your message is correct

Have you ever received an unexpected message or notification from Facebook? You open up the app to check it, and nothing is there! Or maybe you got a phone call or text message instead of seeing something on FB. It can be difficult figuring out what was wrong, but having some diagnostic steps makes sense.

First, make sure that you have enough space available on your device for Facebook to store data. The more space you have, the better.

Next, try opening the app via Google Chrome instead of Safari or Firefox to see if this solves the problem. Some reports say that certain mobile browser settings cause these issues.

If all else fails, reset your device (go into Settings > General > Reset) and see if that fixes things. Your computer will also do a quick test of networks before installing any apps so make sure it’s working properly beforehand.

Change your password

Recent reports of some people being unable to send messages via text message or Messenger on Facebook may be due to someone who has logged into their account using an incorrect email address as well as/or wrong mobile phone number.

If this is you, you should change your passwords immediately!

It’s important to note that even if you are able to log in with your own information, that doesn’t mean your device info is safe. If anyone else was able to access your profile, they could have copied your login details and used them later. This would definitely not make sense though, right?

So what can you do if you are experiencing issues logging into FB and sending messages? First thing’s first, change your password! You can go through all the steps here for how to do that.

After changing your passphrase, re-enter it when prompted and see if that helps. Sometimes, especially if you are having trouble accessing certain features like chat or emails, pasting the old passphrase will work! So try both of those things out before giving up completely.

Confirm your password

Even though you may have confirmed that your phone number is no longer associated with your FB account, there are still some issues. You could be experiencing message authentication failures when trying to send an SMS or MMS message via facebook.

This could also happen if someone else uses your computer or device to access your facebook accounts. It could be due to them having authorization as another user, so they would not be able to see your messages unless they change their own login information.

If this happens, then they would need to confirm their own account in order to view the messages.

Restart your phone

A very common cause of this is restarting your device! Most likely, you will notice that it will work for an hour or two, and then suddenly stop working.

This can be frustrating because it seems like everything is configured correctly, and there’s no reason why it should stop functioning now.

Restarting your smartphone removes all of the settings and connections that you have slowly let go over time, so make sure to disconnect completely before doing this.

Make sure to also turn off automatic updates as well, otherwise whatever app was using FB may automatically update which could potentially fix the issue.

Update your phone


Recent reports indicate that some people are experiencing issues sending SMS messages via Facebook. Some users have reported that their phones would constantly refresh or reload the message send button, preventing them from creating a message to send!

This is very frustrating as you might want to send an urgent reminder before something expires, but can’t because the button doesn’t work properly!

Make sure your mobile device has enough battery power, connect to WiFi if possible, and make sure it isn’t in sleep mode (laptop users should be aware of this). Also, try restarting your web browser (if using Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and logging into facebook again.

If these steps don’t work, try changing your facebook password which may take awhile depending on how fast you type it out. Then, create a new account with a different username and link it to your current fb profile so you can transfer all your information and settings. This way, you can start anew without losing too much data.

Reinstall Facebook

A few days ago, we asked you to try sending an SMS code via Messenger and then test your phone number to see if it worked. If it did not go through or you were unable to receive the SMS message, you might have needed to uninstall Facebook and reinstall it!

We cannot say this enough times: make sure that you are completely deleteFacebook before trying to use the SMS feature again.

This is especially important since most people now live their lives online- everything from jobs to relationships depend on social media. It is also very difficult to remove all of your old account information unless you do it correctly.

So what can be done when this fails?

You could always create another account with Facebook, but some users may already have connected accounts like Google Plus or Whatsapp which would prevent you from using those services. You could also try adding the person who has the password as a friend, but probably not until after you have completed the removal process for Facebook.

Try using a different browser

There are several popular browsers that people use to access facebook. Each one seems to have its own way of handling notifications, messages, and login processes.

A lot of users begin experiencing issues when they start up their computer or smartphone in morning and there is no longer a connection with facebook. They can still log into their account via mobile device but not through the website.

It is important to make sure your current internet browser works before trying another one. You may be able to restore most functionality by changing your web browser but you will need to find out what ones work best for fb.

Try Google chrome, firefox, and safari as well as iOS and android phones to see if those worked better than yours.


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