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Exploring The World Of Fashion Blogging: How To Make Your Mark Online

Fashion blogging is a field that is constantly growing and changing. There are many different types of fashion bloggers, each with their own style and niche.

Some fashion bloggers are very high end fashion focused, only wearing very expensive clothing from very popular brands. Others are more average consumer oriented, wearing what is available to buy at malls and stores.

Some are very creative with their looks, using a lot of different colors or even crazy creative costumes. Others keep more of a neutral style, like casual street wear or office appropriate clothing.

You do not have to be extremely high end or high-street to be successful on your blog. You can find a happy medium between the two and still gain followers and traction. You will have to work hard no matter what your style is though.

Visit popular sites and see what they do

Visiting other fashion blogs is a great way to start getting into the blogging world. Even if you are not interested in fashion, looking at other blog sites will show you the top trends.

Top fashion blog sites include StyleSight, Fashionista, and Glamour. These sites have different styles, so look at all of them to get a wide range of inspiration.

By looking at their posts, you can see how they pose their photos, what kinds of things they feature (items or people), and how they do their titles and captions.

You can also connect with them via social media to share your posts and support each other.

Make a list of your best ideas

Once you’ve decided to start a fashion blog, the next step is to gather your ideas. Make a list of all the things you want to do on your blog, including features you want to add and topics you want to cover.

As with any project, it’s important to know what you’re doing ahead of time. That way, you can get down to business and start posting!

If you’re not quite ready to jump in with both feet, that’s okay. You can start by just posting on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter. That way, you can test the waters and see how many followers you get before deciding whether or not to make a dedicated blog account.

Find a niche

As mentioned earlier, fashion is a pretty broad category. There are many categories of fashion, from fashion history to street style to designer brands to costuming.

To find your niche, look at what interests you most about fashion and what you are most educated on. What brands do you love the most? What outfits do you love putting together? What are your education credentials in the field?

By focusing on these areas, you can create a brand identity for yourself as a fashion blogger. You will also be more enthusiastic and invested in what you post, making it more enjoyable for your readers to read about your area of interest.

Something important to note is that some areas of fashion are more accepted than others. For example, being very into fitness and looking fashionable while working out is a growing trend. By identifying these rising trends, you can focus on posting about those things.

Get professional pictures

A big part of your fashion blogging career is your looks you put together and the pictures you take of those looks. Having professional-looking pictures is a must!

Not all phones have a great camera, so try to use a camera app or install one to enhance your photos. You can also buy camera lenses online to put onto your phone for better pictures.

A great way to improve your pics is to get in front of a white wall or curtain and take several shots from different angles. Then, pick the best ones and combine them into one with an app that adds features like blur or zoom.

Create great content

Content is the foundation of every blog. If you do not have quality content on your blog, there is no point in having one. No one is going to read your blog if you do not offer something worth reading!

The best blogs feature interesting thoughts, ideas, or experiences in the form of written content, images, and videos. These types of media combine to form the content on a blog. You can be a lone blogger using just written content or you can add other elements such as images or videos.

To have great content on your blog, you must be interested in what you are writing about. Be aware of current events or topics that are trending to add interest to your posts. Invest time in researching facts or providing new information on your topics to make your posts interesting.

Are you a fashion blogger but have no style? Try researching different styles and brands to add more information to your posts.

Don’t just post looks, tell a story

Even if you are not a fashion blogger, you can still get into fashion online. You do not have to be a professional stylist or have a large budget to create looks or styles you love.

Any person can do this! It is the most exciting thing about it- anyone can find their style and tell their story through clothes.

Blogs are an ideal platform to do this on as it is easy to set up and start posting. There are also free blog platforms if you do not want to invest in a website provider.

The best fashion bloggers we admire all have one thing in common- they tell a story through their posts. Whether that be of their personal style, of someone else’s, or of a certain concept or place, they bring something new to the table every time.

Connect with other bloggers

As mentioned earlier, bloggers can be found in almost every niche. You will find fashion bloggers in categories like footwear, bag, accessory, interview/round-up, street style, and dress review.

Bloggers can also be found in makeup, fitness, living lifestyle, and food blogging. These bloggers can all collaborate and bring attention to each other’s content through posts and sponsorships or advertisements.

By connecting with other bloggers, you can gain more followers and exposure for your content. Other bloggers may even request to collaborate with you on posts or sponsor your content if they like what you post!

Not only do other bloggers can connect you with more followers, but you can also connect with other people that share your interest in fashion. By collaborating with other blogs in your niche, you can both increase your following and give your viewers more choices of blogs to check out.

Share on social media

As mentioned earlier, part of being a successful fashion blogger is having a large following.

Having a large following means you have people who actively follow your posts and look forward to what you post next. This creates more excitement around your content and increases engagement.

Having a large following also helps promote your content. When you post a photo or video, it shows on the feeds of your followers, which encourages them to check out your post.

However, having a large following is not the only thing that matters. There are many accounts that have thousands of followers, but very little engagement. Having an average number of followers that actively engage with your content is more important!
You can do some promotional posts to boost engagement, but try to keep it consistent. Posting promotional posts too often will hurt your credibility and decrease your viewership.


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