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Can You Have Two Zoom Meetings At Once

These days, with all of our technology and gadgets, it is easy to get distracted. With work constantly coming in, there are not enough hours in the day to focus exclusively on one thing.

Running into trouble or needing someone’s help can turn into an urgent situation which makes it hard to schedule a meeting.

Given how busy people are these days, being able to hold a face-to-face conversation isn’t as straightforward as it was back when everyone had a phone.

With this rise in connectedness, however, there has been a parallel increase in opportunity to connect with others. Technology now makes it possible to have almost any kind of interaction virtually, from chatting through Messenger to sharing documents via Dropbox.

While some interactions still require a physical location and time, most don’t. This is why it is so important for us to be aware of our commitments and keep ourselves open for potential meetings.

Tips for a good zoom meeting

A great way to hold a conversation over webcam or chat software is by using some basic tips. This article will talk about ways to do this!

First, make sure your computer’s camera is working properly. If you are having trouble seeing yourself in the screen, turn off Face-to-Face (FT2F) feature where someone can see you directly.

You may also want to test out the other features of the app like microphone volume and how well it works with echo.

If everything sounds fine, then try holding a conversation outside of video first. Then only add the video component when needed so your connection doesn’t get interrupted.

Another important tip is to use meaningful content. Ask questions that people would ask in real life, and keep conversations focused.

This will help people feel more connected and engaged. Also, be aware of timing as some apps have time limits on being able to start a call.

There can’t be two meetings going on at the same time

It is impossible to have two separate, simultaneous conversations in Google Hangouts or Skype. This is because both of those applications use what’s called conference technology as their backbone.

Conference technology allows for users to join into a conversation from anyone who has access to the chat feature, not just people that you invite manually.

This makes it easy to have many different people participate in the discussion, but there is no way to ensure that one person doesn’t walk away before the other ones do.

Make sure there’s a clear leader

It is important to note that even if you have invited someone to a meeting, you can’t have two meetings going on simultaneously with different people in both. This isn’t possible unless one of the meetings doesn’t require any resources or actions beyond just listening.

If this is the case, then you could hold a second meeting after the first one has ended but only for a short time frame because anyone involved in the first meeting will likely be busy for some time.

This wouldn’t work if one of the meetings was an important discussion or presentation where things are not easily paused.

It is very difficult to do so without creating confusion and leaving everyone feeling like they were left hanging. This would also probably upset some people since you didn’t seem to care about their concerns earlier when you had your meeting.

Ensure the meeting has an agenda


Even if you have allowed for two meetings in one day, that is still not enough time to meet with everyone! This can be even more difficult when there are multiple groups or individuals involved.

If someone needs your full attention for an important conversation, it may be hard to give them that without canceling the other meeting.

Making sure both meetings have an agenda will help facilitate this. The person attending the second meeting should get a copy of the first so they know what things were discussed.

This way, people do not feel left out or confused as to what was talked about before. It also helps keep conversations organized and clear.

Another solution could be having the second meeting via video chat where you can watch each other’s faces and make eye contact. This way, people feel more connected and able to connect more easily.

Make sure the meeting has an action plan


Even if you are not having a formal meeting, you can have a “zoom” meeting via Google or Microsoft Live Meeting. It is totally possible to have two separate meetings going on simultaneously using this tool.

It is important to make sure that you both know what the other person is talking about during each individual meeting, but it is also easy to just chat in one meeting while another one goes deeper.

This is why it is essential to create actions for your meetings! This way, people will keep track of what was said in the last meeting and what needs to be done next.

If someone chats about something new that they are working on, add these individuals as attendees to the next meeting so that they do not get left out. If there is anything urgent that must be discussed, put it into the first meeting as an action item.

Tell your coworkers about the meeting

Even if you are not attending this meeting, it is important to let other people know that these meetings have now been canceled.

This will prevent anyone else in your department or organization from scheduling a meeting with someone during this time period.

By telling others about the cancelled meeting, they can start planning their next step ahead of time!

It’s also good to let them know when the meeting would have happened so that they don’t plan anything after it. This cuts down on possible disruption for them.

Tell your boss about the meeting

Even if you’re not attending this meeting, it is important to let someone know that you will be leaving the office for an extended period of time.

This includes letting your colleagues know who will be taking over your responsibilities while you are away. It also means telling your superiors whether you will be reporting in person or via phone or video chat during the meeting.

Make sure to give enough notice so that anyone needed for the meeting can attend without a glitch.

If possible, we recommend holding the initial meeting by-phone or through a video chat app so people do not have to come into the workplace to meet with you.

Make sure there are not other important calls or meetings going on

It is very possible to have two separate, but simultaneous conversations in a call or video meeting. However, you need to be careful that you do not interfere with another important conversation.

It is also important to bear in mind that even if it is technically possible to have multiple conversations, this is usually not done.

Why? Because people typically feel uncomfortable having more than one thing going on at once. This could include feeling distracted, overwhelmed, or too busy for your own conference!

As a user of online meetings, I can tell you that it feels annoying when someone else uses up all the available space and time by talking longer than necessary. Or worse, when they use up all the resources and end the meeting early because they have run out of things to say.


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