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Exploring The World Of Fashion Subcultures: How Style Reflects Identity

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As the name suggests, fashion trends? These are changes in style that are popular at a given time. The clothing industry is a giant business, so it?s no surprise that many popular trends come and go.

Fashion is a great way to analyze self-esteem and self-Navigation. For example, those who prefer more classic looks have probably reached adulthood as others move towards new styles is less socially isolating.

More importantly, this article will discuss some great ways to explore the world of fashion cults.


A signature look that rockabillys have is a leather jacket with lots of zipped pockets. These look great as a pre- or post-party outfit!

Another way that rockabillys dress is utilizing leather pants with high-top shoes. This creates a unique and powerful look that is hard to miss.

A key element to the rockabilly aesthetic is shirt tails. Rockabillys typically have short, tight shirts which allow more room for movement. They can be either long or short, depending on who they are!

Other features that make up the rockabilly aesthetic are colored cuffed gloves, skull jewelry, and large print shirts or patterns. The historian Paul De Le Queaux described these elements as signifying “the power of image[s] [to] convey social meaning.


The term Goth has become associated with a few different styles of clothing and lifestyles. Most significantly, the style has become increasingly popular as the new sexy style.

Other less dramatically dressed individuals have found success in this style as well. It is highly visible, distinctively fashion-forward, and easy to get into a fashion groove.

The living lifestyle associated with this look is heavily tied to fashion. People spend significant amounts of time going from store to store buying new clothes to put on when they arrive at work or home.

It is also the reason why very few people are seen in this mode (fields and garb) in broad daylight. It is only when school or work begins that people start showing up in such clothes.


The punk look is a classic look that has remained strong for years. While not the first style to reflect rebellion and anti-authority, the punk look was a perfect way to express yourself without being over the top.

A classic look that can be mixed and matched with other clothing styles, the punk look is a easy way to experiment with fashion. By choosing one or two colors and a pair of jeans, you are already in fashion!

The key elements in the punk look are tight, form-fitting clothes, blunt-cut hair/hair length, and large eyeglass frames. Typically taller than current generations, the aesthetic still remains very accessible.


The word scene usually means something bad in society, like a gang or group of people doing something wrong.

However, we should use it to describe a specific group of people who enjoy common trends and enjoy following themwrighting. These people are called fashion runway viewers or fashionistas.

Fashion networks such as TV shows and magazines such as GQ have become popular for sharing and discussing trends. People watch them for the information and then they can start to style themselves.

Some people watch only for information but I think that is cool too! It is like having your own personal style guru that you can talk to about what you like and don’t like. You will get some great tips from them!

The key to being a fashionista is knowing when to share and airing your styles tells others about you, how you want to be recognized.


Ravelure is a style scene that originated in the 1980s in San Francisco, California. The term raver was created by a group of drug users and promoters who ran raves at large venues such as music festivals.

Today, ravelure is still widely accepted as a style scene, with many citing it as an entrance into other fashion communities. Ravelure members typically dress in colorful, highly- patterned clothing and high-tech fashion standards.

Dance parties are also typically ravelure parties. Due to the more relaxed atmosphere, many people do not wear strong or special clothing styles. Instead, they just get into shape and dress in vivid colorful outfits.

These parties are not for isolation; instead, they promote positive socialization and etiquette.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a modern culture that evolved from the streets of the late 1970s through the 1990s. The culture has become more prevalent in recent years as it continues to evolve and shift tone and style.

Today, hip hop is still very much a culture with new people coming into it and moving away, but it also remains very influential in today’s society.

Newer followers of hip hop are drawn to its more energetic style and influence. Traditionalists are attracted to what they see as classic looks that hip hop artists use well-known elements of to create looks.

This influence can be felt in fashion, too. Newer fashion artists gain attention by being part of this cult classic style. Newer individuals who do not fully understand the context of a look can go for the high- cuts, tight leather pants, and oversized shirt or dress.

Upper Class

In the upper class, fashion is more about style than sight-seein’. There are always new styles and trends, and people are always looking to add new pieces to their collection.

The fashion scene is large, with major events such as New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week having ongoing trends and releases. These events serve as a way for people in the fashion community to grow their collection and continue the trend.

New trends emerge regularly, making it a never-ending cycle of getting new clothes and fun ways to wear them. New clothes often become old clothes faster than normal due to the constant rotation of styles.

The upper class spends a lot of money on culture shows, beauty pageant winners get tons of attention for clothing designs that fit specific criteria, beauty contest winners get tens of thousands of dollars in funding to continue their work, and beauty contest winners receive media attention which benefits their career both on and off the runway.

Commuter Subculture

The second fashion subculture is the commuter subculture. This is the major fashion subculture that does not have a defined home or place to show off style. Commuter styles are diverse and mix luxury and affordable materials with the always-shrinking size options for women.

A recent trend has been leather pants or chinos with a leather look coating them. A way to display your style is by investing in nice chinos and a leather jacket. If you do not like this trend, then you can move away from cheap looking leather products such as jackets and bags.


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