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Amazon Japan Ship To Us

As we mentioned before, Amazon has been changing how they do business in recent years by offering products that are slightly more affordable than what you would typically find at full price or even on sale. A lot of these under-price items have become fan favorites due to their quality and cheap price points!

Many people have made money online through this site and company, so it is worth your time to pick some stocks and start investing!

With that said, let’s talk about one such product line that was introduced back in January 2018 – Amazon Prime Membership (Japan) and all of its perks.

Prime membership costs 4,980 yen ($41/month) which includes free two day shipping for any item, access to Amazon Video, and other benefits like Alexa skill discounts and Free Same Day Shipping on most orders.

This article will focus on some tips and tricks to save you money via the My Best Buys feature within the Amazon website.

Will there be a shipping tax?

Recent reports suggest that some people are claiming that if you are doing more than $10,000 worth of business on Amazon then they will be charging a customs or import fee. This is not true!

There is an extra cost for importing products from outside sources, but this only applies when your shipment contains over $800 in goods. It is also important to note that this fee can’t exceed 10% of the total value of the merchandise being imported.

What products are available?

Many people have noticed that Amazon has been offering free shipping for Prime members in some countries, but they may not know all of the rules about it or what products qualify for free shipping.

Amazon offers free two-day shipping for its most popular products through their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. These vendors pay Amazon to handle all of the logistics and fulfillment on their behalf.

By having Amazon pick up and pack the product for you, you get free 2-day shipping and this also helps Amazon keep track of inventory. This is especially important since many companies use Amazon as their main distribution channel!

Prime memberships typically cost $99 per year, so getting these additional benefits is an excellent way to stay within that budget if you’re already a member. You can read our article here more details on how to be a smart shopper when using Amazon.

Non-prime individuals will still receive discounts on most items, which is great because there is no extra fee! There is one small difference though – non-prime members will not get free Two Day Shipping like Prime Members do.

Can I get my favorite products?

As we mentioned before, you do not need an Amazon Prime membership to purchase items from or However if you have a Prime Membership, it is very easy to transfer your account to either website!

You can also bring your own device to use the webstore on! You can download the Amazon app for iOS or Android and log in with that.

Will there be Prime shipping?


So, what is Prime Shipping you ask? For those who do not know, it’s an offering through Amazon that allows for free two-day delivery or collect from store pickup within certain areas for small parcels. The way it works is you create an account with Amazon (you can use the same one you use for shopping online and stores) and then you are able to add your selected pick up/delivery location and purchase size limits.

Prime members get special perks like additional three day early access to products and discounts in their monthly “Amazon Mom” membership program. It is expensive though – over $100 per year! That being said, this service is very popular and most people have at least some experience using it.

So, will there be Prime shipping here in Japan?! I would say almost definitely yes! This article has everything you need to know about why, how likely it is, and when we could expect it here. Let’t dive in shall we?

Why would there be prime shipping in Japan?

1. Japanese shoppers are spending money

This might sound crazy but hear me out. A lot of individuals in the west forget just how much buying goods online means for our daily lives. We as consumers spend a large amount of time going all-in on discount sites and market research tools to find the best deal on whatever item we want to buy.

Will there be one day shipping?

Speaking of delivery, will there ever be a day where you can place an order online and have it arrive at your doorstep in just a few days? Companies that offer fast shipping usually do so via logistics companies such as UPS or FedEx, but what if we had our own fleet of cargo ships we could use to fulfill orders?

That’s what one entrepreneur is proposing with his company CargoShip Inc. He wants to create an ecommerce platform where users can open up shop and take pre-orders for products and have them shipped directly from inventory stored at warehouses sponsored by him and his team.

He calls this concept “Amazon Japan style” shipping because it sounds similar to how Amazon operates. Users would pick which warehouse they want their goods sent to and paid per item rather than paying a flat fee for all items being delivered at once.

This article will talk more about the potential dangers of letting someone else handle parts of the process like with CargoShip, and why it may not be the best idea for customers.

Will there be international shipping?

Even though most of our products are online-only, we do offer International Shipping via Japan Post. You can check out with us here!

We’ve made it super easy for you to shop from PurelyNaturalFx by offering fast, affordable delivery through

You will need a Japan Post account (you get one free when you order over $1,000) and buy amounts equal to or greater than your contribution level to receive credit towards shipping.

For example, if you spend $50 then your account would get charged that same amount once the product arrives at their warehouse.

This way you don’t have to worry about paying extra for shipping because everything is already covered!

What this doesn’t include is any customs fees which usually add up very quickly (and not in your company’s favor). We recommend incurring the cost of importing yourself for more favorable results.

That said, here’s what you’ll pay:

Japan Post delivers almost anywhere in the world – including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, and the UK.

Just make sure your country is listed as “Accepted” to ensure successful deliveries.

What are the customer review scores?

Recent reviews seem to indicate that most people enjoy using Amazon Japan as a way to find new products or learn about new gadgets and technology. Some even say it is better than other shopping sites because of the depth of product information and research that they offer.

Overall ratings seem to be positive with many reviewers praising the experience for finding new things or learning more about tech.

One reviewer noted how helpful the site can be in teaching you something new, which is great if you are looking to expand your knowledge. Another praised the ease of use, stating how simple it was to navigate around the website while searching for items.

However, there have been some negative comments as well. One user complained about having to spend lots of time scrolling through pages and menus to find what he wanted, which could be frustrating at times.

Who are Amazon Japan’s competitors?

While Amazon is clearly the leader when it comes to online shopping, they don’t have complete monopoly over the market. There are several other major players like eBay, Walmart, Target, and Shopify that cater to different demographics and appeal to different crowds.

By having more than one option, competition helps keep prices low for the average consumer!

There are also many small scale sellers on sites like Etsy who offer unique items and creative designs. Many people enjoy supporting these artists by buying their products and helping them grow their business.

This article will talk about some of the ways that Amazon can be challenged in the future, and how you as an individual can help prevent this from happening.


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