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Discord Inspect Element Not Working

When using the Chrome developer tools, you can access an additional feature called the Browser Console. This console allows you to write down messages that are displayed on your screen while you browse websites or run applications. You can also type in commands for the browser to execute.

The most important thing about this tool is that it stays active until you close it out! It does not need to be reopened every time you open a new page or switch between apps.

This makes it very useful as you do not have to go through the process of closing and opening the browser window each time you want to check something on a site or test a command.

However, there is one big downside to this console — it will not work if you closed the browser before. Because it keeps track of all opened windows and tabs, it cannot recognize what app you used to browse sites before without having it open first.

If you ever find yourself needing speed control, re-open the browser or use another one! There is no reason to leave this box disabled unless you really wanted to save some time in the future.

Is your computer up to date?

Another cause of not able to use the inspect element feature is that your browser is out-of-date. Most browsers have an easy way to update themselves, so make sure you are aware of these updates!

For example, Firefox has a tool called Get Addons which allows users to add plugins or extensions to Mozilla’s web browser. One such extension is User Agent Switcher, which can be accessed from the getaddons website or via the Tools > Extensions menu in Firefox.

By adding this plugin, it will give users more information about the device they are using and what software programs it needs to run properly. This includes screen resolution, fonts used, etc. If there is no need for higher detail info, you can usually skip this step.

But if you do feel like giving more detailed info, then go ahead and check off both boxes under “Required Software Version”.

Try restarting your browser


It has been determined that when Discord Inspector does not work, it is because you have closed the browser or website causing it to lose connection with Discord. To fix this, reopen the site in your browser of choice!

This can be done by clicking on either Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari,…

Is your internet connection strong?

Having a strong wifi or cell phone signal can prevent you from experiencing this bug! If you are using an older device that does not have faster connections, then it is totally fine to use the old browser versions until they are no longer supported.

Newer devices usually come with built-in browsers that already have all of the features included. These include things like tabbed browsing, search bar, etc. You may want to consider investing in one of these as a more expensive purchase than buying a new computer line!

For people who do experience this issue on their mobile device, there are some fixes that can be done. Most notably, changing your DNS settings!

We will discuss what each setting does later in this article, but for now just know that most people’s default DNS is google.

Try using a different browser

This will probably be the first thing people do when trying to fix this problem. If you are still experiencing issues, try opening your browser in either Google Chrome or Firefox and see if that fixes it.

We cannot say for sure what was causing the issue with your browser configuration but we would recommend giving both of these a chance. It may also help to make sure none of your plugins (or new ones) were interfering with the website you wanted to visit.

Is your internet service provider secure and up to date?

If you are experiencing issues with some websites not working or loading properly, it is very likely that your internet service provider (ISP) does not have enough bandwidth to handle all of the activity for the site.

Most ISPs will tell you that your online privacy and security is their top priority, which is great to hear! Unfortunately, they also use this as an excuse as to why people may experience slowdowns in speed due to these concerns.

Since most sites require lots of data to load, your ISP can be accused of causing poor performance for those sites. While it is true that consuming more bandwidth than normal costs them money, there are ways to mitigate this.

There are many different types of services that offer limited access to certain parts of the web, which can help alleviate this pressure.

Is it midday or midnight?

One of your colleagues noticed that when you use the browser inspector to edit an element’s style, it doesn’t update immediately. It seems like there is some kind of delay before the changes are visible, which isn’t the case.

It got us wondering if this was just us, so we conducted an experiment!

We made an account on a different website and modified the styles for an article twice within a minute. Then we closed out the editor and opened another page, making sure it took at least three seconds for the new page to load completely.

After doing that several times, we found one pattern — every time we edited the style in the browser inspector, it would show the updated style almost instantly, but then wait half a second (or more) before applying the change. We couldn’t determine why this was happening, nor could we find any information about it anywhere.

Try changing time zones

If all else fails, try switching timezones to see if that fixes it! Changing your computer’s timezone is easy – go to Settings > Time & Date and then Location. From there you can pick your favorite zone from a drop down menu or add a new one right away.

By doing this, when YouTube freezes, your computer will think it is later than it actually is which may fix the problem. It could be due to your computer being set for an earlier timezone and thus thinking it has already gone past its late stage, or it could just not like the current timezone very much and wants to change it! 😮

I know this seems really complicated but it is extremely helpful so do it at least once before trying other things.

Is it plugged into a power source?

This could be due to several things, such as your internet connection being poor or not working at all, an unstable wifi signal, or maybe you unplugged it for some reason and forgot.


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